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I pray to Allah for your health. Please take rest and recover. We all need you more so now than ever before during this dark period of our country’s life. You were not only dynamic and a man of fortitude but also the means of awakening our community and the society at large. I wish I had some editing experience and competence for I would have worked voluntarily to shore up this battle to bring sanity which is the crying need of the hour. May Allah help you through!

Mustafa Khan,  Malegaon, Maharashtra

MG: Wa’laikumussalam wa rahmatulah. Thank you for your kind mail. I realise very much the need for such a publication in these troubled times. This was the only reason why I continued MG two years back when I had practically made up my mind to close it down, in the same way as now. MG is still making losses and I have to manage somehow to shore it up and I will continue to do so if a capable executive editor is found. I will be very much around but my involvement will be minimum. Many people have applied for this job but they have no experience or qualification to shoulder this challenge. My health is failing and a lot of other work, which has been neglected for so long, has to be done before the final call comes. Hence this reluctant decision. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)


Uniform Civil Code will hurt Muslims

If [may Allah Subhaana Wa T‘aalaa] the proposed Uniform Civil Code becomes a pucca {full-fledged} Law of the land, does India become a “DARUL HARAB”?

S. M. PASHA, Chennai

MG: No. Under Hanafi fiqh, even if a shred of Islam remains in a territory, it will remain Dar al-Islam. Will UCC prohibit namaz, zakat, haj, saum? No. Will it close down mosques and madrasas? No. Will it force us to marry non-Muslims? No. Even, God forbid, if UCC is enforced, individual Muslims will still be free to follow their personal laws and there will be no problem unless the issue goes to a court of law. So, please relax and do not jump the gun. (Zafarul-Islam Khan)



When NDA Government took rein at centre in 2014, people were having high expectations but these hope and dreams were short lived and got shattered after the chain of events and decisions taken by Modi government, be it bringing black money: depositing Rs 15 lacs in every citizen’s account, generation of employment for 10 crore youths, alleviation of corruption, violence-free India, beef bandh, terrorism of Gau Rakshaks in the name of cow, worst-ever law and order situation in valley in 50 years. So far not a single promise has been fulfilled in the span of 2.5 years. Now people realized they were cheated by Modi and BJP with fake slogan of “Sabkaa vikaas, sabkaa saath”. Muslims and Dalits are worst sufferers in this regime. From Dadri to Una, there are series of attack and assault by saffron affiliated Gau Rakshaks in name of Cow protection. As if all this was not enough, the law commission’s questionnaire seeking opinion from public on common civil code in response to case filled by few misguided RSS-sponsored Muslim women against sharia law, has paved a way to new debate in country about UCC, causing anarchy and anxiety in Muslim community. There are handful of women in Muslim community, not less than 0.2 % who are opposing sharia law for vested interest, but the hypocrite biased media and Sangh Parivaar is depicting as of, the entire Muslim women are oppressed, discriminated, exploited in Islam, which is totally false, fictitious and baseless.

Syed Moinul Hasan, Imannagar, Pune


Uniform Civil Code refers to a common set of laws governing personal matters of all citizens of India, irrespective of religion. Currently, different laws regulate these aspects for adherents of different religions. As far as Muslims are concerned triple talaq is one of the personal laws which is a burning topic these days. The Law Commission seeks public opinion on Uniform Civil Code.

On one hand the Constitution of India under Article 25 (which demands that the state and its institutions should not interfere with religious practices, including personal laws) guarantees protection of personal laws. The effort thus to change these las is unconstitutional. Consequently, Muslims fear of the interference of state in their religious affairs. The inconsistency in personal laws has been challenged on the touchstone of Article 14, which ensures the right to equality. But the right to equality does not apply at all here in religious matters. Scripture of any religion. Can’t be tampered with as it has a sacrosanct nature. Triple talaq is a scriptural part of Islam. Its scraping will be taken as attack on the religion by Muslims. Because Shariah Law is considered as eternal in Islam. Any such law which infringes on the Sharia law will face serious reaction from the Muslim population in the country. But, it does not mean that in the name of Sharia one can snatch the rights of people. For that supervision is compulsory.

