Human Rights

Action against Delhi Police officer for abusing Jainism

New Delhi: Taking a hard line against Nandnagri SHO Vipin Kumar Sharma, Delhi Minorities Commission has taken action against him. Earlier, this officer was the SHO of New Usmanpur police station where he allegedly intervened in the offering of religious rituals by a Jain citizen, Subhash Sethi Jain, intimidated him and abused his religion. The said citizen complained to the DMC which sent numerous notices to the said officer to reply to the allegations made against him but he did not reply to any.

Later, the Commission held a number of hearings but the said officer did not attend any of them while the complainant punctually attended all hearings. Later, the area DCP was informed about the said officer’s behaviour and he (DCP) instructed the said officer to attend the next hearing but he still failed to do so. This led the Commission to pass strictures against him. Holding him guilty of insulting a statutory authority, the Commission ordered the North East DCP to hold a departmental enquiry about this officer and record the same in his service record. The Commission asked the DCP to send compliance report within one month. At the same time the Commission, which enjoys judicial powers, ordered the area police to ensure that citizen Subhash Sethi Jain performs his religious rituals with full freedom.