Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Start MG’s Hindi edition

I read Milli Gazette english regularly but I request  editor sahab to, if possible, print its Hindi edition as well. Currently in our community not many people read and understand English, Hindi knowing people are in large numbers.

Faizal Ahmed Bera


Where Do we need feminism?

Apropos of Farheen Sultana (MG, Aug issue). Women do not realize that feminism is mass indoctrination because they cannot identify the perpetrator, the methods or the motive behind the conspiracy. The hidden goal of feminism is to destroy the family, which interferes with brainwashing of the young. Side benefits include depopulation and widening the vested interests of the multinationals and the media. Displacing men in the role of basic breadwinners and family maintenance providers also upset the family Modern Western culture is God consciously (Takwah wise) talking immoral. It teaches that man and not God determines reality and laws Thus, for example, the media successfully promotes whoring, homosexual and LGBT values that conflict with our natural instincts. The feminists teach that sex is not reserved for love and marriage. Magazines like Glamour and Cosmopolitan urge young women to rebel against religious values So the effects : the wreckage -- broken families and dysfunctional people -- is scattered everywhere. At the same time filthy magazines like Playboy etc. aimed a similar message at men. You don’t need to get married to have sex. Every nation, including our Bharat (almost) has made pre-marital sex acceptable in law and nothing wrong about it as long as there is consensus between the players  Marriage and children are a bore is what feminsism declares  It has deprived women of a secure and honored role and reduced them to sex objects and replaceable workers

P. A. Mohamed Ameen


A chronic and gory problem

Prime Minister Mr Modi has mulled the Kashmir problem. He has caught the buck and thinking to proceed on that direction Mr Modi has fully understood that Rajnath Singh has carried out the RSS agenda specially using the pellet guns and making the defiant Kashmiris blind. Mr Rajnath Singh is nothing but instrumental in the hands of RSS. He has no deep vision. Now 3000 Kashmiris are blind. All Kashmiris have sympathy with them. This oppression cannot be forgotten or hushed up. Rather they become galvanised against the people of India. The curse of blind Kashmiris is much effective. Modi wanted that the Indian people see clearly the futile efforts of Rajnath Singh. The RSS has further complicated the problem. After the failure of this agenda, Modi may think of other strategy. He definitely wants to take Pakistan and China into his confidence. These two countries are not only our neighbours but stakeholders in Kashmir.

Dr Maqfoomi, Gulbarga


Dr Javed Jamil’s article

I would like to tell you that Dr Javed Jamil’s article published in 1-15 September MG issue is outstanding. He has written it very seriously and responsibly. All should read it. If possible, please get it translated into Indian languages and get it published. I am going to spread this article via whatsapp.       Murtuza, Bhopal


Kashmir knot

You were right when you withdrew from the All Party delegation to Kashmir. Without any confidence building measures and sympathy with those who are dying and blinded continuously, it is no use to go ahead with the delegation. Firstly good intentions bring good results but good moves with biased intentions do not. If you want Kashmir with Kashmiris, it is o. k. but if you want Kashmir and hate Kashmiris, you cannot get good results. Govt. should have taken such measures in the first place as are necessary to control the existing situation of blood-letting and blinding people. You are not ready to withdraw AFSPA, you are not ready to stop blinding with pellet guns, you are not ready to withdraw army from the habitations, then how do you build confidence in public?

Syed Ali Hashmi,Hyderabad


Charity Alliance School at Jalangi, Murshidabad

I read the report of progress, achievements and orderly functioning of Charity Alliance School at Jalangi, Murshidabad for which I am proud. It is a matter of immense pleasure to read about the laudable activities of Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan and his associates, (MG, 10-31, Aug. 2016). The historical task undertaken by establishing and running Alliance School at Jalangi is a matter of great courage, firmness, determination and foresightedness. It is energetical, innovative and revolutionary attempt with the pious object to uplift hapless and downtrodden members of the Ummah. It is for the well-settled Muslim brethren across the country to come forward to extend financial, moral and all sorts of assistance to the Charity Alliance to enable it to reach other destinations to serve the needy Millat. Alas, despite magnified status and deep-rooted strong financial position, a big chunk of Indian Muslims is ignorant and unmindful of the responsibilities towards the development, welfare and progress of the community. It is heartening to note that all the students come from weak and poor socio-economic background, hence their parents due to poverty are unable to meet their educational requirements. Well-positioned Muslims are busy throwing money foolishily and lavishly on unwanted ceremonies, functions, birthday parties, arranging iftar parties costing of lakhs of rupees. It’s time to act in a rather responsible and constructive way and also inspire others to divert funds towards Charity Alliance to achieve eternal gains. Let’s pray Allah, the Almighty to enable the Charity Alliance to continue to carry the milli flag at every corner of the country.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


