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Jamia's Centre for North East Studies gets Centre of Excellence status

New Delhi (April 17, 2020): Centre for North East Studies and Policy Research(CNESPR), Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) has been recognized as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA), Government of India. The ministry has also sanctioned a grant of Rs.15 Lacs to the CNESPR for a pilot study on "Documenting the lifeworld of the Bhutias is Sikkim."

The CNESPR received it's CoE status under the component “Financial Assistance for support of Centre for Excellence” of the MoTA.

This status will facilitate Grant-in-Aids to the centre on the basis of approved research study and project proposals covering one of the areas listed by the MoTA.

The policy oriented research studies for the development of Scheduled Tribes (STs) communities of the country under the auspice of CoE status includes documentation of tribal cultures, women’s rights in scheduled areas, creating awareness among Scheduled Tribes on various Acts & Rules, migration, displacement, resettlement affected by major projects etc.

The competent “Financial Assistance for support of Centre of Excellence” facilitates 100% funding to support and strengthen engaging research in the fields of tribal development and research. The “Financial Assistance to Centre of Excellence’ component is set to contribute in filling topical research gaps on tribal studies and research in the country.

Prof. Simi Malhotra, Hony. Director of the Centre said "the CoE status envisioned to develop and strengthen institutional resource capabilities of the CNESPR at JMI in organising qualitative, action oriented and policy research on tribal communities in an effort to uphold cultural diversity by empowering the Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities."

The CoE status will also accentuate efficiency of the CNESPR,JMI in devising appropriate strategies for tribal development in partnership with the MoTA.  (PR/JMI)