Hindu youth’s Marwari translation of the Quran that “smells of Rajasthan”


Rajeev Sharma has worked for Rajasthan’s daily “Rajasthan Patrika”. He lives in Kolsiya village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan.

In March 2015, he started translating the Holy Quran into Marwari. This was after his biography of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in Marwari was well received.

Sharma says “I am a writer. Ink is my blood and pen is my heart. And I am a proud Hindu.” He says that the reason he translates Islamic texts is to remove misunderstandings people have due to ignorance. He feels ignorance is to be blamed not intolerance for all the communal disharmony.

People have a wrong belief that Islam’s message is only for Arabs. How can there be boundaries for any good message, Sharma asks. He says a goodness is not confined to any country, it is for the whole mankind.

As he did not know Arabic, he could have relied on Hindi translations of the Quran. But he says that used websites which offer word for word translation of the Quran. He says that way he was able to better understand the words and attempted to be truest to the original text.

After more than two years in December 2017 the handwritten manuscript of the translation was completed. He says probably this is the first translation of Holy Quran in Marwari by a non-Muslim.

Sharma says that typing the manuscript, editing and proofreading takes a lot of time. Moreover, he had some health issues because of which he could not focus on completing it. After this he will look for a reputed publisher to publish it.

Meanwhile, Rajeev Sharma started posting verses of the Quran in Marwari in WhatsApp groups, on this Telegram channel and his Facebook page which he says are liked very much by readers. He says that people call his translation beautiful and he gets congratulatory messages from Marwaris living across the globe. He says readers tell him that his translation smells of Rajasthan.

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