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Mobile companies over-charging old and loyal customers

Old and loyal post-paid customers of mobile-companies should get auto-benefit of new lowered tariffs without customers requiring to request

Mobile service-providing companies in India are forced for drastic reduction in mobile-tariffs after Jio (Reliance) came down with very attractive tariff-plans even after completion of free-trial period. It has led other mobile-companies to come up with new tariff-plans with drastically reduced tariffs to avoid shifting of their customer-base to Jio (Reliance).

But it is quite general that existing post-paid customers are unaware of such lowered tariff-rates, and as such they are not benefitted by any such lower revision of tariff-rates. It is because new tariff-plans are implemented only on specific requests made by the customers. System should be for auto-conversion of old tariff-plans into new ones in case new plans are economically advantageous for the customers than the earlier tariff-plans. However a courtesy-call may be made to the customers explaining change of tariff-plan.

Department of Telecommunications should also study the enormous profit minted by mobile-companies before they were forced to lower their tariffs out of competition from Jio (Reliance). Essential services like mobile phone service must have some maximum limit of profit-margin in present era of telecom-sector dominated by private-sector.

Delhi   Comment: Earlier Mobile companies used to keep security deposit for post-paid plans and increased the security deposit for roaming customer and it was very high for international roaming customers. Neither do they refund that amount to old customers nor give interest on it. The only way to get the refund is to cancel the connection.