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MG is more important & valuable than your other pending projects during today’s condition of community as it reaches to more than your pending work will reach. WISH YOU GOOD HEALTH, RESOURSES & LONG LIFE TO FINISH PENDING PROJECTS. Allah aap aur qoum kay haq main sahih faisla karaen. AAMEEN.

S. A. KHAN, Khandwa, MP


I hope that the Milli Gazette team along with the editor are all well. I just felt grief-stricken when I heard that the Milli Gazette is suffering from financial crisis. I am afflicted by the prospect of it’s closing down by the end of this year only  because it lacks a capable editor to take its burden on his shoulders. I’m a native of the village Badharia to which MG editor belongs but this doesn’t matter. What matters is that I find the voice of Indian Muslims may be discontinued. I pray to Almighty ALLAH to provide you a righteous option in this regard.

Abu Horairah Khan, Azamgarh

MG: Thank you for your concern. It is true that MG is suffering from financial crisis but its closure will not be solely due to this reason. I am ready to continue its publication if we find a suitable executive editor. The search continues and we have some time on our hand.


I continue to admire your fine work on ‘The Milli Gazette’: an invaluable publication.

RJBurrowes, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia


I am a regular subscriber of your MG and I feel so proud about it. It’s a Indian Muslims’ leading newspaper, there is no doubt but it’s more leading up our all humanity if you are regularly left a place for the word of QURAN and HADITH. You are requested to please space a little place for the same (published few topics directly in the light of QURAN and HADITH).

Khurshid Alam, Australia


Palestine Conference

The conference held in New Delhi organised by the MG is really praiseworthy. The elaboration of the conferences speeches and photos fulfilled my desius and excellent ratio factions of participation in that events. The timely efforts and historical incidents should be continued in our country in these essential days which will really tolerate the confused general publics towards brightfullness regarding the true paths. The essays winners names will be surely impressed upon the hearts and minds of our esteemed readers. This is the basic encouragements to enhance the willing talents and powerful reading ability among our wide readers throughout the world.

Haji M. Anwardin, Tamil Nadu


Modi and Muslims/Dalits

With regard to Modiji’s statement “Empower Muslims.. not reward them..” He should also say “Empower Dalits: Not reward them...”

Aftab Kola, Bhatkal


Antipathy towards democracy

Our country is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world and we must be proud of this fact and our devotion and dedication should be reflected in all walks of our life. But it is unfortunate that the Indian cricket world has opted for the obsolete and rotten monarchy a is evident from the names or nomenclature of five out of ten participating teams in the recent IPL cricket tournament. These teams are Super Kngs Chennai, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings, Royal Challengers of Bangalore and Knght Riders of Kolkata. What else than clear anti-pathy towards democracy and strengthening the hands of forces which are creating a climate of disdain against democracy. Curiously the sixth team has been named as the Daredevil Delhi as if Delhi is the abode of devils. One wished that any of these teams where named after any institution of democracy or after any important episode of Indian freedom struggle.

Dr. Hashm Kidwi,ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Fake pirs and fraudulent mashayakh 

Sufis in the past were bona fide ulama-e-deen [Islamic scholars], disciples of real Islamic scholars} who, after the completion of their education about the Do’s and Don’ts of Islam as directed by Allah Subhanatalah and His Last Messenger [s.a.w.], went about imparting Islamic knowledge through bayaans [discourses] which used to be in diverse forms. Some Sufis assembled the unlettered in their petty khankahs and some under the shade of trees near mosques. The importance which people attached to religious education was so strong that the gentry never hesitated to send their children to such khankahs where children of common people studied, squatting on the ground. The supposed modern pirs send their children to convents to learn not only “modern knowledge” but also “modern manners”.

The sufis and pirs of the past neither demanded nor accepted remuneration in cash or in kind but the modern day “DHONGHI” [fake Pirs] either exhibit in the air-conditioned showrooms a Notices displaying the rates for their diverse services and their agents let everyone know that the services of the pir are not free. The mashayakhs, the MUJAWARS and aamils of the modern day dargahs, where the pirs of the past lie buried, mint money through the resale of the chaddars etc., laid on the graves and pocket the nazranas {gifts in cash and in kind}.