Tariq Hamid Lone, New Delhi 110 025


“The most hated of the halaal (lawful things) to Allah is divorce.” Recorded by Abu Dawood, Ibn Maajah and Al-Haakim from Ibn ‘Umar. Al-Albaanee graded it Dha’eef (weak) in Dha’eef ul-Jaami’, #44, Al-Irwaa’, #2040, and Al-Mishkaat, #3280. Triple talaq as a distorted version of “Talaq ul Hasan” needs to be banned, and there’s No doubt about it. And people need to be made aware of exact meaning of triple talaq. It can never be pronounced in one go as is usually misunderstood and practiced due to lack of knowledge and popular notions and perceptions. (I still laugh at how saying ‘talaq talaq talaq’ in one go made divorce effective in the movie NIKAH. Lol.) Howsoever times u say Talaq at one point of the time, it is only counted as ONE. Those who have read the Muslim law know that triple talaq is pronounced in three gos in two kinds of valid ways of pronouncing talaq- “talaq ul ahsan” which means the best way of talaq and “Talaq ul Hasan” meaning good/permissible form of talaq. Firstly Quran makes it very clear that before moving on to any formal pronouncement of talaq, there shud be discussions to solve any disputes and also some arbitrators to be appointed from both sides and if still things don’t work, one may go ahead with first talaq. The best way of Talaq is TALAQ UL AHSAN which the best practice or form of giving divorce. It involves that one may pronounce TALAQ at one time then wait for three periods of tuhr/3months and during this period talaq can be revoked. In case one does not revoke, divorce becomes effective and they are no longer husband and wife.. but this is only FIRST TALAQ and suppose after few months or years also they think they were wrong and want to come back again, they wil have a new nikah and new mahar. Suppose even after this, differences arise in future and one pronounces SECOND TALAQ and again waits for 3 months and doesn’t revoke it, second talaq becomes effective. Even after this second talaq they can marry again with new nikah and new mahar but if this happens for the third Time in their life and third talaq is not revoked within period of 3 months after it was pronounced, it becomes final and binding and one can not marry the same person again. This condition was kept so that the pious relationship of marriage shud not become a mockery of giving talaq and marrying again and again and so that people think seriously before giving talaq. In Talaq ul Hasan, which is also permissible form, Once talaq said or written can be revoked up to first period of tuhr meaning almost a month/ 4 weeks, then second talaq is pronounced wch AGAIN can be revoked before a month and then third talaq is final and binding.. Hence Muslim law gives u three chances to get back and reconcile ur differences because it is natural at times that u may regret your decision and later you wish to revoke the same.

Anam Rais Khan, Sydney Australia


I think our ‘Maulvis ‘ are unnecessarily creating a hysteria and linking ‘triple divorce with Uniform Civil Code, In a country like India where thousands of cultures are prevailing, UCC is impossible to implement, but Muslims take it as a red rag to a bull and get provoked before the hostile reactions come from other communities who are equally opposed to it. But under no circumstances this absurd triple divorce can be justified. I know that the judicial verdict will have no impact because it will stop the judicial recognition only, while the masses will go to ‘maulvis ‘ and ‘madarsas’ to seek fatwa. As such it is my humble advise to our ulema to kindly think over the issue dispassionately,, develop consensus with other sects like Shia and Ahle Hadith who reject this triple divorce and then come with some solution. At least one month’s time must be granted to the repentant couple who are desperate to reconcile and it will be a bit closer to what Quran mandates. Obstinate and irrational attitudes do not survive for long.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Colossal injustice tiny explanation

Bombai HC double bench of Justice A. S. Oak and Justice S.S. Syed asked police commissioner why any action was not taken against erring cops who falsely implicated minor Wahid Khan and heavily tortured as well sexually abused him (Uni/7/10/16). Advocate Choudhry was picked up for taking mobile video. For 2002 Gujarat pogrom, court verbally commented “Nero fiddled while Rome burned”. More than 3000 innocent Muslims were killed and did this comment serve any purpose? Such comments and explanations do not fetch justice to victims. Our honourable judges have to decide “Let the heaven fall but justice would prevail”

S. Haque, Patna


Wali Rahmani’s vulgarity against me

In an interview on Muslim law with Wali Rahmani (of Muslim Personal Law Board) published in Urdu Rashtriya Sahara today, its illustrious editor Syed Faisal Ali thought it fit to provoke him by pointedly asking a question about my loud support for abolition of triple talaq -- and he had the cheek to reply “kuchh log sarkari mafaad chahtey hain” [some people seek governmental favours]. I could have sent a befitting rejoinder to his wild allegation but have never liked putting community’s dirty linen on a public cloth line. My policy has always been “jawab-e-jahilan bashad khamoshi” [dignity of silence is the reply to the illiterate].

