Take The Oxygen Coming From The Muslim Countries And Stop Hating Muslims From Now On

Embassy of India (Riyadh) hearfelt thanks to Ministry of Health Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all their help, support and cooperation. (24 April 2021)

I still remember the times when the Rohingyas were entering the coasts of Indian borders. Many amongst the right wing inkling were dead against allowing them into the Indian subcontinent, just because their faith happened to be Islam. The CAA was a discriminatory law brought to keep the foreign Muslims away from getting citizenship, while the law allows the Hindus, Buddhists and others to get citizenship in India. The list is very lengthy. UAPA act has been applied mainly on the Muslims. And we know how many thousands of youths are in the Indian jails, living in there just as under trials for years together. Our members were lynched on the pretext of eating beef. And we were asked to go to Pakistan at every given instance of debate - drop of the hat.

And today, the haters have ended up in such a humiliation that has made their brains go numb. They were boasting of building the largest statue in the world, and now have ended up asking for oxygen from the foreign countries. By the way, Saudi, U.A.E and Kuwait are amongst the countries that are sending Oxygen containers to tackle the Covid related chaos in India. The lands of beef eaters are sending relief for India. Are the haters still blind to see humanity in all of this!

I didn't want to bring the issue of religion and faith during these times. But this is brought so, so that some people understand things in the right perspective. We are humans first. And our religions must help us love humanity. Islam is the religion of peace. I can assure you 100%. And we Muslims are taught to do justice and show kindness to all of mankind, even to those who hate us for our faith. Having said that I must thank all the countries that have showed a wonderful gesture of humanity. We Indians thank Russia, Singapore and the above mentioned countries for acting with love and care at these testing times of pandemic. May God bless you all.

- Yours truly Indian Muslim,

Umar Shariff, Bangalore