Human Rights

Difference between 'homosexual rights' of humans and 'human rights' of homosexuals

There is a difference between “homosexual rights” of humans and “human rights” of homosexuals. The former are unacceptable but the latter should be ensured. Homosexuals need attention: social and medical. They need to be protected from unauthorised punishments by other members of society and they need the psychological support for giving up their addiction so that they can join society as normal people. The right to treatment is of course for every human including even the murderers.

5 stage formula of spreading Evils: Normalization to Institutionalisation to Legalisation to Commercialization to Globalisation

When merchants find market potential in some propensities traditionally regarded as vices, they adopt a time-tested methodology to further their plans. The first step in this methodology is Normalization, by which an impression is generated through surveys that a certain practice is not uncommon among the masses. The arguments in favour of its being “normal” and “natural” are advanced with the help of partners in the media, institutions and non-governmental organisations. The Normalisation is followed by Institutionalisation, a process by which the vice becomes an institution in itself. Advocacy groups and organisations and communities specifically aimed at defending and popularising the vices are floated. Institutionalisation leads to a demand of Legalisation. Political and social movements are organised to pressurise the lawmaking and law-enforcing institutions to accept the vice as legal and to decriminalise any activities associated with that vice. Once this is achieved, the stage is set for the large scale commercialisation. Anyone opposing the new development is hounded by the media and the NGOs; critics are brutally forced into silence. The whole methodology of course involves lots of funds; once the commercialisation is set into process, huge money starts flowing. This is accompanied with massive popularisation and glorification. People start taking the vice as a sign of high living. More and more people start succumbing with the growth of market.

Most Dangerous of all Sexual Practices from Medical Point of View

  1. Reduces Life Expectancy by more than 20 years
  2. Majority of 4 crore deaths due to HIV/AIDS either Gays or Prostitutes or those who came into their contact
  3. If all humans become gay, within 50 years there will be negligible population of human beings on earth and no human being left within 80-100 years

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