Car Windshield Cracked? Blame Muslims if you are a BJP supporter

A twitter user from Cyberabad posted this picture blaming Muslims for the crack!

A twitter user from Hyderabad with hardly any followers posted the above picture of his broken windshield with the text: "Due to heavy rush Had to park my car near a Muslim Slum near SRO office Ibrahimpatnam. #Peacefuls of tat Slum did this to car seeing the Party Flag.They thot it will effect me,Rogues don’t knw ,I don’t care a damn.Wil replace 1000 such Windsheilds Bt never take Flag Off."

The tweet did exactly as he wanted. More than three thousand likes and around a thousand re-tweets. Almost all agreeing that his windshield cracked as Muslims in the slums reacted to the BJP flag he kept on his dashboard. Everyone knows why such things are kept visible inside a car, but this islamophobic businessman is exploiting it in ways no one thought of before. You should know BJP's star hate-monger T Raja is from Hyderabad and remains in news from his anti-Muslim and anti-Islam vile speeches.

The reaction to the hateful tweet was more hate and more insane threads. Only a few questioned the conclusion of the car owner that how the only way his car's glass could crack is when someone deliberately broke it.

So we spoke to some people in the automobile industry to understand the probably reasons for a car's windshield getting cracked while being parked. We are listing below seven reasons we were told:

  1. Something small hit the windshield earlier, resulting in minor crack which expanded over a period of time. Like while driving behind a construction vehicle, small pebbles sometimes hit the car. (Collision)
  2. If the glass was either not properly fixed during manufacturing or if the glass was replaced but base was not done properly then gaps or undue stress leads to slow cracks. (Poor Installation)
  3. Excessive heat in the car, makes a fault in the glass crack up. (Poor Glass Construction)
  4. Change in pressure may exploit structural weakness / defects in the glass. (Poor Glass Construction)
  5. Sunlight - Similar to the temperature point above, heat causes the outer edges of your auto glass to expand faster than the centre of that same glass. (Poor Glass Construction)
  6. Debris from parking under trees and something falling from there or a bird dropping a bone on a glass already under stress. (Collision)
  7. Freak accidents with parked cars, like children who play it’s likely that a ball or something may come hurdling toward your vehicle on some unlucky day. (Collision)

But if you are BJP supporter you are used to blame everything that goes wrong on Muslims. The petrol prices are rising (which BJP voters consider a good thing now) because of Muslims! Water logging is happening everywhere due to Muslims praying for rains. Oh yes, Covid is spreading in Ayodhya, Tripathi etc due to Muslims.

Hate gets so much attention on social media platforms and keeps increasing its size and momentum. How to puncture this Islamophobia against "puncture walas" should be a top priority of the civil society.