Islamic Perspectives

Duty of Muslim women toward society

Status of women is very high in Islam. Muslim mothers play very important role in the upbringing of children. They give light of knowledge to the minds of new generations. Therefore, they ought to be highly educated. They must have modern ‘Ilm, they must have Deeni ‘Ilm. They should be bright with Noor (Divine Light).

Women with hijab have a duty towards society. HIjab keeps them on right path and they get respect in the society. To work for society, they must keep their own vessel full so they can give away with full heart. They must be fit physically, mentally and spiritually. They must develop strong qualities of patience and tolerance. Spring of kindness must flow from their hearts.

To work for the poor and needy is a direct help to society. They must keep the pain of orphans, disabled, widows in their mind. They can work to pay fee for their education. They can form an NGO/trust to be more systematic. Food, medicines, clothes are basic needs of the downtrodden.

Women can give tuitions also. This way they can earn money and help their families. Women can develop hobbies of stitching, knitting, embroidery, painting, gardening, reading, writing, and earn money by teaching art to the new generation.

Women must understand the value of time. They must save time, they must invest time. Keeping good relations with the women of neighbourhood is also important. Senior women can solve the problems of married couples by giving advice when asked for.  Talaq is a bad sign of the 21st century. Increasing number of divorces in Muslim society is quite painful.

Senior women can play a key role to educate women. They can create awareness for healthy environment, cleanliness and hygiene.

There are many fields to help people. To work for the society is a path of Allah. Women must recite the Holy Qur’an and observe Namaz regularly and seek the help of Allah.

A smiling woman can give birth to hopes in the heart of miserable people. Kindness pays. Hands that give, gather.

Nazneen O. Saherwala
Surat , Gujarat