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Youthful freedom fighter who later served many terms as MP


Son of Ch. Siraj Ul Haq; Born Barabanki, Radauli Distt., February 16, 1916; educated at Aminabad High School and Church Mission School, Lucknow, St. John School, Agra and Aligarh Muslim University (B.A., LL.B.); Married to Sahaibzadi Gauhar Ara Begum on February 4, 1949.

An Aligarh graduate with the distinction of being both the founder and general secretary of the All-Indian Students' Federation (1936-1939). He was expelled from the University a few years ago and denied admission to the University because of their active role in the National Congress.

As veteran freedom fighter he edited a number of pamphlets, news-sheets etc, actively participated in `Quit India Movement' and suffered imprisonment from 1942 till 1946.

He was President of Lucknow City Congress Committee; Member, A.I.C.C, 1946-52; Imprisoned in 1940 and released in 1941; Member, National Executive, All India Forward Bloc, 1939-48; President, All India Youth League, 1946-52;

He was a  member  of  Second  Lok  Sabha  representing Fatehpur  Parliamentary  constituency and Third Lok Sabha representing Bisauli Parliamentary  constituency  of  Uttar  Pradesh  during  1957-62  and  1962-67 respectively. He made a valuable contribution to the proceedings of the House.  

A  promoter  of healthy journalism, he was Chief Reporter in The National Herald and special representative of The Amrit Bazar Patrika.

His favourite pastime and recreation was Books on History and Politics. Permanent address:  Darul Siraj, New Hyderabad, Lucknow.

His siblings were Asrar-ul-Haq Majaz (the poet, often referred to as the Keats of India), Safia Akhtar (the renowned litterateur and author), and Hamida Salim, economist, educator, chef-par-excellence.

He passed away on 28 October, 1996 at New Delhi at the age of 80 years.     
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