Slave Media, Paid News — Dangerous signs ahead

Both American and Israeli, and to some extent other western, embassies are trying hard to control the Indian Muslim community as well as the Urdu press which influences as well as represents Muslim sentiments which have refused to be influenced by the western media’s brain-washing. Delegations of various Indian Muslim segments, including journalists and clerics, are being taken routinely to the US and Israel. Diplomats of both these countries are making direct contacts with people ready to sell themselves for a few pieces of silver. Regular payments are being made to some Urdu newspapers and journalists and may be to others also. The latest effort is to buy out some of the big names in Urdu media. Jagran Hindi newspaper has just bought Mumbai’s Mid-Day group which includes one of the most influential Urdu dailies, Inquilab, and the bulk of the money paid, a whopping 150 crore rupees, has come from the US to Jagran which was never known for its love for Urdu or even has any experience of non-Hindi journalism besides its known saffron colours. Certain newspapers are taking pro-American, anti-Iranian line which smack of the big bucks involved. One is afraid that soon even our Urdu press will no longer be free and will become His-Masters-Voice. A matter of great shame for the Muslim community.