Islamic Perspectives

Triple Talaq is man-made problem!

Dr. Shaista Bano

Family is the most intimate social unit which comes into existence as a result of marriage which is the most intimate communion between male and female partners. With the formation of marriage bond, the woman becomes entitled to social and legal rights which are not available to girl-friends or female live-in-partners. The chances of going astray are diminished and the opportunities of keeping the purity of heart and soul, for both the genders, increase many-fold in a healthy and happy married life. In this life-long journey, both the partners have to shoulder responsibilities equally in their respective fields. Yet the woman has to pay a higher price to keep the family intact. However, in the socio-cultural fabric of modern society, the family system is getting more weary and tedious. It is not strong enough to face the attacks made on it. The result is that “makan bun rahaehain; aur khandar bikhar rahaehain” (new houses are being built while old ones in ruins are disintegrating).

Interestingly, the weakening of marriage bond is being done in the name of “woman rights” which has proved a very effective measure to fool innocent woman and to bring her out from the safe haven of her house on to streets. The allurement of beautiful slogans of equality and freedom is taking its toll. The lives of many women have been rendered miserable as a result. The ultimate victim is the woman. The modern culture can provide many slogans but it is incapable of giving woman attention, respect and security which she deserves most. Man enjoys the company of girl-friends as long as they are unmarried. When the question of choosing life a partner arises, generally, the same girl friend is not chosen for that matter. Does not the interest and appreciation for such slogans by woman of today reflect her sense of inferiority and frustration? Woman is great and is as respectable person of society as a man. But, man is man and woman is woman. Woman has to play the roles allotted to her by Nature and by doing so she can make the best use of her gifted talents which a man cannot.

Regarding “triple talaq” in the Muslim community it is, no doubt, a man-made issue. Pronouncing the word ‘talaq’ three times in one go is a thoughtless act and is always taken in haste and anger. Islam tries to maintain the marriage stable as far as possible. Dissolution of marriage severely affects the lives of children of the couple. To prevent such incidences repeatedly, a limit is prescribed. Two divorces (with a reconciliation in between) are allowed by the Qur’an (2:229). After that, the parties should make their mind either to live together in a dignified way or to terminate the marriage contract permanently. The ‘triple talaq’ is contrary to the Islamic law. All-along it has been called a ‘bid’at’ (innovation). Caliph Umar used to flog persons pronouncing three talaqs in one go. All other prohibitions and limits prescribed in the matter are in the interest of good and honourable lives for both sides and also in the interest of a clean and dignified social environment. More than often, negative role is played by some third person or party, generally, a woman.

Thus violating the prescribed norms of Islamic law, we ourselves are inviting adverse comments on it. What a great disservice to the community by its own people!

The writer is a professor in Chemistry and
former Principal of Women’s College, Aligarh Muslim University. She has written two books and published many articles