Absurd plea in the name of ‘Shariat’

Why ‘Shia’ and ‘Ahle-Hadith ‘ulama who reject ‘triple divorce’ are silent, if they are represented in All India Muslim Personal Law Board? It is their historic religious obligation to put forth the real ‘Qur’anic position’ before the masses. Polygamy : It is simply a latitude, and not a right. Can Personal Law Board submit the list of Muslims who are having more than one wife. Triple divorce: ‘ Talaq’ talaqa’ talaq’, even pronounced under threat, intimidation, intoxication or what ever it may be, and the life is finished, is the worst perversion of Qur’anic mandates. Can any ‘maulvi ‘ quote its validity from Qur’an or Hadith. There has been a case before me during ‘Ramzan’ where a heavily intoxicated rickshaw puller came in the evening and asked her fasting wife for sex. On wife’s refusal, he pronounced ‘ talaq, talaq, talaq’ and ‘Maulvi sahib declared ‘ talaq’ as irrevocable, offering ‘halala’ as the only alternative. Astonishingly, the Personal Law Board affidavit before the Supreme Court says that men have greater power of judgement. What an absurd argument these people are putting forth, and that too before the highest court of the country. ( Please see my article ‘ The Enigma of Triple Divorce by Dr. M. K. Sherwani at google under the same caption)

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Modi-Ambai collaboration

Ambani, Modi looting your hard earned money, destroying India our country Central bjp gov paying back to ambani and adani their election fundings, By increasing Diesel and petrol pricises. Now after this raise in prisc, petrol costs Rs 64 per litre and diesel Rs 54 per litre minimum. Crude oil price is 48 dollars per barrel. Rs 3120 per barrel Iindian currency. There are 159 litres in one barrel. So suppose 159 liters gives 100 litres of petrol, 59 litres of diesel. Take average as rs 55 rupees. Multiply 55*159 = 8745 Now 8745 - 3120 = 5540 Cost of avg cost of diesel and petrol plus refining rates puts an avg prices of rs 55 per litre of oil. Reliance Jamnagar oil refinery capacity is 1.24 million barrels per day. That is 1250000 barrels per day. 1250000 * 159 = 198750000 litres of crude oil is refined per day. According to international rate of 48 dollars per barrel, Indian petrol and diesel price after refinery charges should be Rs 30 for petrol and Rs  25 for diesel. So for every litre of reliance refinery oil or petrol which you fill in your vehicle tank, you pay 64-30 = rs 34 to Ambani per litre. Now multiply Rs 34 with 198750000 you give, an ordinary Indian gives 675,75,00,000 per day to Ambani. 675 crores per day to Ambani. Per month rs 20275 crores per month. Per year 20275* 12 = Rs 2.43 lakh crores per year to Ambani. Ambani knows how to milch ordinary Indians. We Indians who dont have jobs, no income, living in debt Pay to Mukesh Ambani who financed bjp election and made modi the pm, RS 2.43 lakh crores per year. Since past two years we ordinary Indians paid Ambani RS 4.87 lakh crore. Modi you keep on fooling this foolish Indians in the name of Pakistan, give anti pak statements, and general public would see only Pakistan and not Ambani who is milching Indians annually of RS 2.43 lakh crores. Not only this, bjp gov earns 15 lakh crores from Indian oil, BP, hp. Bjp members become rich, Rss becomes rich, Ambani becomes rich, Chief executive officers of Indian oil, hp and Bp become rich, By robbing ordinary Indians of 17 lakh crores per year. But since bjp shouts against Pakistan, no one asks why central gov is milching ordinary Indians of rs 17 lakh crores per year. No media would publish this letter because Ambani keeps 70 % of Indian media in his pocket. Come on Indians wake up, remove the green cover from your eyes, which has blinded you to see only Pakistan and not to see bjp gov, Ambani milching you of 17 lakh crores per day. All Indians should force central by protest rallies to lower petrol price by rs 34 per litre and diesel by Rs 24 rupees per liter. Modi would shout more against Pakistan to blind Indians and continue to loot annually 17 lakh crores from ordinary Indians. Wake up india or live the lifes of beggar in your own country. Look beyond Pakistan, stop central gov from milching you annually of 17 lakh crores. So comeon act now. An ordinary seeking Justice with help from fellow Indians.



