Indian Constitution indirectly gives an open invitation to become Hindu

I watched yesterday's Rajya Sabha TV discussion on Sachar committee report and enriched by the lively discussions of all the highly qualified participants wherein Dr. S Zafar Mahmood Saheb eloquently put up the discriminatory provisions in the Presidential order of caste oriented reservation which is indeed on religion basis under Article 341. This discussion is available on Youtube also.

However, one most important point is being overlooked perpetually during all such discussion is that after the death of Maulana Azad on 22.2.1958 the Indian Parliament inserted one more lethal clause on 23.7.1959 in Article 341 imparting as although Muslim sub - castes are/were not entitled for any reservation under the Presidential order of Caste based reservation but when any Muslim (irrespective of his/her caste) is converted to Hinduism, he/she will be eligible for the reservation under Article 341. It means that as soon as a Muslim , even of the so called upper-caste, is converted to Hinduism his/ her caste is automatically determined as Dalit in Hindu society as a result he / she becomes entitled for the caste (religion) based reservation.

This is a sort of annihilation of the constitution and gives open invitation to become Hindu on the largesse of Govt. exchequer. It needs to be emphasised that it empowers RSS and alike extremist Hindu organisations to perpetrate the movement of "Ghar wapsi", strength of which is drawn from this added sub-clause in 1959.

Unfortunately Muslims have failed miserably to comprehend its implications as yet.

It is the need of the hour to raise this discriminatory Presidential order on appropriate forum regularly with this angle.

— Imteyaz Husain