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The thought of MG print edition folding up soon is making me very very sad.

Sumit Paul, Poona

MG: The decision is very painful but sometimes you have to take difficult decisions. Dilly-dallying when you know things are not working the way you want is more injurious on the long run.

SP: I understand, Dr Khan. But MG portal will stay active?

MG: Yes, yes. The website will continue and your writings as always will be most welcome. We will in fact give more time and attention to the website so that it could regain the prime position it once enjoyed.


MG is the mouthpiece of ummah. It, it is a ray of light in the ocean of darkness. The only English periodical that aware ummah of their past present and future. MG present the challenges before ummah. and injustices meted to them in secular democratic India. This beam of light should ever alive. You should seriously think about a English daily. It is a burning need of ummah. I am confident that you can do. You are aware the power of media in this modern age.

Dr S R Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow


Read your first-page article in our latest MG. What you are saying is correct. I too from the beginning stated the same to our people here but they are over-reacting. What can we do, Bhai. Our people will react on non- issues but not on real issues.

Syed Naseer Ahmed, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh


Demonetization and Income Tax

Income tax was not required to pay on the cash amounted to Rs. 2.5 lakhs or more deposited with the banks before demonetization (9 November) and after the financial year ended 31March 2016 as the cash is considered white money while the income tax on the same cash- amount deposited with the banks after demonetization is required to pay to the Government so as to make the same cash- amount white money. What is the reason and motive behind it? Under sixth schedule of the constitution of India some states like Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and some councils like BTAD, RHAC, Karbi Anglong, NC Hills etc were curved out from within the territory of India for habitation of tribal people so that it helps them to grow and uplift their socio-economic condition and to upkeep their culture and tradition. A tribal person living in any one of those states or councils is exempted from paying income tax to Government whatever be his/her amount of income. Will you consider his/her income white without conducting an enquiry into his/her source and means income? Does mere exemption of tax payment make one's income white and lawful?

Muhammad Abdus Samad, Ambari, Dhupdhara


The NDA govt took action of demonetization with very purpose to control Corruption, Black Money, Fake currency, Terror financing. Ground realities, post-demonetization, says that unscrupulous persons have delivered in grey market new currency notes worth billions per day at high premium complaints have already started regarding circulation of fake new currency notes in the market. Terror attacks have increased from Int Border post demonetization. Apart unplanned demonetization action which has put billions of public to face torture, even Govt is utterly failed to take care of our Border, hence Terrorists can easily,gracefully infiltrates, so fake currency notes.

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai


This unplanned demonetization action is totally failed. [1] common man is compelled to stand in long queued for hours to gather to withdraw limited amount of cash, while affluent have received huge quantity of new notes without standing in queues, Who has delivered this new currency notes ? [2] Fake currency has already come in circulation [3] New currency notes have already reached to Terrorists.,so even on front of controlling terror financing is utterly failed. What is regretted when more then 85 people have died standing in long queues at Banks, Marriages were cancelled, patient s have lost their lives since not admitted in Hospitals since no new currency notes on hand, seizure of billions of new currency notes is a shame for this efficient,transparent BJP led NDA Govt. Who delivered huge quantity of new currency notes ?

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai


Statistics given on amount of demonetised currency-notes of rupees 500 and 1000 having been deposited in banks as per Reserve Bank of India (RBI)'s fifth bi-monthly post-policy conference-call with media on 07.12.2016 is about rupees 11.5 lakh crores out of a total about rupees 14.18 lakh crores with 23 more days for deposit of the old currency in banks. Going with this rate, it may not be a surprise that amount of deposited demonetised currency may even exceed rupees 14.18 lakh crores. Otherwise also demonetised currency of rupees 11.5 lakh crores coming back to banking- system in itself a matter of enquiry, because a handsome percentage of such demonetised currency must not be practically available for being deposited in banks. Most old men and women in India have a general tendency of hiding their savings from their children/grand- children which are not aware of whereabouts of such saved money of their expired parents/grand-parents. Ever since introduction of rupees-500 notes in the year 1987, a big number of demonetised notes of rupees 500 and 1000 must have been destroyed accidently. Several super ultra-rich persons might not be taking pains to get demonetised currency in banks. 1000-rupee notes demonetised in the year 1978 not deposited in banks by many can still be seen as collector's item. As such deposit of such large amount of rupees 11.5 lakh crores of demonetised currency within first 30 out of given 53 days puts a question- mark on total printed demonetised currency.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Muslims and elections

I have read the front - page article (MG, 1-15 Dec.)carefully. The concerns expressed by Adeeb Bhai are serious and genuine. Adeeb Bhai is leader who always raised his voice during his Parliamentary stint against injustices meted out to Muslims in Rajya Sabha. Therefore, his sincerity and honesty for purpose can not be doubted. However, he does not articulate in his write up in clear terms as to which political party should be favored by Muslims inupcoming UP elections. To my understanding of article, Adeeb Bhai suggests to resort to tactical voting. Am i right, Adeeb Bhai?

Syed Khurshid Anwar, Adv., High Court, Allahabad


Zakir Naik

Kindly let me know whether the possession and listening to the CDs of Zakir Naik is an offence under the unlawful activities act.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai

MG: I think you are right that possession and listening to the CDs of Dr Zakir Naik would be illegal under UAPA. But I think we should collectively flout this rule like the mass disobedience movement launched during the freedom struggle. This should be our response to this massive injustice and misuse of law. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


Double standard of BJP government

The action taken against the SIMI who fled from Bhopal jail were shot dead by the police But police could not harm any one khalistani activists who had planed to escape from the Jail instead of gunning down the six terrorist they were apprehended with out harm,This shows the clear grudge against Muslims The true rulers do not discreminate among the criminals Modi government has lost the ruling authority

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Is pension and other post-retirement income of Supreme Court judges not enough to hire domestic help?

It refers to shocking news-item that retired judges of Supreme Court and their spouses will now onwards be entitled to hire a domestic help after their retirement. Disgusting logic behind the move is that it is pathetic to see retired judges standing in queues for payment of water or power bills! Can Supreme Court registry name some retired Supreme Court judge really standing in such a queue only because he/she cannot afford a domestic help after retirement? Is pension of retired Supreme Court judges is not even enough that they may hire domestic help? Is it not true many retired judges are minting money by being appointed as arbitrators by the courts? Do their children not earn enough to support their parents through a domestic help? Is it not pathetic that our retired judges may be further privileged with such a princely facility when most ordinary senior citizens in the country even cannot afford basic necessities? It is also a common knowledge that retired Election Commissioners and Information Commissioners having pay and pension at par with Supreme Court judges do not enjoy any such luxurious post-retirement facility. Supreme Court judges should rather pass resolution not only to reject any such princely post-retirement facility for them, but even should ensure that such a system may no longer be there for retired judges of High Courts and lower courts.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Letter from Pakistan

In a public address at Bathinda East Punjab India the Indian PM Modi has threatened to render Pakistan barren by stopping the waters of the three rivers flowing to it through India. Whether it is his just a vote fetching gimmicking berate for the ensuing elections there or the scepter of his innate RSS "Hate-Pakistan" is raising its dirty head once again after his vow of isolating Pakistan from the international community and the right of Surgical Strikes, Pakistan mustn't dismiss it lightly or look towards UNO irrespective of the fact whether the World Bank is a party or no Party to the Indus Basin Water Treaty. Dash it, it is a clear clarion call for the war of waters on Pakistan which according to his scheme of affairs is a sequel to his so called Surgical Strike and the Submarine Snooping. If India is bent upon presenting us with a "slow poisoning" death why not face it squarely and boldly and do or die boldly bravely once for all? We must, therefore, make it absolutely and unambiguously clear to India that we keep our right of to pay her in her own coin (Surgical Strike) reserve, only, our Surgical Strike will be against the dam(s) and dikes built by India for this reason. Our such surgical strike has perforce to be aerial and which shall not be restricted to the conventional 500 and 1000 Pounders only. It could be with the tactical low yield "weapons", for which of course enough forehand warning would be given to the populace to vacate the area. We would not target human beings but only the dams and dikes so constructed. We know India would retaliate and possibly with the type of the bombs she has. That would inevitably force Pakistan to do the same starting a holocaust in the sub-continent which might not remain restricted to this region only. It is, therefore, imperative for our govt. to start a crash programme of preparing the nation for any such eventuality by imparting detailed knowledge, training and rehearsals in use of bunkers, basements and dug outs etc. and other safety measures to be taken in the event of any nuclear attack. Modi you are asking for it!

Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd), Rawalpindi 46000


Will Muslim forgive RamVilas Paswan?

Cabinet Minister of Modi government Ram Vilas Paswan once announced to make Muslim CM, and he earlier bragged that he quit NDA due to Gujarat riots engineered at the tacit will of Modi. Mr. Paswan, food & civil supplies minister, whose department's record is 97 position among 118 countries on GH1: Global Hunger index. He chose to shut his mouth on the ghastly murder of 8 Muslim undertrials in Bhopal.

S. Haque, Patna


Caste discrimination

Caste discrimination and related violence has happened and keeps happening in India in various forms. According to a report by Human Rights Watch, “Dalits and indigenous peoples (known as Scheduled Tribes or adivasis) continue to face discrimination, exclusion, and acts of communal violence. Laws and policies adopted by the Indian government provide a strong basis for protection, but are not being faithfully implemented by local authorities.”

Sruthi Inguva


Amongst tourists those interested in pilgrimage for Chardham, [four centres], many would also be keen to visit England which has become the overseas defender of caste system to appease Hindu supremacists. Defending caste is like defending Hinduism which is why the British Hindus are madly dedicated for its survival in the far off land adopted by them. The British dalits are majority than upper castes. Surprisingly, the Government is unmindful of human rights violation by the caste supremacists in UK where caste based discrimination is rampant almost like India.

Dr. A. K. Biswas



Well, this former judge has very limited acumen. The established principle is that the people are supreme in a democracy. The will of the people find expression in the peoples' representative making law in the legislature. This very basic principle of democracy has been destroyed by out "esteemed" Supreme Court by holding in Keshvanand Bharti case that the basic structure of the Constitution cannot be changed. In the comity of the common law countries, India is the only country where the Judiciary has developed such an undemocratic principle and thus subverted the working of democracy in India and its legal document.

Je Suis Charlie


Balfour Declaration

I hope the Arabs go ahead with their lawsuit against England because of the Balfour Declaration. If they win, then they should also consider suing Egypt for the Jewish Exodus, France for Napoleon’s Proclamation to the Jews and Iran for the Cyrus Declaration.

Beer Baron


Encounter of SIMI under-trials

Ajit Sahi from Tehelka spent over 10 years following all SIMI's cases and found ALL of the accused were innocent. Faku and his Fake Encounter will destroy India before his term is completed.