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Watch ‘Road to Jerusalem’ a short film on the Holy Land

With a bill being debated in the Knesset to ban the Adhan and increasing calls amongst fringe groups for the destruction of Islam’s third Holiest site -- Indian Muslims have some precedent to fear for Jerusalem in the Post-Babri Masjid Era. ‘Road to Jerusalem’, a short online film, presents a scriptural, historical and contemporary account of the Holy Land as Amin and Sawitri (husband-wife duo) chronicle their journey in the Holy Land.

The gruesome reality of the occupation in the most contested piece of land is not glossed over. 

A well-researched point of view and account of Jerusalem is presented at a time when effort is underway to minimize and reduce the historical and cultural significance of Al Quds by various groups. Also covered in the film is their visit to Jaffa (now Tel Aviv), Khalil (Hebron), Halhul, Bethlehem, and Ramallah in the West Bank. 

Video link:

Amin Patel is a Nuclear Engineer and works for the Federal Government of Canada. Sawitri Mardyani has a Phd in Bio-Medical Engineering, and they currently live in Ottawa, Canada.