What are we learning from Israeli security experts?

During the Mumbai communal riots of 1992-93 when the former Joint Commissioner of Mumbai police R.D. Tyagi and his team entered the Sulaiman Usman Bakery at Muhammad Ali Road and the way they massacred unarmed and innocent people and subsequently declared them “rioters” and “murderers” and justified the unprovoked firing by the police, their brutal massacre was described as “encounter” and the firing was described as in “self-defence.” This is not lost on people who have experienced those days or gone through the Shri Krishna Commission’s report. Last month Israeli forces attacked a Turkish ship which was part of an aid Flotilla carrying assistance and relief materials for the besieged people of Gaza defying an illegal naval blockade by Israel. The Israeli forces in the process killed innocent people and declared the same people as “attackers”, accusing those volunteers and peace-loving people of attacking the Israelis with knives and iron rods and claiming that the Israeli commandos had fired at them in retaliation and self-defene. In the Israeli attack 19 innocent people were killed but the way Israeli and American governments justified the Israeli attack and killings and gave the Israeli murderers a clean chit is a blot on the forehead of Justice.

During the Mumbai riots of 1993, Mumbai’s former Joint Police Commissioner Tyagi and his police team had killed unarmed and innocent Bakery workers who had taken refuge there during the curfew, simply because they belonged to the minority community. Thereafter, the same police team forced their entry into the nearby Madrasa Darul Uloom Imdad and continued their orgy of brutalities in which a Madrasa teacher and its students were killed and more than 85 other students and workers were injured against whom false cases were registered for attacking the police and killing police officers, rioting etc. Twelve innocent Muslims were also killed in police firing.

When Muslims and secular-minded people demanded judicial enquiry into Mumbai riots, an enquiry commission headed by an honest judge of Mumbai High Court was appointed which exposed thread-bare the false accusations of the Mumbai police. Whatever happened in Sulaiman Bakery during the riots of January 1993 was in fact a brutal massacre of unarmed and innocent people by biased personnel of security forces and for hiding this massacre accusations were made up against the unarmed and innocent Muslims claiming that they “attacked” the police with stones, bricks and iron rods and hence police had to fire at them in self-defence. The enquiry found this claim to be totally false and concocted. Subsequently, on the basis of this judicial enquiry report cases of murder against R.D. Tyagi and 18 police personnel who were complicit along with him in this massacre were filed which are still pending for hearing.

I am sure that if an impartial enquiry is carried out in the Israeli attack on the Turkish ship and peace and aid flotilla and the resultant bloodbath by an honest judge like Justice Sri Krishna, case of murder will be registered against all those Israeli forces and commandos and their leaders who were complicit in the attack on the Turkish ship and aid flotilla in which 19 innocent persons were brutally killed and dozens seriously injured. In addition to their massacre, cases can also be filed against them for removal of evidences and for hiding their crime, declaring the innocent victims as attackers and murderers and for defending the murderer commandos, Israeli and American governments can be dragged to the witness box.

Truly speaking, the attack on the Turkish ship in the aid flotilla and killing of 19 innocent persons who were on aid mission is not a military operation but a fake encounter and Indians, particularly Indian Muslims, very well know how and why such fake encounters are made. Whatever happened in Mumbai’s Sulaiman Bakery in January 1993 was a joint operation of fake encounter of innocent and unarmed Muslims. In any case, at least this much of justice is in India that a murder case is registered against Tyagi and his police team (though even after so many years their trial has not yet started), writ petitions are filed in High Courts and Supreme Court in cases of fake encounters of Ishrat Jahan and Javed Sheikh, Vanzara & Co are put behind bars in the case of fake encounter of Sohrabuddin but what action can be taken against Israel and its forces for massacring innocent people of Palestine and putting the blame on Palestinians themselves? This question should be put to the world community for an answer.

What is a matter of worry for us is this: from where have our police and security forces learnt this hateful method of fake encounters? Now after the attack on aid flotilla and brutal murder of unarmed and innocent people and volunteers we feel that the way in which our security forces are indulging in shedding the blood of innocent people in the name of fake encounters and sometimes innocent persons like Ishrat Jahan and Javed Sheikh, sometimes Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Kausar Bi, sometimes Khwaja Yunus etc, are murdered in cold blood and by declaring them terrorists, crimes of men in uniform and their white robed masters are put under wrap. Sometimes Batla House-like fake encounter takes place, sometimes a collective encounter like Sulaiman Bakery is staged and then efforts are made to defend such horrendous cases. This makes us think that all such inhuman acts have been learnt by our police and security forces from Israel.

Politicians, bureaucrats and occupiers of responsible posts had been, and are, maintaining secret relationships with Israel but keep the common people in dark about this relationship. During Narasimha Rao’s regime, full fledged diplomatic relations were established with Isreal openly. After 1990, visits by our police and army officers to Israel became common. Israeli army and police officers also began to pay, and are still paying frequent visits to India to impart training to our officers. It must now be clearly understood that killing innocent people, particularly Muslims, in the name of fake encounters on false and baseless charges of being terrorists or agents of foreign terrorist agencies has been taught to our police and security forces and so-called encounter specialists by Israeli military and security officers. The post-mortem reports of nine Turkish nationals who were massacred as a result of the attack on the aid flotilla are of the same type as the post-mortem reports of the Muslim youths who were killed in Batla House encounter or of Ishrat Jahan, Sohrabuddin and Javed Sheikh who were killed in Gujarat or of the innocent workers who were killed in Sulaiman Bakery of Mumbai or even those innocent Muslims who were killed in Hari Masjid, Sewri, in police firing during Mumbai riots of 1993.

On Turkish ship Mavi Marmara the nine Turk were shot dead from point blank range with 0.9 mm pistol. It may be noted that 0.9 pistols are very popular with our encounter specialists too. These nine persons were shot dead with 30 bullets from close range which had hit their heads, face, neck, all of which are delicate parts of the body and every person had faced at least four bullets. One of them was hit on the forehead at very close range. We can very well feel how the Israeli commandos would have behaved with unarmed and innocent Turks on the ship. Hence we want that our country should break off diplomatic, defence and security relations with Israel. We also do not want that the security forces of our democratic country, by getting training from cruel Zionist officers, should also become brutes. (Translated from Rashtriya Sahara Urdu daily, 7 June 2010)