Press Statements

Delhi Minorities Commission to probe North East district violence

New Delhi, 11 March 2020: Delhi Minorities Commission has constituted a ten-member fact-finding committee to probe the violence that erupted in some areas of the North East district of Delhi from late night on 23 February and continued for the next few days during which hundreds of homes, shops, workshops, offices, vehicles and even a number of schools, madrasas, dargahs and mosques were attacked, looted and torched and in some cases blasted using gas cylinders.

First meeting of the committee in DMC office on Monday

The fact-finding committee consists of (1) Shri M.R. Shamshad, advocate-on-record, Supreme Court of India as chairperson, (2) Shri Gurmindar Singh Matharu (Member, SGPC), (3) Ms. Tehmina Arora, Adv., (4) Shri Tanveer Kazi (human rights activist), (5) Prof. Hasina Hashia, Jamia Millia Islamia, (6) Shri Abu Bakar Sabbaq Adv., (7) Shri Saleem Beg (human rights activist), (8) Ms. Devika Prasad (CHRI), (9), Ms Aditi Datta (CHRI) and (10) Shri Suhail Saifi (social activist), as members.

First meeting of the committee in Mustafabad (NE Delhi) on Wednesday

The committee has been asked to probe the causes of the violence, persons responsible, lists of victims and assessment of quantum of damage to properties, role of police, administration and others and related issues. The committee has been asked to present its report within four weeks. The committee held its first meeting at DMC office on Monday, 9 March and started its work on Wednesday, 11th March by holding a meeting in Mustafabad.