Islamic Perspectives

21 Daily Good habits of a Muslim

As Muslims we are reminded to stay conscious of Allah as we go through life’s challenges each day. Following are some 20 good habits to inculcate in ourselves, in our families and in our children:
1.  We begin all good things and actions with bismillah hirrahmaan nirraheem  (thinking and believing that Allah will help me through this task as He is the most gracious, the most merciful, and end them with Alhamdulillaah (thanking and Praising Allah for allowing us to complete our tasks.)
2.We monitor our thoughts and notice our feelings periodically each day and if we find ourselves thinking negatively or being pessimistic, we seek Allah’s protection against the whispers of the Shaitan by saying a’aozobillahi minash-shaitaanir rajeem. (O Allah I seek protection in You against (the whispers and promptings) of the Shaitan, who is the cursed one.
3. We perform our daily Prayers on time with sincerity, focus, humility, fear and hope and we focus on what we are saying and reciting or listening to in each rak’ah. We repeat surah Al-Fatihah, seeking guidance and making a commitment to seek Allah’s help and that we will worship Him alone.
4. We send blessings on Rasool Allah and Prophet Ibraheem (a.s.) in our Salaat and make du’as after the Prayer is over for help, guidance and forgiveness.
5. As we eat, we begin with bismillah and thank Allah for His sustenance.
6. As we travel/drive to work or from work, we make du’a for safe travel and listen to an inspiring lecture or the Qur’an. And we make du’as for self, friends, family, community and all humanity for good health, prosperity, protection and guidance.
7. As we meet people, we greet them with salaam and du’a of Peace and receive the same back.
8. When we go to sleep and wake up, we thank Allah for giving us Life and remember that to Him is our ultimate return, and know that during sleep we will be in a state that resembles death. So we seek forgiveness before going to sleep and recite portions of the Qur’an or listen to the Qur’an before going to sleep.
9. A practicing Muslim is always looking for ways to do good deeds, so we look out for a chance to perform a good deed so that Allah is pleased with us.
10. We go to the masjid frequently, if we can, and offer our prayers in congregation, establishing a connection with Allah, our brothers and ummah.
11. We give in charity by giving our resources and time to teach deen to ourselves and to our families each day.
12. A Muslim is in constant search for knowledge and wisdom, so we seek divine knowledge from the reflection of Qur’anic ayahs and Hadith and set a time for it.
13. We remind each other to be patient and grateful and be truthful and honest in our dealings.
14. We protect our eyes and ears from listening to evil or following the Shaitan.
15 . We either speak good or remain silent. We do not enter in useless debate, backbite or instigate a quarrel.
16. We help each other and give positive feedback and encouragement to our colleagues and families and friends.
17. We remember Allah sitting, standing and lying down in our hearts and keep our tongues moist with seeking forgiveness for things we know and things we dont know that we have done wrong.
18. We remember death frequently throughout the day and live each day as if it were our last.
19. We spend time with Allah alone seeking His direction, His Peace and His Protection and Guidance in all worldly affairs, whenever we get stuck or feel that we are being tested.
20. We forgive others and control our anger and speech in public and private.
21. We put our trust in Allah, rely upon Him to help us solve our problems and work to solve them without delay or procrastination.

We are the best Ummah because we were given the responsibility to invite mankind to know Allah, wish well for all, and to surrender to Him and submit our whole selves to His commands each day.