Overtly Indian Mujahideen, covertly Abhinav Bharat

Inheriting the British methodology of divide and rule, these fake nation-lovers are adept in spreading hatred.

Government has declared ‘Indian Mujahideen’ (IM) as a terrorist outfit. Good. But the billion dollar question is: "Who/what is IM?" IB with the help of media has tried in the past to popularize a seemingly similar organisation called "Deccan Mujahideen" (DM). Why it did not pursue with DM? After the bomb blasts in Hyderabad, a number of unfortunate Muslim youths were randomly picked up for interrogation but in spite of all efforts through incarceration and all kinds of torture and coercion could not prove their association with a fictitious – IB and media created – organization like DM. Further, all Muslim youths were later honourably acquitted by courts which took a few years to find out the truth.

IM, however, continues to be in the news and some mainstream media organisations are obsessed with IM. Let us analyze the origin of IM. Mr. Ken Hayward, an American citizen, sent the first email which mentioned "IM". Logically he should have been arrested and his laptop should have been forensically examined but nothing of the sort happened. Mr. Hayward was conveniently allowed to leave the country.

When Late Hemant Karkare came across the involvement of hitherto unknown organizations and involvement of a high ranking officer (colonel) of our own Army, it gave rise to earthquake-like tremors and top brass of a political party, which claims to be different, came out in defense of the accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh and her colleagues. It may also be noted that while such terror accused are always taken out either hooded or masked (in order to facilitate identification later on), Sadhvi Pragya Singh always walked with her head held high, often similing, with a posse of policemen subserviently following her. Will our government clarify such exceptionally special treatment to a terror-accused?

Late Hemant Karkare, an honest and upright officer, was determined to unveil the grave conspiracy of these covert forces against the country. He received success in substantially pointing the involvement of shady outfits like ‘Abhinav Bharat’ (AB) and Bhosla Military Academy in the terror incidents of Malegaon, Ajmer, Samjhauta Express, Hyderabad, etc. Unfortunately Mr. Karkare lost his life while attending to the call of duty though in shady circumstances. The murder of brave officers like Karkare, Kamte and Salaskar during 26/11 Bombay blasts is shrouded in mystery and the demand for high-level probe is strongly opposed. One may be reminded of the way a senior Congress Minister like Mr. A.R. Antulay (former CM Maharashtra) was hounded in Parliament when he articulated his suspicion about the circumstances of Karkare’s death. Even the grand old party (Congress) that swears by the Indian Constitution sidelined its own senior member. Though Mr. Antulay as a Minority Affairs Minister, devoid of any real power, was just enjoying a few perks associated with ministership, even these were curtailed and he was conveniently allowed to drift into oblivion.

S.M. Mushrif in his book "Who killed Karkare?" has succinctly explained relying mainly on media reports the state of affairs in our secular democratic republic. In the book’s preface he predicted the possibility of mainstream media completely ignoring his effort. However, subsequent events prove the fact that mainstream media prudently took shelter in Gandhiji’s teaching of following the example of ‘three monkeys’. They, however, forgot that Gandhiji always strove to uphold truth. The famous incident of inspection in school where Gandhiji was told to lie is an important guide in child upbringing and kids are nurtured to be true nationalists by being truthful - quoting such examples from Gandhiji’s illustrious life.

With the death of Hemant Karkare, who by being truthful gave a new lease of life to Muslim youths, all investigations related to the real face of terrorism not only slowed down but in fact were conveniently buried in deep recess of investigative agencies offices. A cursory look at the history of civilization tells us that it is not possible to bury ‘Truth’. It keeps nagging and ultimately pricks the conscience of those in authority. The lead provided by Karkare, as per media reports, is now being followed by Rajasthan ATS and it has established beyond doubt the involvement of those who claim to be true patriots and keep on parroting "proud to be an Indian". Inheriting the British methodology of divide and rule, these fake nation-lovers are adept in spreading hatred and seek pleasure/empowerment through polarization of citizens on religious ground arousing phobias in the process. The dipole thus created helps them achieve power to rule the country.

Government must, therefore, come forward to crack down on organizations like ‘Abhinav Bharat’, which are covertly AB but overtly IM. All Muslim youths arrested in relation to the fake Batla House encounter must be released forthwith with adequate compensation. In fact, all such cases where courts have exonerated Muslims arrested on fictitious charges must be adequately compensated with due apology at the highest executive level.

It is time now to ask the champions of democracy and those who believe in our age-old civilization to come together to unearth ‘Truth’ and let the sacrifice of an upright officer like Karkare not go in vain.