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SHERVANI SCHEME: For Raising Academic Standards & Improving Board Examination Results

Since 1976, we are sending Prizes for best students and Awards for selected learned teachers in many High Schools & Inter Colleges and also sending institutional Awards & Donations for such of these institutions in which we notice commendable progress and development. During the first two decades, we sent Prizes, Awards & Donations of about Rs 2000000/- per year in about a hundred institutions, roughly about Rs. 20000/- per institution per year, on an average.

Was it any use? One instance. In 1976, the year of the commencement of our Scheme, from 18 girls' Inter Colleges of Uttar Pradesh (the state in which about 24% of all Muslim Indians live) one (yes, ONLY ONE) Muslim girl had attained First-Division in the XII Board Examination. In a decade, till 1985, this number was in hundreds and in two decade, till 1995, it was in thousands. There was remarkable improvement in the results of about one-fourth of all institutions which participated in our Scheme. There was some improvement in another one-fourth. However, in about half of all institutions which sent us their results, the improvement was NOT ENCOURAGING, inspite of our best efforts, mainly because the administration and/or the management in such institutions hardly bothered. Gradually, some such institutions dropped-out.

In the meanwhile, the amount available for the Scheme increased to about Rs 2500000/- per year and, as the number of institutions reduced, the benefits accruing to each institution increased to about Rs 50000/- per institution, on an average.

Now, on the verge of the fifth decade of our Scheme, the amount available is likely to be about Rs 3000000/- per year. I am 84 years old and it is difficult for me to cope with more than 25 to 30 institutions. So, the number of institutions may be further limited. However, this may enable each institution participating in our Scheme to benefit more, by about Rs. 100000/- each year or even a little more.

However, conditions may have to be more strict henceforth :

(1) Results of X & XII board examinations should please reach me as soon as possible after the results are declared and before the institution re-opens after summer vacations. I would like Prizes and Awards to be finalized and sent within July because I cannot go on waiting for some results for months.


(2) The Manager of each institution must please favour us with a comprehensive report about the progress and development of the institution in the preceding year and about the planned/proposed progress and development in the coming year. This report should also please reach me by June every year.


(3) Each good institution must have e-mail i d. Anyone without e-mail i d now is decades behind anyone with e-mail id. Why should any institution lag behind? Further, the postal address of my new residence is:

A R Shervani

Villa # 93, TIMBER-LEAF, Suchirindia Project,

Pashambanda Village,

Satamrai Gram-Panchayat, Shamsabad Mandal,

Post Office GAGAN PAHAR - 500052,

R R District (Telengana)

Obviously, this is not a very easy postal address to use or even to remember.

Moreover, The post office is 5 km away. Postmen are lazy. No couriers come there.

So, an e-mail id is a must for anyone wanting to send the results to me.