Professor Tahir Mahmood


Infructuous Muslim leadership

MGCU Motihai started its academic session to inaugurate the session. Union HRD minister Prakash Javadker, Union minister Radha Mohan Singh and Upendra Yuswala gathered. In the speech they enthused people by telling “Best weapon to fight poverty is education...Modi govt is opening 100 kendriya vidyala per year”. In Bihar 14 KVs are running without land etc. In 10 years of  secular UPA rule, minister Salman Khurshid, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Rahman Khan, Shakil Ahmad (GS Congress) etc visited Bihar but they did not bother to ask about the progress of AMU campus of Kishanganj. In Modi’s government minister Mokhtar Abbas Naqvi has no time but swaggering about the confidence of Muslims raised during Modi rule. How confidence level is measured? Court used conscience to hang Afzal. Mr. Abbas is using confidence to beguile Muslims as his predecessors used verbal jugglery to deceive Muslims.

S. Haque, Patna


Where is Raj Dharm?

The word raj-dharm was first uttered by Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2002 when he was Prime Minister of India and Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. It was the time when Muslims were being massacred in Gujarat and Vajpayeeji was on a tour of Gujarat. Seeing the conditions there, Vajpayee addressed Modi saying, “You failed to fulfil raj dharm.” But this sentence of the then Prime Minister remained hollow. Had Vajpayeeji fulfilled his raj dharm, he would have removed Modi forthwith from the chief ministership of Gujarat. Failing to do so, the former Prime Minister proved his weakness, resulting in BJP losing the elections in  2004. Modi, who didn’t fulfil his raj dharm in 2002, is today the prime minister of the country and still he is not fulfilling it because he secured power by telling lies and making false promises and as a Prime Minister also he didn’t fulfil his obligations. There are many examples. He floated the slogan sab ka saath sab ka vikas, but paid attention towards one community only. He helped in creating an atmosphere of hatred against Muslims. He never placed restrictions on the BJP leaders spreading venom against the Muslims. Muslims are being murdered in the name of “cow protection” but Modi keeps mum. To paint Muslims in the colour of ‘Hindutva’, yoga and surya namaskar were made compulsory in schools. Efforts are made to snatch away the minority character of Aligarh Muslim University and Jamia Millia Islamiah. Dr. Zakir Naik is persecuted by putting baseless allegations against him. Innocent Muslims are being held in the name of ISI and ISIS. I think the full implementation of the Constitution of India, is the true raj dharm, under which no one is discriminated against, ‘rule of law’ is fully implemented, all citizens get justice and equal opportunities of progress, and peaceful atmosphere is maintained in the country.

Dr. S. R. Khan, Ali Ganj, Lucknow


Surgical Strike

It was only a week before that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had issued an advisory to his party colleagues not to indulge in chest thumping on surgical strikes across LOC. It is very sad that he has done a volte- face now by comparing the strikes with a brute nation like Israel which has been building new colonies on the land of the Palestinians and which has virtually converted Gaza strip into a large prison and bombarding on the hapless civilians.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa


Don’t add fuel to fire

Muslims must take into account the current socio-political situation within the Muslim Ummah when addressing such issues. It is important not to allow one’s words to be used, even inadvertently, as fuel for fire by those with ulterior motives. Thus, Muslim scholars and preachers must choose their words very carefully in order not to further the sectarian agenda of the hidden forces Many both Sunni and Shiah leaders have recently fallen into the sectarian trap, as it is very hard to avoid, taking into consideration that the dominant corporate media is cultivating intra-Muslim tensions 24/7. Prominent Sunni Muslim preachers such as Dr. Yasir Qadhi, and Shiah preacher like, Dr. Ammar Nakshawani commenting on the suffering of civilians in Syria have made blanket statements to win over many adherents adding fuel to the fire. Most of us here are laymen and we enjoy in such narrow-minded rhetoric because we do not have much influence over other people but those occupying the minbar of the Prophet (PBUH) have to exercise prudence and not allow their words to be used by external powers. Sunni-Shia differences are well known and Muslim scholars have frequently addressed them in a respectful manner. True, at times these have also crept into the undesirable space. In today’s charged environment, Muslims cannot afford to repeat mistakes that promote sectarianism, as this issue has assumed a conspiracy to advance the agenda of imperialism and Zionism. These two political trends that have been cultivating sectarianism for decades and their brutal domination of the Muslim world, should not be aided, consciously or subconsciously, particularly by Muslims that hold some influence



Hindus and Muslims in India

The biased anti-Muslim historians and some leaders of India, for instance keep saying that Muslims conquered and converted a significant Hindus to Islam.  A similar question as follows can be more forcefully raised. What was the religion of the inhabitants of India before the Aryan invasion of India? What religions were the people of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Burma following before the people of these nations became Buddhists ? Or the religion followed by South American people, or Africans or even Europeans before their adopting Christianity  Are they not confusing conversions with nationalism Was India under one political admin say 700 years ago or were they some 500 kingdoms?



