Kashmir’s serial killings

Srinagar: Tufail Ahmad Matoo, another innocent teenaged boy killed. He was a student of 12th standard, just 18 year-old. According to his relatives, he was traveling by bus on the day he was killed. Because of the ongoing stone-pelting, the bus was stopped while he was passing through Gani Memorial Stadium and he died because of the tear gas shell which hit his head and caused his death. Pieces of his brain were witnessed on the ground. What a horrible death. For what mistake did he receive this horrible punishment? No one can even judge when life is going to meet a horrible end. Parents in the Valley are scared and horrified. Where are the authorities? Well, they for sure will be somewhere sitting in an air-conditioned room resting or planning how to pretend that everything is alright. This is so ridiculous. What was the fault of the women present at the Batmaloo Sahib’s shrine? For what they were beaten up by army troopers and were badly injured? What do the army men think they are doing? Those who have given them the right to kill innocents must be dragged out and taught a lesson. The men in uniform do whatever they like and kill whoever they want. They go on killing and no one takes any step. Is it that they have received the uniform to commit crimes without fear of punishment. These tyrants have made our lives miserable. The army men must be shamed by unveiling their acts.

The relatives of the deceased are horrified, and the ones who have no connection with the family of the deceased are under shock due to the heart-rending killings of teenagers. They are thinking that may be they are the next on the list of the innocents who are not faulty, have committed no mistakes, yet their lives end up in horrible death.

And what happens after these horrible killings? Only processions and demonstrations. Stones are pelted. People go berserk for a few days but soon they forget the killings as time moves on and return back to their normal lives till another killing takes place and the previous deaths are listed as old cases. This is cynicism. Everyone is a cynicist here. The authorities, the people. Everyone. We need to change ourselves and take some steps before it’s too late and before some of our near ones is done to death by these tyrants in uniform leaving us in tears, considering ourselves as dead souls.

Demonstrations must continue until the family of the deceased receives justice and the killers punished for their actions. Instead of thinking about ourselves, we must think about the families of the deceased and must be ready to take any step that will result in justice. Let’s become WE from I. Let us unite and make efforts to mark an end over every crime and over every such rule that supports these tyrants and their tyranny. What are the authorities for? What are the representatives elected for? Are they meant for enjoying their lives? Are they elected for thinking about their happiness without caring about ordinary human beings? They must take some steps or it’s better for them to put bangles on their wrists and resign because such persons can’t ensure justice. The authorities must resign if they can’t act. They must give up the rights provided to them by the laws through which they support the sinners and hide their sins. Laws must take away all rights from the irresponsible elected representatives of the people. They must be replaced as they can’t control the situation.

The authorities too must be dragged out as they hide the crimes of those who commit them. When the authorities will be under pressure, they will go after the sinners. This will happen only if we continue our struggle for seeking justice and won’t stop ourselves. We need to think about the innocents who are being killed and feel the pain of their families. We have to forget our pleasures and take steps to mark a full stop on the serial killings of the innocents. Only then we will be able to call ourselves humans in a real sense.

The writer is a 2nd year student in Srinagar’s M.A. Road Womens College