Proudly ours—Muslims of India


Vinod Chand posted this on his Facebook profile today. And it will make your day for sure.

"I am so proud that Muslims are part of our nation.

"When Pritam's (my wife's restaurant) ran a food for people program during the lock down, we received generous donations from people who supported us to run the program from 2nd April 2020 till about 20th June 2020.

"During this time, I say this with pride, 85% of the money contributed for the cause came from my Muslim friends.

"I want to tell this because I just got off the phone with my friend Rajive Nangia who narrated an incident that happened around 7 years ago with him.

"He was travelling to Bijnor in UP in August and the roads there were flooded with water due to rains. As he and his extended family wondered how they would take their SUV across the flooded road at Meerapur, which had human and animal feces floating, he noticed boys and men, all from decent families, strip down to their undergarments, get in the water and push vehicles that were already stuck.

"Somehow he managed to drive through because of better ground clearance of his vehicle but once across, he stopped and offered water and biscuits to the youth. All of them refused because they were observing the holy month of Ramzan and could not accept either.

"This left an everlasting positive impression on the mind of Rajive, something that he can't forget till date, it is as if the incident just happened to him right now! He said that had he been the observer standing outside, he would have not got down into the murky waters but these boys and men did. He told me that his chest swells with pride when he remembers that incident and that he is proud that they are part of our nation.

"And so am I, and so am I.

"And nobody can take away this nation from you, to it you belong and it belongs to you."

15 October 2020, Link to his FB Post