Islamic Perspectives

The Unity of God

Asif Ahmed

The belief in One God, without associating others in His divinity is a belief born out of conviction and assurance, which has its roots  in the fertile soil of knowledge. Polytheism, atheism and the likes are the seeds of evil planted in the minds of people by Satan. The rejection of One God is the single most important factor which has led to the degeneration of human society. People generally go through the motions connected with the rituals of a particular religion, but find themselves at their wits end when questioned about the attributes of God.

The fact, however, remains that for an average learned person the Signs of the Lord are too obvious to be overlooked though  only a keen seeker of Truth will be able to comprehend these Signs. The Signs of the Lord can broadly be placed in six categories: 1) Signs found in the wide expanses of the heavens and the earth and in the overall system underlying the workings of the universe. 2) Signs manifest in man’s procreation, his structure, and his existence as a whole. 3) Signs found in man’s intuition, in his unconscious, and subconscious and in his moral conceptions. 4) Signs in the human experience of history. 5) Signs manifest in the earthly and heavenly calamities that befall man, and 6) Signs that God has sent down through the agency of His Messengers in order to appraise Man, in a reasonable and persuasive manner, of the truths that are corroborated by these Signs which are transparent, crystal clear, and coherent enough for us not to harbour any semblance of doubt that our Lord is Only One, and it is clear that we are all accountable to Him.

Humans are head and shoulders above all other living species inhabiting our planet. What gives us a cutting edge above all creatures be it the creeping, crawling, flying, leaping, hopping kind.  The fact is that the Lord breathed His Spirit, in the first human Adam (pbuh) as we come to know from Surah Sajdah chapter 32 verses 7-9, and accordingly infused in him the essence which constituted the elements of intellect, consciousness, reason, discernment, choice and freewill. These distinguishable traits which are the basic fabric of the human species are not deduced from matter; rather they are attributable to the Almighty Himself.

Contrary to accepted beliefs, while the cult of monotheism unites the entire humanity into one unit, polytheism and atheism segregate humans, and fosters divisions and ill-will among the human species which is the Creation of One God. Atheists are die-hard protagonists of disbelief in God, as they put forward the rather fragile contention that life originated as a result of an accidental combination in right proportion of the elements required to produce life. But this postulation is mere hypothesis, as any person who has got his rational faculties in the right order will see through the fact that if the law of probability is applied in such a ridiculous situation, the probability of the emergence of life by itself is pretty impossible.

All efforts to produce life in laboratory have failed and what has been contrived so far is merely a hotchpotch rearrangement of DNA taken from life created by One God. Until now, we have not come across any concrete evidence for the existence of a species which represents the transitional stage of evolution between two forms of life, and which can be said to be struggling to transform itself into another species. Such an extraordinary feat has not been witnessed in the entire gamut of fossils nor in the existing species of animals. The password of the Darwinists--the missing link -- is a mere fabrication of a distorted mind.

The Creator is One, and He has devised an impeccable mechanism which brings about the propagation of animals and plants. Each one of the millions of reproductive cells produces a replica of the same kind of species. Each and every plant has within itself a mechanism to replicate its genes, and to propagate its own kind. This capacity to procreate is present in just one cell of a plant, invisible to the naked eye, being microscopic in size. This tiny cell puts the plant on the regenerative path, which enables it to reproduce itself. This explains why a grain of wheat always produces wheat, and under no circumstances has a grain of wheat ever produced a grain of barley, and this is true also in the case with humans and animals. The entire scheme of reproductive system comprising a complete map of the characteristics of the species is lodged in a minute cell.

The polytheists, however, are inclined to associate partners with God, harboring the fallacy that God lacks the expertise and dexterity to govern the universe, which He Himself created. Their ignorance takes them to such dizzy heights that they dare equate God with a worldly sovereign cordoned with favorite couriers. The succession of day and night is a vivid Sign, an evidence of the Unity of God. The succession of day and night is due to the rotation of the earth and if this alteration of the earth would have been erratic, life would have ceased to exist.

Allah says in Surah Yasin, verse 38: the Sun is running its course to its appointed place. It would appear to be a paradoxical statement to many. The verse is a testimony to the fact that our Lord is One. In the days gone by it was the general consensus that the Sun revolved around the earth. This belief had to literally bite the dust, when modern astronomical findings threw light on the truth that it was the earth which revolved around the Sun, and not the other way around. With the passage of time it became known to us that stars possess an orbit and are in perpetual motion, with speeds varying from 10 to 100 miles per second.  Our star, the Sun, revolves along with the entire solar system at a velocity of just over 20 kilometers per second. The accuracy of the verse of the Qur’an is astonishing.

Allah says in Surah Yasin verse 40, neither does it lie in the Sun’s power to overtake the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day, all glide along each in its own orbit -- an awesome observation from the One Who has created the entire universe. An astonishing fact which was far ahead of the time when it was first revealed. Fourteen hundred years ago, it must have been inscrutable and mysterious for the recipients of the divine revelation but today it is not.
Two simple testimonies are clear  evidence of the Unity of God, and they can literally gag the polytheists, atheists, and Darwinists being infused with doctrines which lack merit. They are: first, a uniform set of law regulates the functioning of the entire universe. Second, it is an accepted fact that the universe is constituent of the same elements which the earth is made of. The Creator is One, the wisdom and sagacity by which the Lord regulates and controls billons of planets, celestial bodies, each revolving with meticulous perfection, rejects any false and imaginary ideas which support the rather insipid thought that the universe is a product of accident.

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