Islamic Perspectives

Qur’an tops the list of books read in the world

Lahore: In a recent report published by UNESCO in cooperation with some other research institutions it is stated that the book that is read at present in maximum number of languages of the world is the Qur’an. It is also revealed in the researched report that the total number of Muslims in the world till the year 2015 was less than the number of Christians. It is further stated in this report that in western countries particularly, common Christians have stopped studying or reading Bible during the past 20/25 years and people do not go to churches in large numbers as they had been going in the past. Also, during the past 20/25 years Christians, in addition to not reading or studying Bible as before, are becoming indifferent to and ignoring prayers. There are many churches in Europe and America and also in Islamic countries where prizes and awards are given to people (Christians) in order to induce them to go to church for prayers. According to this report, these days the revealed Book of Muslims i.e. The Qur’an is read in 158 old and modern languages of the world every day.