Lack of progress of Indian Muslims

The Jews constitute 2% of the population of United States of America. But the Jews of the USA control 80% of American economy, 90% of American Banking, 75% of America’s mass media and communication. Reserve Bank of India has political reasons in preventing Indian Muslims from engaging in Banking business based on Islamic economics  The American political system is 100% under the Jewish thumbs. Obama or Donald Trump whoever is the President of the US, can not take a firm anti-Israel stand. Should anyone take such a stand, adversaries are reminded of what happened to John Kennedy. Watch Out Guys. Reasons: The Educational level and the economic punching power of the Zionists. Don’t the readers get the implied message? About 20 crore Muslims of India are unable to establish and run a DAILY ENGLISH NEWS PAPER. Ask Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan of Milli Gazette for an answer. In how many states of India, Muslims have their own private Cable TV net works? Ask Prof. Jawaharillah, a south Indian Muslim politician for an answer. His party competes against for an MP constituency where there are 3 lakh Muslim voters and his party struggles to get 20,000 votes. What a shame. Reasons? ? ? Even tiny little political parties, some that win just a couple of MLA seats have their own private Cable TV net works. How do they get organised? What do we lack? When do Muslims start their fasting and when is the last day of fasting? To get the right information on time about fasting and Eddul Fitr and Eddl Adha etc we beg the private cable networks to make announcements for which people in the rural wait until, often past midnight. Is it not SAD? Success of Indian Muslims depends on three things (1) Firm Iman and Unity (2) Excellent Education (3) Our Economic Independence.

P. A. Mohamed Ameen


Beef business

The tweet of Udit Raj, who is a memner of Parliament, has clearly meant that BJP will slowly allow Dalits to do their regular job of consuming beef, removing cow hides and selling them to skin merchants and also disposing off the carcasses of dead cows to far off places. The poor farmers who feed the sterile cows cannot afford to feed them incurring one hundred rupees every single day. The barren cow is a liabilty to the farmer. If he sells it at the age of 4 to 5 years, he can fetch 8 to 10 thousand rupees. The middleman will sell it to butchers, Muslims and Dalits alike, who will sell beef @ 200 rupeez per kg. If the BJP government insists on cow slaughter ban, it has to face opposition of all concerned. It will loose its vote bank and also its rule.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Defence and logistic Agreement

The defenc minister has signed this agreement with US. But Prime Minuster Modi has kept himself away from this agreement. He surely had some resrtvations. Modi  has doubts about this agreement. Therefore, he kept himself away and allowed Parrikar to involve in the deal with America which has fooled the amateur Parrikar. John Kery was sent to India for further clarification of the agreement. The US cannot go against China alone. Now China has been provoked. Its anti-India policy will become more strong. Pakistan is a pawn of China. It can use Pakistan for its objectives.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Drugs: from a few moments Paradise to a prolonged and unbearable Hell

