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Yenepoya University in Mangaluru to start course in Applied Islamics

YENEPOYA UNIVERSITY Mangaluru, Karnataka (India) to start Post Graduate Diploma course in Applied Islamics

YENEPOYA UNIVERSITY Mangaluru, Karnataka (India) is going to start Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Islamicscourse from July 1st this year, Insha Allah.  This course is the first of its kind in the whole world as its main focus will be on Applied Islamic studies in addition to the traditional subjects like Islamic Theology and Islamic History along with Arabic, English and Computer Sciences.

Applied Islamics refers to “the study of the application of Islamic Principles in the modern fields of knowledge like law, natural sciences, health sciences, social sciences and philosophy:- it comprises the analysis of the modern theories in different fields in the light of Islamic principles and the development of the alternative terminologies, definitions, methodologies, indices, programmes,  policies, models and paradigms consistent with Islamic teachings.”

It will be worthwhile here to reproduce the topics of Applied Islamics proposed to be covered here:


Course Structure of Applied Islamics

1.     Modern World Order: Philosophy, Forces, Objectives and Impact

·        Rise of Economic Ideologies: Capitalism and Socialism

·        Changes in Legal Structure

·        Sidelining of Religion as a social and political force

·        Changes in Political Structure

·        Changes in Social Structure

·        Economic Structure

·        Rise of Sciences & Technology

·        Globalisation of power

·        Rise of Media & Information


2.     Systematic Study of Quran

PART I: FAITH                                                 


* The Supreme Being                                                    

* The Messengers of God                                

* The Book of God                                            

* The Hereafter                                                  

* The Angels                                                    


PART II: PHILOSOPHY                                 


* Faith (Iman) and Submission (Islam)           

* Monotheism versus Polytheism                    

* Life of the World and Hereafter                      

* The Qur’an on Christianity and Judaism         

* The Qur’an on Priesthood and Monasticism                                             

* Man: Aims and Nature


PART III: CONSTITUTION                                         


* Objectives                                                        

* Name                                                                

* Symbol                                                              

* Fundamental Duties                                                   

* Fundamental Prohibitions                             

* Fundamental Rights                                                   

* Laws related to Civil Matters                         

* Guidelines concerning Criminal Laws         


PART IV: The system


* Social System of Islam                                  

* Political System of Islam                                

* Economic System of Islam                                   

       * Spiritual and Moral System: convictions,

  Ethics and prayers                                          



PART V: THE HISTORY of Confrontation

between the Right AND THE





* Last Word: The Final Document of Peace     


3. Islamic Paradigm of Health


* Current International Health Structure

*Islamic Definition of Health

*Medical Importance of Wudu

* Medical Importance of Namaz

* Comprehensive Hygiene

* Medical Importance of Fasting

* Medical Importance of Islamic Prohibitions

* Islamic Model of Family Welfare

* Islamic Model for Control of AIDS

*Cancer Preventive Measures in Islam

* Lifestyle Dynamics: Islamic Perspective

*Medical Ethics: Islamic Position


4. Islamic Economics

* Analysis of the Current international economic order from Islamic point of view


*Economics of Prohibitions

*Dynamic Concept of Islamic Charities

*Taxation System based on Islam

* Wealth generation within Islamic parameters

*Islamic Banking and Financing


1.     Islamic Political Structure


·        Analysis of the current international political ideologies

·        Concept of Khilafat and Consultation

·        Islamic Paradigm of Democracy


6, Islamic Legal System

·        Current International System of Law and Justice: Analysis

·        Objectives Of Islamic Legal System

·        Three Dimensional System: Fundamental Rights, Duties and Prohibitions

·        International Law: Islamic Perspective


1.     Islamic Social System

·        Current International Social ideologies: Analysis

·        Three tiers: Individual, family and society

·        Importance of Family System

·        Idealism versus pragmatism

·        Modern versus Islamic Feminism

·        Justice and Equality

·        Humanity supreme


2.     Islam and Natural Sciences


·        Current theories of the creation of the universe: Analysis

·        Current theories of the creation of man

·        Islamic theory of the creation and the governance of the universe

·        Islamic theory of the creation of man

·        Physics in Quran

·        Biology in Quran

·        Other Sciences in Quran


3.     Empowerment of Indian Muslims

* Ideological

*Social (Education, women, health)


* Political


4.     Interfaith and national and international harmony

·        Importance of interfaith harmony

·        Importance of good relations with other communities

·        India’s Secular Structure and role of Muslims

·        Common values of religions and common campaign against evils

·        Issues related to international harmony and peace


5.     Epistemology and Ontology: Islamic Perspective

·        Islamic Philosophers


For the first year, it has been decided that 15 students will be enrolled.

Yenepoya University has fixed a 10200/- per month as fee per student per year scholarship to cover up some of the expenses of the course. This will include their stay and food at the University hostel. For day-scholars, the monthly fee will be Rs. 2600/- The Advisory Body of the Islamic Studies of the University has already decided to sponsor 8 students. Offers of sponsorship for more students from individuals/organisations are welcome.

June 25, 2018 is the last date of the submission of the application form. For details:

For Application Form:

This information has been released by the Chair of Islamic Studies & Research, Yenepoya University, Dr. Javed Jamil