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Rafale = Superstition + Corruption, dead Indian cocktail served by govt


I fail to know what is more alarming—the defence minister fiddling around the Rafale jet with Nimbu Mirchi or the failure of the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice to explain the flaws with the judgment on Rafale given nine months before. So, between the superstitious of our leaders and the faith in our judiciary, we would prefer the former. On the other side, the constitution has always stood for the scientific temperament in our country, however, since the time of Nehru and others, we have been breaking coconuts and other acts on similar ventures for years. 

See video here:

When ministers in the Modi 2.0 indulging in such acts in foreign lands, it's interesting to see Mr. Modi mocking on politicians and ministers in our country who get indulged into the acts of having Nimbu and Mirchi for the stuff they get in their lives in the public domain. He went on asking people in 2017 in a public meeting as to how can one trust such politicians and governments indulged in such superstitions. I hope our Prime Minister has some words for his Defense Minister who did the same which the PM mocked earlier in 2017. Forget about pointing out on anything on the Rafale Deal judgment despite the review petition filed on it by the veterans like Arun Shorie, Yashwant Sinha and Prashant Bhushan given earlier this year for an investigation on this issue. 

So amidst all this superstition, the tough question remains, what price are we paying for these planes when the process of delivery ends, which we will remain till the government clears the air.  By the end of the delivery process, the Indian Air Force will have 36 planes. There is no doubt that Rafale is a great fighter plane just what we have seen the Bofors Guns be effective when bought by Sweden by the then Rajiv Gandhi Government. The fact is the Rafale deal would haunt for long just like what we see Bofors still haunting despite thirty years of its acquisition by the said government. 

M Zeyaullah Khan
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