Gandhi of Rajasthan?

The Milli Gazette published online on Mar 22, 2011 a report about Alhaj Abdul Hadi, a prominent public representative of western Rajasthan and called him “Gandhi of Rajasthan”. Please provide authentic proof for this article. I think according to NCERT and GK guides of Rajasthan the answer is Gokul Bhai Bhtt.

                Adil Khan Ramzan Khan

MG:  We have no direct information. The article in question was written by Mr Murad Ali Abra, a senior retired police officer of Rajasthan. Following are his contact details and you may contact him directly. A word of caution: a lot of mis- and disinformation has taken place in this country, first to prove the great place and sacrifices of the Nehru clan and now of the Sangh leaders. Real history has got distorted. We try to dig out real history for our current and future generations. Details of Mr Abra: Murad Ali Abra, IPS (Retd.), House No. 12, Ashiyana Mehrunissa, Indira Colony, Near Police Line, Barmer-344001. Contact No. 094143-41114, 0291-2751962 (Jodhpur) Barmer-344001 

Post-71 Hindu Migrants

This is with reference to the news-item ''Citizenship Amendment Bill Communally Motivated '' (MG 16-31 October) that the BJP-led Government at Centre seeks to bring about an amendment to the Citizenship Act 1955 so as to grant citizenship right to non- Muslims especially Hindu Bengalis from Bangladesh and Christians, Sikhs; Buddhists, Parsee and Jain from Afghanistan and Pakistan in secular India who have entered Assam after 25 March 1971 or who also want to enter Assam till date. What is the Government's real objective and motive behind it is not so far known to us.
           In pursuance of a bid to make a golden Assam, All Assam Students' Union (AASU) launched Assam Movement in 1979 demanding the detection and deportation of foreign nationals irrespective of their caste, creed, language and nationality illegally living in Assam as their presence  poses a threat to the very existence of Assam and impedes the socio-economic growth of the state. The six year long Assam Movement came to an end with the historic Assam Accord signed by the representatives of AASU and the erstwhile Union Government on 15 August 1985.
        One of the important clauses of the Assam Accord tells that the persons who have entered Assam from across the Indo-Bangla border prior to 25 March 1971 (the date of creation of Bangladesh) should be granted citizenship right to live in Assam (India); and the persons who have entered Assam after the same date should be detected and expelled from Assam. All sections of people welcome and honour the Assam Accord for providing solution to the foreigner issue of the state and consider it as the constitutional safeguard to Assamese people.
              Now the Centre's decision to grant citizenship right to the post-'71 Hindu migrants in Assam irks and enrages AASU and secular- minded people as it infringes Assam Accord exposing communal and discriminatory attitude towards a particular community in Assam. Moreover it is also felt that if Assam Accord is thus infringed to fulfill the vested interest of someone , people would find it difficult to put faith on any accord, agreement or pact to be executed in future for settlement of a dispute or problem in India.
         Justifying its decision the BJP-led Government at Centre and also in Assam would like to reason that the Hindu and other non- Muslims being minority in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan are unsafe and unprotected always feeling a threat to their religion and life and property owing to the persecution meted out to them by Muslims in those countries. Hence they deserve shelter and citizenship right in a secular country like India on humanitarian ground.
           Of late the minority who is most persecuted in the so-called civilized world is the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar (Burma), a neighbouring country of India. These Muslims are killed, rendered homeless, their religious places demolished and finally expelled by majority Buddhists from their country (Myanmar) wherein these Muslims are born and brought up and living for centuries. Finding no means to live in a place in Myanmar a large section of these Muslims has started staying on boats floating on Sea; and many of them have died of starvation.
         Will the BJP-led Government grant the citizenship right to these world's most persecuted Muslims minority of Myanmar in secular India showing its sympathy, humanity and kindness to them just as it seeks to grant the citizenship right to Hindu minority of Bangladesh and other non-Muslims minorities in India showing its sympathy, humanity and kindness to them because of persecution meted out to them in                        Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan? Do not use different yardsticks to solve same problem, please!
          However, it is seen that the BJP-led Government often uses the word ''secularism'' according to its convenience. When the question relating to the imposition of Uniform Civil Code and the granting of the citizenship right to Hindu migrants arises , it refers to the word  ''secularism'' and '' secular India'' whereas it several times tries to efface the word ''secularism'' from  Indian constitution resulting in the hot exchange of words over it in parliament a few months back.

                                           Muhammad  Abdus  Samad, Gauripur, Dhubri (Assam)