Communal Harmony Yatra: Ayodhya to Wardha

Mahatma Gandhi Sadbhavna Yatra 2-11 Oct 2010

India today is grappling with threats such as separatism, terrorism and communal violence. Its diversity and tradition of peace are undermined by the divisiveness encouraged by communalism. There are instances of communal riots and discrimination against minorities which has sparked off a debate on human rights and civil liberties in the civil society. Civil society organizations are spreading awareness about the evils of communalism. One such initiative undertaken by the organizations is the Sadbhavana yatra which will be undertaken from 2nd October to 11th October 2010 from Ayodhya to Wardha covering three states. The primary goal of the yatra is to spread the message of peace coupled with active participation of the people.

The budget of the yatra is approximately 8 lakh rupees which includes provisions of traveling, stay and cost of printing and decoration of the bus. A route committee has been formed consisting of Jugal Kishor Shastri, Anil Chamadiya, Mr. Murthy. It was unanimously decided by the committee that organizations should make a minumum donation of Rs.10, 000 onwards. Individuals and organizations should come forward and contribute towards the yatra to their full capacity. We would also appreciate if organizations joined us as organizers. Without everyone's active and wholehearted support, this event can not meet with success.

Mahatma Gandhi Sadbhavna Yatra plan (2-11 Oct. 2010)
2 October Ayodhya, 2 October Faizabad, 2 October Sultanpur, 3 October Pratapgadh, 3 Octuber Allahabad, 4 October Kaushambi, 4 October Chitrkut, 5 October Manjhganv, 5 October Satna, 5 October Maihar, 6 October Katani, 6 October Sihaura, 7 October Jabalpur, 8 October Lakhandona, 9 Octuber Sivani, 9 October Katangi, 10 October Nagpur, 11 October Wardha (Sevagram) (Approx. distance is Ayodhya To Wardha 1020 km)

For more info, contact: Jugal Kishore Shahstri (Ayodhya Ki Awaaz, Ayodhya, Faizabad): 09451730269/, Irfan Engineer (Cente for Study of Society and Secularism): 09869462833 /
Contributions may be sent to: A/c Name: Centre for Study of Society and Secularism; Bank: Dena Bank, Santaccruz East Branch, Mumbai - A/s No: 010810008262