Islamic Perspectives

Satanic mischiefs

God the Almighty has created three categories of inhabitants possessing perceptive aptitudes. They are angels created from light/nur, the genie (jinns) created from fire and mankind was created from clay. The jinns are of two kinds: believers and non-believers. The chief of non-believer jinns is Iblis (Satan). Erroneous commissions, omissions, unethical exploitation and infernal demeanour are mechanisms of Iblis, Satan and their associates who sustain the satanic beliefs. Satanic influences lead human beings to commit acts causing diseases, disabilities, insanity, fear, hallucination, sexual phantasy. An authentic narration (by Anas R.A. in Sahih Muslim English Transl, vol., 3,p.1188) runs as : “Verily Satan flows in the bloodstream of Adam’s descendents”. Satanic allies  disobey dictates of Almighty God, glorify idolatry, corrupt the heart , mind and conscience of persons of irresolute dispositions. They excite the wicked, wayward to commit acts of mistrust, revenge, chaos, anarchy, ruining security, peace and tranquillity on the earth. Qur’an declares  satan as the greatest enemy of the mankind (see 35:6) and stirs up trouble among them (see 17:53).
Mohd. Mohiuddin Ahmed