No faith teaches terrorism

In fact religion is a binding force, shorn of any fissiparous tendencies. Its primary objective is to salve the festering wounds of people by shepherding them toward the path of ultimate realization.

In no way, it will be a sweeping statement to say that this is an age of misinterpretations. While discussing some literary piece in the classroom, I have always encouraged my students to come up with their own perspectives and formulate an opinion which, if differs from the commonplace explanation, is deemed a novel idea owing to the concept of multiple interpretations of a subject.

However, every interpretation does not belong to the class of enrichment of ideas with variegated meanings that expand and beautify the scope of that ideology. Some of the (mis)interpretations of theological ideologies are designs of purposefully devious and wicked minds that gloat in sadistic pleasures by depredating the peace of life of innocents.

One of the worst sufferers and perpetually vulnerable to this  menace of misinterpretation is the religion of Islam with which now, much to my chagrin, terms like 'Islamophobia' are being associated. The grisly episodes of cruel carnages all across the world in the name of Islam have been constantly giving away that Islam is gravely and flagrantly being misinterpreted by some of its lumpen but cunning custodians.

From the volatile valley of Kashmir to the flaming France, the heinous acts of bloodshed clamour for summary solutions which do not lie only in the brute crackdown on the youth with impressionistic minds who have been hoodwinked and indoctrinated by their hideous handlers.

Undeniably, prophets of all faith have always preached the gospel of love and they have been stern detractors of any format of violence in every walk of life. These misled monsters inanely cling to the misguided belief that they have been ordained by God to wreak this devastation.

In fact religion is a binding force, shorn of any fissiparous tendencies. Its primary objective is to salve the festering wounds of people by shepherding them toward the path of ultimate realization.

Guru Teg Bhadurji rightly equated God with a potter who has carved all of us out of the same clay but in different shapes and styles. All the souls in the fashion of rivers traverse many terrains crisscrossed with umpteen zigzags to ultimately merge into one mighty ocean. A sublime confluence where there is complete wholeness of all souls with the oversoul.

Therefore, it is not only Kashmir, when purged of the present blood-letting, will be touted as paradise on earth, the entire world contains paradisal charm and beauty if the malevolent misinterpretation of Islam ceases and its true tenets based on the virtue of altruism and philanthropy are explained and practiced by scrupulous preachers.

Vitriolic speeches and vituperative lashings have no room in any religion. And those who are taking recourse to this inflammatory interpretation of Islam can be anything but religious. So it is incumbent on every dutiful devout of all faiths to tread cautiously and not to fall into the trap of any terror mongers.

The author is head of English Linguistics and language department, Dev Samaj PG Department, Ferozepur. He may be contacted at shiv.sethi[at]ymail.com