On Violent reactions to Pulwama Terror Attack, Minorities Commission writes to Delhi Police

In view of the deteriorating communal situation in various parts of the country, including Delhi, in the wake of the terrorist attack in Pulwama, Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission has sent the following mail to the Commissioner of Police, Delhi asking him to issue clear orders to the police stations in NCT of Delhi to be alert and responsive to the demands of the situation. Following is the text of the email:

Shri Amulya Patnaik, IPS Commissioner of Police, Delhi Dear Mr Patnaik, There are attacks on Kashmiris, even on ordinary Muslims, in various parts of the country in the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Pulwama. Even in Delhi attempts are being made to vitiate the atmosphere and start riots. Hindutva crowds are taking out rallies in Muslim areas and in front of Muslim homes in mixed population areas, raising provocative slogans. Unless Delhi Police is alert and proactive riots will erupt like those in Jammu city for instance. Kindly order all police stations in Delhi to be alert, proactive and responsive to the need to keep peace and amity at all costs. Best regards Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan Chairman, Delhi Minorities Commission Govt. of NCT of Delhi Vikas Bhawan, Block C New Delhi 110002 Email: