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I am saddened to read about your health condition. I pray Almighty Allah bless you with longevity and sound health. Due to your health condition, you want to cease the publication or handover the responsibility of editing the magazine to a capable person who can shoulder your responsibility and carry on the publication without any interruption. Ceasing of publication may cause untold hardships to our community due to the absence of your paper as we have no other national English news paper of our own like other communities have to air our grievances. Your unselfish service to this community is necessary to protect the constitutional rights of our helpless society which is undergoing untold sufferings due to the reign of saffron brigade and to say frankly, we are not united under one head as we did in the past and at present, there is no national Muslim leader to guide our society in the right path in national level. At present, our community is having only one newsmagazine like ‘Milli Gazette’ which can stand up and fight for our fundamental rights and say boldly and frankly through your editorials the unlawful actions of the government inflicted on our society, without caring for their anger and any backlash of the ruling junta. The fringe parties in our society, just for the sake of monetary benefits and political power, they speak in the same voice of ‘RSS’ which is proved during the Common civil code agitations and demonstrations by the Muslim community. We are the worst sufferers and victims of the hate and divisive politics which are at the top in the present political arena. When are we going to unite and fight for our rights in ‘ONE VOICE’ under ‘ONE LEADERSHIP’ against the atrocities committed by the anti Muslim brigade? Under this circumstance, my humble request at this hour of need is that you should find an able and efficient journalist who can take up this Herculean task of the editorial job and publish the newsmagazine under your guidance and advice and make this magazine available without any break. May Almighty Allah relieve you from this hardship and give you the strength to withstand all these difficulties as you did in the past during the grave financial problems and overcome the present crisis by the grace of Allah without much of strain. I am proud to say that i am the subscriber of your magazine for more than a decade. Remain with regards,

P. E. A. Abdul Rasheed, Chennai


Modi The Great

Whatever many Indians think would be different but in my opinion Modi is great! He is the only politician in India who has concern about his country and may be it strange that the other side of the coin shows all other politicians used to think for other countries. Modi is great because people are dying without crying in Qs. Modi is great because economy is going to boost as GDP is lowering down consistently due to demonetization. Modi is great because factories are shutting down without a single strike. Modi is great because people are taking their own lives, as number of suicides increasing day by day, for their own money but Modi seems it for a great national cause i. e. removing corruption and black money. Modi is great because SBI has written off more than Rs. 7000 cr. Loan of big fishes that no PM could dare to do so except Namo. Modi is great because Adani got Rs. 6000 cr. Loan at a time when a common man could not get his own Rs. 6000 for even medical expenses. Modi is great because he exposed the women folk who used to save small money in their kitchen or in the fold of saree or in a corner of Almirah so they could use it later in a bad time. Modi is great because no small trader would now save his little hard earned money for their girl child’s marriage or to fulfill their dreams to provide their wards higher education. A big question arises here, should not they save their money in banks that would be more save than Almirah? But in this case their deposits would expose to the society where their own needful relatives who can ask for hand loan and their wards too like to spend money on silly wishes. Modi is great because opposition is weak, people are scared and media, the fourth pillar of democracy is singing his songs. Modi is great because people think twice to raise their voice against him. Modi is great as he is Modi not an ordinary man who can change his dresses proudly or spend lakhs on his suits while a common man is running pillar to post to arrange his/her daughter’s bridal dress. Modi is great because he toured so many countries in only two and a half years that no PM could travel even in his whole life. Modi is great because he has great friends like Adani and Ambani. And he always looks after his friends with great incentives. Modi is great because he promised the 125 crore citizens for Acche Din and still adhere on it and will remain adamant till his death though his friends and party men see it practically from the day one of his government. Modi is great because not a single Swiss account holder among 648 has suffered heart attack due to his anti-black money crusade till now. Modi is great because each and every citizen has a Rs. 2000 note in his pocket though his hand and handi (utensil) are empty.

S. N. Arifeen, Malakpet, Hyderabad


Mister Modi is reported to have said that he left home and family to “serve the nation”. Like many other claims the man makes, this one too is open to question. The reality is that he served the RSS, which is definitely not the nation even though it wishes to shape the nation according to its warped thinking.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Open Letter to Shri D.G. Vanzara

Respected Sir,

Recently you described madrasas as factories of terrorism and accused them of spreading Wahhabi ideology. You also called for the closure of madrasas arguing that the “education imparted in madrasas” had influenced separatists in Jammu and Kashmir.  Here, I do not want to write anything about your so called “fake encounters” in Gujarat, but as a journalist and as a citizen of our great country India, I have full right to put some facts about madrasas which are doing yeomen’s service since centuries in India. In fact, madrasas are centres of religious education committed to peace and aim at inculcating spiritual values among the youth. Teachings of love and reverence of human values are imparted in these centers. Madrasas also teach students to love their brethren. It is argued that since madrasas are theological institutions, they teach hatred and violence against other religions, which gets imprinted on impressionable students, making them more susceptible to committing violence against people of other faiths. This argument is deeply sectarian and Islamophobic as it rests on a fact construction of the ‘historic unconscious’ of Islam as a violent religion. Indeed, the reality is entirely different.   As per the definition mentioned in Encyclopedia Britannica, madrasah means “school, in Muslim countries and an institution of higher education. The Madrasah functioned until the 20th century as a theological seminary and law school, with a curriculum centered on the Quran. Arabic grammar and literature, mathematics, logic, and, in some cases, natural science were studied in Madrasah in addition to Islamic theology and law. Tuition was free, and food, lodging, and medical care were provided as well. Instruction usually took place in a courtyard and consisted primarily of memorizing textbooks and the instructor’s lectures. The lecturer issued certificates to his students that constituted permission to repeat his words.”  Princes and wealthy families donated funds for the erection of buildings and for stipends to students and lecturers. By the end of the 12th century, Madrasah flourished in Damascus, Baghdad, Mosul, and most other Muslim cities. Madrasah also offer additional advanced courses in Arabic literature, English and other foreign languages, as well as science and world history. Ottoman Madrasahs along with religious teachings also taught “styles of writing, grammary, syntax, poetry, composition, natural sciences, political sciences, and etiquette.”  Sir, putting Madrasah under the scanner is a gross injustice as these Madrasah have contributed to the national cause. Graduates from the Madrasah as well as the founders of some of the leading Muslim seminaries in India played an important role in the struggle against the British. From 1857 to 1947 they never compromised with the British government and always held aloft the torch of freedom. It is now a known history that Madrasah people not only participated enthusiastically in the 1857 revolution but also they led the movements at various places. Reshmi Rumal Tahreek (Silk Handkerchief Movement) was purely an Ulama-based movement.  Madrasas are the greatest NGOs in the world that promote education among the people. Madrasah and Maktabs offer free education; free board and free books while the government of India yet could not managed to provide children with free education.  In recent times, Madrasahs have been a soft target by various international fronts for no genuine reason. Again, especially in Madrasahs are being falsely blamed for breeding terrorism. In past MHA report is highly encouraging that rightly says “There is no hate propaganda if the teachers are Indian Muslims and there is no jehadi indoctrination.” 

Farooq Abdulgafar Bawani, Rajkot Gujarat


Ban on IRF

I strongly condemn ban on IRF. It is dictatorial farman of the Govt. it’s activities were positive and in the interests of humanity. It was delivering a unique service in removing all the misconception about Islam. Dr Zaikir Naik never bypassed directives of the Constitution in his activities. He always advocated love and brotherhood amongst countrymen. Our Constitution has guaranteed choice of religion, propagation and adoption of any religion of his choice. Government’s allegations are baseless and out of context.

Dr S R Khan,Aliganj, Lucknow


The side-effects of demonitisation

The financial image of the country is badly damaged, FDI is withdrawing money from stock markets and the economic graph is falling day by day. NRIs will not get confidence for any investments in India and they may get their fund repatriated which will result in high demand of dollars in the market and the Indian rupee may touch Rs 70 against the US dollar in the near future. The loss to the country is irrepairable. The money crisis may result in low production of industrial as well as agriculture proeduce and will lead to shortage of food. Prices of grain may rise in the market. Vegetable prices may sky-rocket. The present Govt’s claim that our GDP is going to match China will be a pipe-dream. Every Indian fails to understand which political party has filed ITs returns for the last

3 years. Perhaps none. Which party has declared its election expenditure and sources of donation: none. The income tax department and election commissioner should first check all such things and then only raid common Indians who are standing in queues outside banks like beggars to get their own hard-earned money. The IMF advisor Mr Kaushik Basu expressed his view that the loss would be much more than the black money in India. The Indian economy is cash-based. It cannot be converted to plastic overnight. The hasty decision without proper planning may prove fatal for our economy and every Indian would suffer.

Mbashir Kapadia, Bharuch, Gujarat


Money changers, Forex dealers,Touts greatly appreciate Govt demonetization action. These people received/receives huge quantity of new note from Banks 8 earns whooping 30-40% commission on exchange of new currency notes.  Income Tax Authority shall take stern action on misusing a bank account, inquiry on large cash deposit, but keeps blind eye toward billions of new currency notes which got dispensed from the grey market. Govt is determined to torture common man, while Vijay Mallya & Lalit Modi were allowed to run away from India under the nose of this Govt, involved politicians were shielded. Mother of black is political funding from unknown source, which remains out of RTI Act, despite Public demand.

Jagdip H Vaishnav,Mumbai


Surya Namaskar

Having based on the Hindu Scripture like Righ Veda and Puran, Dr. Syed Zafar Mahmood has proved and highlighted in his article entitled” Surya Namaskar”(MG, 1-15 November) that the sun is regarded as god worshipped by Hindus as symbol of health and immortal life. It is an ancient yogic tradition of worshipping the rising or setting sun. He further says that the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (BMC) has lately ordered that the performance of Surya Namaskar by the students in its 1200 schools is compulsory. Opposing the order he again says, the BMC has infringed the fundamental right granting the freedom of conscience to profess one’s own religion. Islam teaches that Allah has created the heavens and earth and all that is between them with a limited life granted to them; and the sun and the moon are two among His numerous creations placed in the heaven giving light on earth. Hence Allah is the Creator and the Lord all of them (Qur’an 78:37, 19:65). Among His creation the man is favored and empowered with the science and wisdom so that he can control and utilize other creations for his use and benefit in this world. Thus Allah raises the position of the man as the best creation and superior to all His creations whether they are in the heavens or in earth. Hence Allah only deserves the worship and glory from the man and other creatures. To-day a large section of humankind worships different gods and goddesses, objects seen or unseen, living or dead, worldly or celestial etc resulting in the emergence of iconolatry and polytheism being the worship other than Allah in world. Now a question arises: ‘’Are these objects or beings worshipped by them the Creator or creation’’? Certainly they are not the Creator but creations. Allah has not created the man for the worship of His creations but for the worship of Himself. In fact the worship of an object or being other than Allah is an act equal to investing the slave with crown instead of his master. Again a question arises :’’ Is it justified on the part of the man (who is the best and superior to all other creations) to worship and submit to an object or entity inferior or equal to him other than Allah, the Creator and the Lord of all. If the answer to this question is negative, his worship to an object or being inferior or equal to him is a serious crime neglecting and misusing the science and wisdom bestowed upon him by Allah and thereby making himself most ungrateful to Allah. It is the highest form of ignorance because he is unknown about his duty towards his Creator. So he can no longer be called the best creation of Allah. However the act performed by him to worship and serve an object or entity such as gods and goddesses, the sun and the moon etc are uprightly called shirk (polytheism),an unpardonable sin in Islam. The Glorious Qur’an announces: ‘’Lo! Allah forgiveth not that a partner should be ascribed unto Him. He forgiveth all save that to whom He will. Whoso ascribeth partner unto Allah (shirk), he hath indeed invented a tremendous sin’’ (4:48,116, 98:6). Prostrate not to the sun and the moon, but prostrate to Allah Who created them if ye really wish to serve Him’’(41:37). Thus it appears that the Surya Namaskar which is concerned with the worship of sun- god as per Hindu scripture is shirk (polytheism), an unpardonable sin in Islam. So the Muslim students in Mumbai should kindly be exempted from performing Surya Namaskar.

Muhammad Abdus Samad, Dhubri (Assam)


Assault on Media

It was quite refreshing reading Humra Quraishi’s piece in MG “ Ominous assault on media” MG, 16-30 Nov. 2015). Akshaya Mukul...? courageous men like Mukul are rare in todays’s India...? I may add he visited me 20 years back and I handed him over sensitive evidence for his story... which this courageous man did not carry... waisted precious 20 years... in now recognizing what was evident in 2000 documents given to him.[By the way Harper Collins are the globes biggest publishers and happen to be controlled by Jewish owners? and Geeta press is India’s largest Hindutva Press... This book by Mukul serves the interest of all three of them... Mukuls stand in not accepting award at the hands of Modi is nothing new in the media... earlier Karan Thapar too enjoyed Modi’s coutesy... but all these drama’s are they to help Modi...? Why Harper Collins do not come forward to publish Rana Ayyub’s work..? ]. What difference would it make to polity of Anti-Muslim politics if such “courageous men” and a women in name of Teesta are not there... they are actor to blunt the fight against the state’s hidden hand and are embedded with fascist forces embedded in all parties and media totally controlled by them. Modi is free because Teesta did not include criminal conspiracy in complaint case filed against Modi... in which courts have set him free... shame... she was dictated by Sonia’s political sec. Ahmad Patel to just keep the issue alive not get Modi and company behind bars, as Patel used to take care of Teesta’s legal expenses...50 lakhs each appearances.. why? Height of incompetence despite all resource’s and all the evidence spilling all over she was failed Muslims.. why?  The who’s who of India were hand in glove behind the orders to Modi to let Hindu’s vent their anger for three days post Godhra... and then intervene to control the situation...172 rioters were shot down by police bullets all over Gujarat post Godhra.. an action planned carefully to offset any evidence against the claim of state sponsored pogrom. Ravish Kumar’s Jihad and Girish Nikam’s protection under a Hamid Ansari a VP who silently allowed the Muzaffarnagar pogrom... sealed his lips.. not a word... and Girish is under his protection.. great... NDTV banned for a day what an eye wash... all fixed fights to deceive innocents like Humra... NDTV has defaulted in its loans of hundreds of crore’s and blackmails all governments from its inception... and further gets more money from banks to run the show using its Ravish Kumar’s and Barkha Dutts... hand in glove with owners of NDTV... they are no different from their past colleague’s in matters of Muslims... Mr. Arnab and Mr. Rajdeep.

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui,Editor,


India unfit for democracy?

Democracy can be run properly only by those people who have moral courage to punish the guilty government functionaries who assault the rights of the people. Notwithstanding ‘Ab-tak 56’ syndrome being promoted these days by gullible about this illegal de-monetization, the Indians will be taken as unfit for democracy if they do not move Court not only (i)- To stop this illegal de-monetization but also (ii)- To punish the constitutional authorities, President (after impeachment), PM, Cabinet RBI etc for killing and harassing the people without sanction of law.

Hem Raj Jain, Bangaluru


Congratulations Mr Trump

The surprising victory of Mr. Trump represents the success of bigotry and the hidden evils of mainstream politics in the United States. The genuinely ethics based democratic forces could not stop Trump’s bigotry- Right now many intellectuals and conscientious common people’s leaders argue and deeply think out how to contain the situation and the evil consequences. The US has created itself a false image as a leading light of democracy and capitalism, protector of the free world and the guardian of the international human rights. The American mass media has created this false image for decades and it has taken the bigotry of a billionaire businessman to bring it into question. Trump’s presidency is beginning to expose the true nature of the modern/colonial Islamophobic world order under the new American leadership.  At the beginning of the War on Terror following the 9/11 attacks, George Bush and the American neocon political Admin was at pains to argue that this was not a War on Islam. Was the war on Vietnam against communism (same fallacy. But Trump is more honest and adopts no such pretence stating bluntly that under his presidency, Muslims would be banned from entering the United States and that all Syrian refugees would be sent back as they could be ISIL operatives. The fact is that his views became very popular in America. His ideas had been accepted by American voters/ That speaks volumes about the real nature of the Western powers His Islamophobic rhetoric has woken up many liberals and even some conservatives from their deep sleep. It has woken up oppressed populations that the world may go further down into disorder where the paradigm of war is increasingly going to be used as a tool for resolving political conflicts with far reaching sufferings of poor civilians in the developing nations, more regime changes and more military interventions.

Pamohamed Ameen


Waiting for Rs 15 lakh in my account

The war against Black Money waged by PM and his government has put the common people in trouble. Standing in long queue and exchanging their hard earned money is causing mentally and physically. The common man has no black money or ill earned money but has to face more than Black money holders. The government should directly target Black Money holders and interrogate them. Being proved culprits, they should be punished punitively and displayed so that country men come to know and keep themselves away.

Taha Jaunpuri


Demonizing: Indian Muslims

The main goal of chauvinistic Hindu communal organizations that is R.S.S, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa HIndu Parishad, Shiv Sena, Ram SEna, Abhinav Bharat Sansthan, Sanatan Sansthan and BJP- the standard bearer of HIndutav is to demonize Indian Muslim community by lumping all Muslims as terrorists and equating them with violence prone MUslims lunatic fridge with all Indian Muslims They are thus creating·among non-Muslims wholly irrational and entirely baseless fear from Muslims and consequently hostility towards all Muslims. It is most unfortunate that a large section of the press and most of the T.Vs offer platform to Muslims haters who spread malicious canards and lies against Muslims. Several activists of Abhinav Bharat Sansthan and Sanatan Sansthan have been. arrested for homb blasts and other terrorist activities yet only Muslims are called as terrorists. This is rising concern across the country on the large number of arrests and harassment of Muslim youths by security forces. They are punched up, taken into police custody and are subjected to inhuman third degree tortures and eventually thrown into jails and awaiting trial for years. This amourrts to state terror. On this account Muslim community no longer feels safe 

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,



Least use of world’s best platform

Islam has provided world's best platform to the Ummah in the form of "Jumu'ah Khutba", every week in every area, twice at city level in a year in the form of Eid khutba and at world's level during Haj once in a year. Imams of every Masjid can fruitfully use these  Khutbas to enlighten Muslims about their religious and worldly affairs. There is a Hadith which says, "Avoid sitting on roads". But Muslim youth do the opposite, sitting on every corner, tea shop at road-side wasting their time and deriding passers by etc. Such gatherings in Muslim areas have become a menace. Ulama must have experienced this menace. Whey don't they send out a massage from Jumu’ah Khutba? In general, this platform is very badly used by Ulama for propagating their maslak and dividing Ummah to shine their shops. Whereas from drinking water in three intervals to importance of education, from energising to make Aadhar card to applying for UPSC etc must be explained from the platform of Friday khutba.

S. Haque,Patna