Lynching of innocent Muslims in India; an incomplete list #NotinMyName

The Indian Government's lackadaisical stand on vigilante 'justice' and the 'verdicts' of kangaroo courts is emboldening the unruly mobs. Highly polarised groups (read Hindus) are going berserk and the government is turning a Nelson's eye to their shenanigans. This must be stopped forthwith. The BJP government must take stern measures to curb the menace. 

The latest lynching of a Muslim boy, Junaid, on a Mathura-bound train near Ballabhgadh in Haryana is yet another addition to the innocent lives falling prey to lynching. 

In Preston and Clarke's long essay, 'Lynchings in white America' (Google withdrew this volatile essay in September 2012; it was on its portal from 2005 to 2012), the duo observed that 'lynchings are manifestations of a majoritarian group's display of boundless supremacy over a helpless group of people with the help of governmental apathy and administrative indifference.' The whites in the US would lynch blacks until as late as mid-nineteen thirties. The chilling sight of two black boys lynched and publicly hanged from a tree in Texas in 1911 is still verdant in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Certain gory spectacles remain etched in public consciousness forever. 

The same is happening in Modi's Hindu India. Muslims are getting lynched by Hindus under any pretext, beef being the main reason. The boys who were stabbed on train were innocent. They were playing ludo and were not carrying beef. They had Eid gifts with them. But a group of Hindu rowdies kept instigating them and finally stabbed them fatally. 

'Lynching is a warning, issued by a much more powerful social group to a helpless section of people that law is with the powerful and the government machinery is subservient to it (powerful group),' observed Preston and Clarke. This is manifest in India today. 

Lynching also has an element of racial discrimination at its root. White Americans lynched blacks, whom they called 'niggers', because the former thought that the latter belonged to an obnoxious and much inferior race. The same mentality and perception can be seen among the Hindus. To them, Muslims belong to a different and much lower race. So they must be eliminated. 'It's a kind of reestablishment of subconscious Aryan (or Brahminical) supremacy' (propounded by Bal Gangadhar Tilak and a traitor like Vinayak Damodar Savarkar).     

Police, law and judiciary all are in cahoots with the lumpen elements of innumerable Hindu outfits. The situation is worsening at an alarming rate and the PM, the mastermind, is travelling all over the world. 

When he was the CM of Gujarat in 2002, he allowed Hindu miscreants to lynch as many Muslims as they could within two days following the Godhra incident. Mind you, it was perpetrated by Hindus to malign and maul Muslims. He's repeating his stand as the PM of the country.


An incomplete list of recent lynchings (people injured in same case or other similar incidents not included)  http://whitepaperonterrorism.com/

1. Mohsin Shaikh (Pune), techie, killed for wearing beard while returning from late evening prayer - 2 June, 2014   2. Syed Farid Khan (Dimapur, Nagaland) lynched by a mob of around 7000 for alleged rape --5 March 2015   3. Muhammad Akhlaq (Bisarha village, Dadri), dragged from his hom and lynched for allegedly keeping beef in his fridge, allegation later proved wrong --28 Sept., 2015   4. Zahid Rasool Bhat (Udhampur), Kashmiri ruck driver, his truck was torched at Udhampur, Jammu, sustained 80 injuries, succumbed to his injuries -- 18 October, 2015   5. Manakkadu Veettil Shabeer (Attingal, Kerala), witness of a crime, lynched hockey sticks in broad daylight -- 31 January, 2016   6-7. Muhammad Majloom and Imtiaz [alias Azad] Khan (Balumath forests, Latehar distt., Jharkhand), lynched and bodies hanged from trees - 18 March 2016   8-9. Mohammad Sadam and Mohammad Farooque (Imphal), both students, at Mayang Imphal Yangbi Garden, Manipur, lynched in a communal incident -- 7 April, 2016   10. Ajju Husain (Choti Sadri, Chittorgarh dist.), cattle trader paraded naked, lynched -- 30 May 2016   11. Mohammed Ayyub (Anandnagar, Gujajrat), assaulted by cow vigilantes on 12September, 2016for transporting two calves, succumbed to his injuries on 17 September 2016   12. Noman (Sarahan, Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh) for allegedly trying to smuggle cows to Uttar Pradesh -- in the intervening night of October 14-15, 2016   13. Pehlu Khan of Jaisinghpur, Nuh, Haryana, lynched at Alwar for transporting cows for his dairy business - 1 April, 2017   14. Mohammed Shalik, 19, was beaten brutally over love affair with a Hindu girl, succumbed to his injuries - 5 April 2017   15-16. Abu Hanifa and Riyazuddin Ali (Nagaon) lynched by villagers on suspicion of stealing cows – 30 April, 2017 17. Salman (Bhopal), dragged against SUV and later his head smashed against water tanker, then ran over under the SUV in full public view – 7 May, 2017   18-21. Naim, Sheikh Sajju, Sheikh Siraj and Sheikh Halim (Shobhapur, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand) lynched by mob over unproven allegation of child-lifting – 18 May, 2017   22. Shabbir Shaikh Masoom, burnt alive by rioters in Nandubar, Maharashtra – 10 June, 2017   23. Zafar Khan, social activist and CPI-ML leader, beaten to death allegedly by staffers of municipality in Pratapgarh town, Rajasthan, for objecting to their photographing women defacting in the open - 16 June, 2017.   24. Junaid Khan, 16-year-old boy of Kandhawli, Ballabhgarh, Haryana, stabbed to death near Palwala while travelling in a local train, accused of eating beef (his two brothers also severely injured) – 22 June, 2017   25. Muhammad Ayub Pandit, DSP, Kashmir Police, lynched by mob in Srinagar – 22 June, 2017   26. Karan (10, Dalit) and Nisar (11, Muslim) were buried alive by sand mafia for objecting to its illegal activity, -- c. 22 June, 2017   27. Ravinder Kumar, e-rickshaw driver, beaten to death in Delhi for objecting to two men’s urinating on the road --28 May, 2017

(Compiled by Zafarul-Islam Khan who is currently working on a Whitepaper on Terrorism in India, click to pre-order a copy) 26 June, 2017