Yet another humourous thing  which happens in the houses of the modern-day modern pirs is that they lecture on and shed hypocritical tears on the sufferings of the Sahabah, the tabayeen and the past pirs, their spiritual masters. They talk about how they had to face poverty, how poverty was their pride, how they lived in thatched huts, ate coarse food  and bore the heat of summer and shivered winters. They wax eloquent on simple living and high thinking in their air-conditioned houses eating pizzas and KFC chickens. I am purposely making this write-up brief, not only because brevity is the soul of a write-up but because for the wise just a hint suffices. I close it with a stern warning: nearer a mazaar or a shaikh the farther from Allah Subhanatalah and Rasoolullah [s.a.w.s]. 

S.M.Pasha, Chennai


Media, what is your contribution?

May I request the responsible and active National Media, which runs live TV talk shows, to invite senior citizens, most senior journalists and bureaucrats  to take up the current following issues: 1) What is the contribution of MEDIA to build the Country? 2) Who educates the people - MEDIA, Bureaucrats, Political Parties or Government? 3) Is it possible for MEDIA to be always right? 4) Does MEDIA pick all the news and remains transparentc? 5) Does MEDIA work independently OR under the pressure of the ruling party? 6) If public issues are still under trial and police or courts do not arrive at a result, can MEDIA have the right to pronounce who is guilty? 7) What should be the rule for the MEDIA, especially in serious issues?

Anwar Masih Uddin


America and Israel spoiling the global peace

Render Justice to Muslims instead of Jeopardise Them. A daily has illustrated and teasing the mass prayer of Muslim ladies with the Arabian dress. Do the daily want Muslims should go for prayer with Bikini (Half nacked dress) with a langoti like the Hindus. You are argueing about the Union Civil code and dress code. But you are Utter failure in highlighting the disappointments of the Muslims. Neither you nor your party mentioning anything about the denial of the constitutional rights to the Muslim community. Don’t cry over the dressings of Muslims but act and fight for the deserving postings in Govt. service. providing houses and shops, burnt down in connection with the panics carried out by the saffronists in Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar, Assam, Melegavu, Batla House etc. even the basic rights guaranteed by the constitution are being denied to Muslims. More than 30cr Muslims are in India. Take a study that how many Muslims are employed in Govt services, how many are in Business fields like Tata, Birla, Ambani Group, Rellence etc etc. The Muslim King’s wealth and their treasures are in the lockers of suffronists and Kingdom of England. The crowns, thrones and swords and daggers of the Kings are being sold in public action in London. The real heirs of the Muslim Kings now working as menials and Rikshaw pullers and wandering in Calcutta, Assam” Bangladesh and living on the footpaths of the streets. A point to be noticed is most of the Muslims in India being tortured deicting them as terrorists, ISIS agents, and anti nationalists. The medias and rulers are top in blaming Muslim community and creating new new topics over animals and its flesh. The blind, superstitious fellows are giving much importance to the man made Idols than the Human life. The saffron police spoiling the costly food items in the label of searching Beef items. It is disgraceful to the Country that in Rajastan 500 more Gomatas have died due to carelessness of the devotees. In the presumption of Gomata flesh. Many innocent citizens cruelly murdered, but why the caretakers of 500 died Gomatas left free without any action. The judiciary keeps mum whenever the innocents are murdered on the ground of an animal. The Remarks against Muslims in the Medias are top but their ill fate is not at all highlighted in any of the Medias. Don’t spoil the communal amity but proceed for the community’s welfare. JAIHIND


Trivandrum, Kerala


Pakistan phobia

It looks ridiculous that India being a superpower has so much strong  phobia of Pakistan...Pakistan after getting beaten in earlier wars, will not dare to attack India again. If it is desperate it can use atomic bombs. It is oblgatory on US to snatch all atomic weapons from its custody. It should be a joint venture of India and US. But US is not showing any interest in this matter. This means that India should  continuously suffer from Pakistan phobia. US wants that India all the time should feel the need of American help and that it should purchase defence material from the US. India is spending enormous amounts of money on purchase of arms. Recently it has signed for 36 Rafale war planes from France for Rs 65,000 crores. Indian rulers (Brahmins) who are timid to the core want to acquire courage by purchasing costly war toys.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga

