World wants to see the true picture of Islam

Christian priest, Hindu Pandit, Parsee scholar strongly condemned those who associate Islam with terrorism and derive wrong meaning of jihad.

Mumbai: A seminar on ‘Jihad against Terrorism’ jointly sponsored by Fatemi International Organisation and Sahyog Cultural Society was held in Mumbai on 11 July on the occasion of Hazrat Fatema Zahra’s birthday in which Islamic scholars and religious leaders from different countries took part and strongly condemned terrorism. They said that a jihad should be declared against terrorism. Dr Muhammad Al-Shahooli, head of Fatemi International Union who had come from Libya, said that it is regrettable that in today’s Muslim culture the world sees the picture of Islam but in fact, Islam’s true picture can be seen in the teachings of Qur’an or in the life of Prophet Muhammad and his family members and then only people will come to know that in Islam there is no concept of terrorism.

He said that during Crusades or holy wars, Muslim soldiers were not allowed to even cut or chop off of trees and there were clear instructions that in war if the enemy was defeated and running away from the battlefield, he should not be pursued and that old people, children and unarmed people should not be killed or harmed. He further said that in the terrorist attack on Mumbai on 26 November 2008, innocent people were killed but the killers or terrorists were in fact not true Muslims or believers in Qur’an.

Another speaker, Dr Muhammad Sayeed Attawahiri of Holland, who is President of Kufa Academy, said while speaking at this seminar that terrorism and jihad are two contradictory things. Shia religious scholar Syed Ahmad Abdi of Mumbai said that the murder of innocents and unarmed people is a crime, not jihad. Maulana Abdul Jabbar Qadiri said that those who associate terrorism with jihad are in fact the people who promote terrorism. Sahyog Cultural Society’s president Abdul Sami Bubairay said that Islam says that whoever loves his country loves his religion. Therefore, how a religion that preaches this, can preach terrorism? Christian priest Pinto, Hindu Pandit Chaturvedi, Parsee scholar Yezdi in their speeches strongly condemned those who associate Islam with terrorism and derive wrong meaning of jihad. On this occasion family member of police victims of terrorism were given awards.