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"Gandhi to Qasim" march to counter communal polarisation and lynching

Hapur (4 July 2018): Non-violent Activists from Khudai Khidmatgar (Servants of God) organisation performing foot march (padyatra) from Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi-Rajghat to Madapur Village, (Philakhua) at Hapur in Uttar Pradesh, where a recent mob lynching committed by Gau-Rakshaks.

The Yatra tries to connect and remember the incident of the murder of Gandhi, in the same way the extremists who murdered the innocent and old age Qasim. To remember the sacrifice of Gandhi Ji and the Qasim the yatra also titled as "GANDHI TO QASIM". The yatra lead by Faisal Khan, the Convenor of Khudai Khidmatgar. Other members Sushil Khanna, Syed Areeb Ali, Suyash Tripathi, Javed Chopan, Elaya Kumar, and Murali Anand. 7 members from the organisation began their Padyatra from Rajghat on 2nd July, paying tributes to Mahatma Gandhi ji. The Padyatra-Foot march reached Qasim’s (Who was murdered in recent mob lynching incident) village- Philakua on 3rd july, covering the distance of 64 Kilometres.

The recent lynching happened in Madapur, due to the communal polarisation and spreading of false messages by religious sentiments as evidence and provoking the people for their political and individual gains. In recent days, there are several incidents of mob lynching happening across the country, the only purpose is to divide the people by the name of religion and caste. The yatra is organised to counter those communally polarised agendas, especially the style of attacking the innocent people by Mob Lynching.

During the flag-off ceremony of the yatra, Kumar Prashant, The Chairman, Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi Pradesh Sarva Seva sangh President Ashok saran, Young Gandhian Rupal Prabhakar, Khudai Khidmatgar from different faiths participated to flag-off the yatra that began from Rajghat. The yatra passes through ITO, laxmi nagar, Preet Vihar, Anand Vihar, Vivek Vihar, Savita Vihar, Ramprasad, Mohan Nagar, Sahibababad, Arthala, stayed at Ghaziabad on the first day, during second day of the yatra passed through Mehrauli, Dasna, Masuri, Jindal, Sikeda, Havel and reached at Pilkhuwa.  

The communal polarization in present days is one among the biggest challenge in front of all, every day we are crossing such incident regarding the killing of innocent people by the name of religion. Due to this worst condition, an insecure situation and unsafe atmosphere for a common man remains across the nation. The responsibilities lies on all of us, to protect the society in a peaceful and prosperous way as given to us by our forefathers, the Sants and Saints.

The main motto of the padyatra is to meet the common man, to interact with the youths from different sections of the society, to understand the views of different people, will try to convince them to put forward a collective effort and initiative to make this country and society with peaceful and secure atmosphere. On the first day of the yatra, Shri Saibaba Temple Committee in Savita Vihar received yatrees, providing them lunch and organised an interaction with the local community people gathered in the temple.

The theme is to protect the nation with the soul concept of “Unity in Diversity”. “To Respect and Practice the humanity”, so that to ensure safe and secure living in the humanitarian society. During the yatra, it is observed that people from different walks of life shown their interest in getting the pamphlet from the yatrees, had a healthy and eagerly interaction with one another with the hope of promoting peace and harmony in our nation. 

When the yatra reached the Madapur, Sadikpur Mohalla, The Qasim's village, the villages are aware of the arrival of Gandhi-Sarhadee Gandhi Sadbhavna Sandesh Yatra, the yatra team met the family members of Qasim, the villagers and local officials gathered at the spot. After meeting the family members, the villagers escorted yatra to the grave of Qasim, to pay respect and took the oath to work for protecting Peace, will fight to ensure Justice and will stand always against religious extremism and the hate. 

During the concluding session of the yatra, Khudai Khidmatgar Convenor Faisal Khan said that, "We all are gathered here to pay our respect to the Qasim, it is the soul duty of all to stand with each other at this hardship. I want to appeal our fellow brothers and sisters that, Cow should be protected only by offering our fullest care and commitment, to serve with pure heart, that filled with love, mercy and service-(Sewa). The heart filled with hate and anger cannot save the cow, neither save the people and the nation now and anymore. We cannot save the cow by killing the poor, women and the innocent people. So, It is collective responsibility that our life style should be a protector of all the living beings including the cow", so that every one should feel secure and happy. This is the intention of our visit foot march and visit to this village."  (Khudai Khidmatgar / National Alliance of People's Movement)