WB loan for education & training of Indian minority youth

Washington / New Delhi: According to a World Bank, Washington’s press release of 29 October, it (WB) has sanctioned a loan of 50 million Dollars (Rs. 300 crores approx) for the education, training and skill development of Indian youth belonging to minority communities under Indian government’s Nai Manzil scheme started in August this year (2015). Under this scheme, the government’s programme is not only to promote education, training and skill development of youth belonging to economically poor and backward sections of minority communities but also to arrange jobs and small scale industries and business to enable them to stand on their own feet. Accoring to World Bank’s Director in India, benefits of India’s progress and development can be enjoyed by the people only when every youth of the country is educated and is equipped with skill and expertise in different trades and professions to make his contributions to the country’s economy. It is also stated in the press release that among the youth population of this country in the age group of 17 to 35 years, 18 percent youth belong to the minority communities and as per the situation prevailing at present, as many as 20% of this 18% population of minority youth do not make any contribution to the country’s economy and progress.