Muslim Monuments before, during Sikh Rule

Bhai Kahan Singh-ji Nabha wrote “Hum Hindu Naheen” in 1898. Even after that every effort at all levels is continuing to label the Sikhs as Hindus and the worst part is to show them as inimical to Muslims. In a humble way, I started my role for promoting and projecting the cause the Sikh-Muslim co-existence and also to improve Interfaith Relations. God has provided me the opportunities to speak in national and international seminars within the country and abroad. Apart from delivering lectures on this subject, I am writing articles for print and internet media and distributing free booklets in Hindi, Punjabi and English. These booklets include “Shri Guru Granth Sahib - Teachings for Muslims” in Urdu & English; “Sikh - Muslim Relations” in English; its Urdu version is under print. In 2004 I edited and reprinted Urdu “Sikh Quom aur uskey bani ki nisbat Musalmano ki muhabbat aamez rai” by late Hazrat Khaja Hasan Nizami Sajjada Nasheen Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia, Delhi. It was first printed in 1922. I got it reprinted in 2014 and 2016. Its Hindi & Arabic versions are under print & Punjabi version also is in progress. Another Urdu book on “Guru Tegh Bahadar & Muslims” by Mehdi Nazmi is under print.  Now I propose to publish a pictorial book on “Protection of Muslim Monuments under Sikh Rule”. This period started from Baba Banda Singh Bahadar in 1709, and continued under the Sikh Misls and Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Even after annexation of Punjab in 1849 by the British, few Sikh princely States remained till 1947. The fact is that during all these Sikh rules, all Muslim monuments were intact, patronised and were protected. But the historians of vested interest, politicians and ruling Governments have played havoc and painted the Sikh image with DARK BLACK COLOUR as being dead inimical to Muslims.  To redress this image, I request you and all others to please contribute pictures of the Muslim monuments of this period or kindly suggest to me any reference to be contacted for this purpose. For this purpose, pictures and places with 2-3 lines of historical importance is needed. Below the name of the contributor individual or institution will be published. If anybody incurs any expenditure for searching and getting the material, if desired, it will be my pleasure to suitably reimburse it with gratitude.  Therefore, I request you please to help me and contribute pictures for this most valuable pictorial book.

A most humble sevadar,

Nanak Singh Nishter, Hyderabad


Lopsided priorities

I have come across a small Muslim town where there are seven Masjids the building cost of which at todays value about Rs 10 crores. But the same town lacks well higher secondary schools for Muslims. That is an indication of our misplaced priorities I am for both , Deen and secular knowledge. At present our development is lop sided.

Pamameen (comment to MG website)


People do not know why they do things

Steve Genco, co - author of “ Neuromarketing for Dummies ‘ and managing partner of ‘ Intuitive Consumer Insights ‘, has given several presentations as part of the Neuromarketing World Forum in New York, where he performed an intuitive consumer’s brain dissection. “In reality, people do not know why they do things. Our attitudes and preferences are less stable than we think, “says Genco. “ Decision processes are conscious, but also unconscious. Therefore, many times we can not explain our own decisions, “he says. That is why “ advertising makes use of repetitive association of positive feelings and emotions “, says the researcher The powerful influence of the unconscious is felt in the way we respond to particularly difficult questions. “ When someone makes us a tough one, we tend to replace it with an easier and ultimately we are just responding to this question “ Genco says. If they want to connect with consumers, brands must take into account the fluidity of brain processes. And when flow occurs in the consumer’s brain processes? “When an object is interpreted and understood by the human brain easily,” Genco said. “Attention means for the consumer much cognitive effort. Therefore, consumers tend to make limited use of their cognitive abilities and that is why it is so important for brands to fly the flag of simplicity, “says Genco. What is clear is that “emotion is the queen of effective advertising,” he adds. At the moment of impact on the consumer, “emotion and memory go hand in hand, but the truth is that people tend to believe the memories that they have themselves invented,” says the researcher. Actually, “people remember what they built in their mind, not what they saw and heard,” he adds (Source: Marketing Directo).

Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain