Justice For All wants Prez Biden to close Guantanamo Bay prison


Thanking President Biden for shutting down the Muslim Ban, Justice For All says this is a perfect beginning. They are hoping for a new era of hope for all Americans, end of discrimination against all people and standing up for the human rights at home and abroad.

"Justice For All" has been a part of lawsuits against the Trump administration and for a couple of years have been communicating directly with presidential candidates and their policy staffers, including President Biden. Many of their requests were granted on the first day including restoring DREAMers, and joining the Paris Accord on Climate. They only wish there was a major step regarding criminal justice reform on the first day.

Yesterday, the US government recognized the Uyghur Genocide as a genocide. Dr. Khursheed Mallick, chair of the board of Justice For All, says "I am extremely proud of our Save Uighur team for their commitment and hard work on this issue."

"We have a promise from the New Secretary of State Antony Blinken of the Biden Administration that he will launch an interagency review to determine whether Burma’s persecution of its Rohingyas amounts to genocide", he said further

Dr. Mallick says, "The Biden administration should order an audit to discover and rescind within 30 days all the administrative processes and directives initiated by Stephen Miller, the Trump architect of Muslim Ban who has undermined the great American tradition of immigration."

Justice For All hopes that closing the Guantanamo Bay prison within the first 30 days would signal a new era in the US foreign policy.

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Justice For All has a diverse board which includes two Indian Americans, two African Americans, a West African-American, a Palestinian American, and a Burmese American. Justice For All team also is equally diverse, reflecting the Ummah with nine different ethnic heritage.