Islamic Perspectives

Four major works of Islamic organisations / movements

In all countries, most important activities of Islamic organizations (apart from politics) can be grouped into four heads.
  1. Preparing competent workers, leaders,scholars, Dayees,writers,speakers.For that, training programs would be needed.They must know Islam and other general subjects well.
  2. Dawah ( conveying Islam) to all persons, sectors, poor, rich, villagers, city dwellers, all professions, labor.Preparing/ using appropriate literature/ cd s for this purpose will be needed.
  3. Social service, particularly in all villages/ poor areas, taking care of helpless old men and women, establish 1/2 sanitary latrine and tube well, if needed.
  4. Establish institutions, as much as possible, libraries, clinics, schools, Maktabs,newspapers, TV channels,colleges, universities, depending on their capacity and circumstances.
Apart from that, they may participate in politics, depending on national situations.   Shah Abdul Hannan Dayee and writer on Islam. (shah_abdul_hannan [at]