Islamic Perspectives

Three kinds of human beings, according to the Suratul Baqarah

S. M. Pasha  

The very first open declaration I desire to make is that I am not - unfortunately - an alumni of any “Deeni Madrasa” [Islamic educational institution] and so technically speaking not competent to write about and/or speak on the Qur’an and the Hadith. Be that what it may, it is my honest and modest endeavour to explain the Qur’an in simple Queen’s English collecting the material through books of the subject and lectures by Islamic Scholars. With this brief introduction, permit me to proceed further.

Every word in the Qur’an is holy inasmuch as the Qur’an is the Sacred Book of Allah Subhanathathallah. Allah Himself declares it in the very first aayath of the Suratul Baqarah, which follows immediately after the one which is called “Suratul Fatihah” or the OPENING CHAPTER. It is, in short, a book of guidance and guidance only for the “muthafaqun”. Muthafaqun are those human beings who are believers in Islamic monotheism and as such, love and fear Allah by abstaining from doing things which Allah forbids and doing things which please Him. Besides, they are those who enjoin good and forbid evil. How to love Allah; how to obey Him; what they should do and what should not do; what they should ask others to do and ask them not to do - all these things have been told by Allah’s Last Messenger [s.a.w.s]

Suratul Baqarah is the second “surah”  [chapter] of the Qur’an. It contains 286 “aayaath” (verses). In this write-up, I shall, to the best of my limited knowledge, explain just TWENTY aayaath  of the Surah because they are about the THREE kinds of human beings and the entire humanity  comes under these three kinds of human beings. Since the Qur’an is a Book of Guidance to human beings, it commences with a lucid classification and description of the three kinds of human beings. Human beings are of THREE kinds only. This is absolutely no doubt about it. Hence let us proceed further to know what these THREE categories are. In the  first category come the MOMINEEN. In the second, come the KUFFAR or the Disbelievers and in the third category come the MUNAFIQEEN or the hypocrites. Among the three, the worst type is the third variety viz., the MUNAFIQEEN.

Unfortunately a majority of Muslims in our country come under the third category since Faith [EEMAAN] has not penetrated into their hearts and they are more attached to and/or scared of the kuffar  than they are of Allah Subhanathallah, This is the main reason for their downfall and their sufferings.