Clearly advertising campaigns against drug use, targeting young people and adolescents, have no efficacy, they not only have no impact but stimulate the consumption of narcotics. It has been presented the “Study on the profile of users of the entities of the Union of Associations and Institutions of Drug Addicts Care” (UNAD in Spanish). The report details the profiles of 20,000 people suffering drug addictions who were treated in 2015. Of the 8,649 people who consulted for these addictions, 76% were women and 24% men. Almost half of the women who sought treatment were underage. “The drug consumed was cannabis”. The percentage of women treated for the first time because of cocaine use is a serious problem as it rose from 14% to 23%. In the case of women, it’s the second substance over cannabis (20%) and alcohol (35%). “Cannabis intake is similar between boys and girls”, is also observed. It is a much more damaging panorama than it seems socially acceptable. “They transgenic seeds are doing a lot of damage with greater purity and greater psychoactive THC -the principal of Cannabis. We see some pictures of vomiting not seen for more than 30 years ago.” In addition, other drugs which a few years ago had a marginal presence in women begin to rise dangerously.  28% of boys consume cannabis, which represents just five percentage points higher than girls (23%). And so does the cocaine, present in 3% of men versus 2% of women. We must remember that the more drugs are consumed, with more imperiousness they are needed. The seller offers the unwary adolescent that the drug will “take you to paradise,” but hides the price he will pay: the self-destruction, the physical and mental deterioration and the transformation of a few moments paradise in a prolonged and unbearable hell.

Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain



It is deceitful to describe pellet guns as “non-lethal”. While they may not kill, they have maimed people permanently, including loss of vision. Breaking up a public gathering by blinding those in it is inhuman. Tear gas is at least as effective and does no long term damage.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar, Delhi


Your meeting with Rajnath did not make you lose your credibility but enhanced your motivation to serve the Indian Ummah. We judge the actions of people in Islam by their intentions and your intention in meeting Singh was to work towards peace in the subcontinent. Failure of a mission is judged by a different criteria. Rasoolullah went to perform Umrah and the Meccan disbelievers made his mission only half-success when the and Rasoolullah signed a peace deal with them at Hudaibiah and returned to Madinah. Historians call the Hudaibiah “failure” a huge success of Islam. Same way Dr Zafarul Islam Khan’s meeting though looks like a failure, there may be hidden positive outcome that we do not realise now.



Just read about your views on kashmir and Centre’s stance at it and your take on the matter, i call it brave, objective and straighforward. Kudos to such intellectual honesty and objective sense. I am a kashmiri and have been contribiuting to MG in the recent past and know the things on the ground zero in the valley whcih needs a holistic engagement. You ahve correctly assessed it sir...

Dr Adfer Rashid Shah, New Delhi


Investment for child education

Present scenario in our education system is highly expensive and in future It will become more n more difficult n expensive which would be one’s beyond control for getting good education to their children. College and hostel fees, books, travelling,tuition and other cost of education is increasing every year in the name of self finance colleges and trusts. So to over come this problems every parents are now thinking to invest money either in bank or child policy or in gold etc but all such investment are always beaten up by inflation and ultimately the result is negative or not good to your expectations. Few parents prefer to go to equity market but without having financial market knowledge it also disappointed to get good returns. In all such situations I would rather prefer to go to Mutual Fund where you put lump sum amount in balanced or liquid funds and every month start Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) on last day of the month so as to get lower side benefit of the equity market. After long term one could get best returns against the demon of inflation. Why this investment scenario is preferable, as the money you have invested are being monitored and switched from time to time by financial experts and seasoned players of equity market. One does not become rich over night but also not loosing money and it grows in long term Which will give a handsome amount for your children education. There are lots of scheme available in various reputed mutual funds in India,the only thing you should go with a proper advice of financial advisor.

Mbashir Kapadia, Bharuch, Gujarat



“Amit Shah believes the Una rally was ‘100% politically motivated’” (Scroll. in). I invite the man to reveal the degree to which his statements and actions are /not/ politically motivated.

Mukul Dube


Rahmani 30

Through the pages of esteemed MG, I regularly read about the praiseworthy activities of Rahmani 30 and its achievements by providing exemplary guidance, coaching with all facilities without charging a single paisa towards the expenses not only serving Muslims but also non-Muslim youth, preparing them for civil service exams, JEE advance, IIT Advance and other competitive examinations. Most encouraging and welcome aspect of the establishment is that it has not restricted its activities within the boundaries of Bihar but has opened its branches in Mumbai and Hyderabad and is preparing to go to other places as well. Ammer-e- Shariat Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani of Moonger and his trusted associate Mr. Abhyanandji deserve wholehearted congratulations.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur