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The Milli Gazetteis not just a fortnightly that disseminates news ; it is the medium of finding solace in the world of falsehood and hypocrisy (e. g.: Ayush Ministry ‘s reply to Pushp Sharma under RTI Act). I have observed many a times that the respected Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan Saheb, has written boldly, has raised the voice for voiceless, persecuted people at the risk of his life. Many a reader eagerly looks forward to receiving his copy of one of my most favourite journals and they take pride in being associated with the Milli Gazette. Long live the Milli Gazette.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bavani, Rajkot, Gujarat



Success of any event or experiment is judged by its result. Saudi Arabia applies qasaas. The result of this injunction of the Holy Qur’an (5:45) is for every body to see. Even during Haj pilgrimage when lakhs of believer gather in Makkah from the world over, shopkeepers in the market do not close or lock their shops at the call for prayer; they only draw the curtain on the front of their shop and move out to offer their prayers.

Prof. Shaista Bano, Aligarh


Justice Rajindar Sachar on the Prophet

Justice Rajindar Sachar spoke in a symposium in Jamia Millia Islamia and said, “Greatest Message of Equality Was Given By Prophet Muhammad”. In that context I would like to draw attention to the following quote: M. N. Roy, in his small book “ Historical Role of Islam” written during 1931-35, amongst many of books he wrote when he was in British jail sentenced under ‘Sedition’, has written “.... In view of this realistic reading of history, Hindu superciliousness towards the religion and culture of the Muslims is absurd. It insults history and injures the political future of our country. Learning from the Muslims, Europe became the leader of modern civilization. Even today, her best sons are not ashamed of the past indebtedness. Unfortunately India could not fully benefit by the heritage of Islamic culture, because she did not deserve the distinction. Now, in the throes of a belated Renaissance, Indians, both Hindus and Muslims, could profitably draw inspiration from that memorable chapter of human history. Knowledge of Islam’s contribution to human culture and proper appreciation of the historical value of that contribution would shock the Hindus of their arrogant self-satisfaction, and cure the narrow-mindedness of the Muslims of our day by bringing them face to face with the true spirit of the faith they profess.”

Adv. N. D. Pancholi, New Delhi


Today’s TV channels and George Orwell’s ‘1984’

Anyone who has not read the novel 1984 may mistake it to be about anti Sikh riots of Delhi. The novel by George Orwell is a visualisation of a totalitarian society, a communist dystopia. After Animal Farm of a Soviet-style utopia gone awary.

What is depicted in the novel holds true for different generations and societies. Though the novel portrays several facets of an authoritarian regime, I am trying to visualise the news studio vis-à-vis the dystopia of1984.

News channels today act like omnipresent Telescreen of Oceania. The hate session which is conducted for two minutes on the Telescreen of Oceania goes on incessantly 24x7 today. The news channels convert any event which increases TRP into breaking news and the real breaking news is ignored. The news rooms are converted into war rooms and media trial rooms. “The nation wants an answer” is repeated nauseum. The nation is constituted of every citizen,, but one wonders which nation the screaming news anchor refers to. Every dissenting person is labelled as traitor, anti national and terrorist. These channels have recklessly branded so many people as the traitors that they find it difficult to run war rooms without traitors. The real anti-nationals have fun and laugh at them. The panelists on these channels contort faces, snarl and rudely address each other, getting hysteric during discussions. There comes a moment when the frenzied participants start jumping and thumping in the studio and the viewers stand on their toes in their drawing rooms. At the peak of these hate sessions, particularly a TV programme called VIEWSHOUR all participants start yelling at the top of their voices and viewers start chanting slogan. In this bedlam, one only sees On TV screen opening and shutting of mouths like a landed fish.

Like Oceania, the people are trolled, watched and stalked on social media and in real life. Journalism is no more in the hands of professionals, but everyone with a smartphone is a journalist, a citizen journalist. The ability to keep viewers hooked to TV screen and keep them on their toes is the only benchmark of a successful journalist. All these have brought the standard the fourth estate to nadir. These war-like situation and trials by media fortunately remain in the news room and disappear from viewers’ mind soon as the mind gets ready for the next episode and the next media trial. The channels programme it in such a way that the impression is bynature short-lived. The real trial still takes place in real courts of justice, mostly without influence of media. Till the time parliament remains supreme, judicial writs are enforced and executive functions for the people, 1984 will remain fiction.

Md. Imteyaz Alam, Sonpur, Bihar


Govt boast on efficiency is mere talk

Even common man is aware that there are serious leakages in collection & deposit with the Govt, service tax, VAT, Octroi etc. Such huge tax collections data do not get stored with central/main server, collection items/details can be deleted, Govt has no effective machinery to verify whether service tax, octroi data etc are meticulously maintained, remitted to the central and state governments. Many hotels give hand-written bills, octroi nakas are under control of goons & mafia. It is regretted despite almost two years are over, this Govt remains ineffective towards such huge leakages.

Jagdip H Vaishnav,Mumbai


Tufail Ahmad on Urdu press

Respected Doctor sahib: many thanks for your article in Bazm e Qalam regarding above. I am circulating it among friends and like minded. May God empower your pen all the more.

A J Khan, Pune


French fuss over Burkini

Please write editorial/post on French madness regarding Burkini swimsuit. France should ban nackedness not Burkini. Also stress on need of protest by Muslim governments and organizations

Shah Abdul Hannan


Palestine Conference

I am glad to note that you are going to organise a big conference on Palestine and presentation of prizes to the winners of MG Palestine essay competition 2015 in cooperation with the Jamia Millia Islamia at Delhi. I convey my best wishes for the success of this conference and prize distribution and congratulate you for taking the initiative for the cause of Palestinians whose human rights are violated by the zionists. l fail to understand why Muslim regimes, particularly Arab countries, are silent over the sufferings of Palestinians . Our sympathies are with the wronged people of Palestine.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bavani, Rajkot-Gujarat


Indian Police

All countrymen rightly recent the deplorable, thoroughly inefficient and corrupt Indian police and its functioning. It has earned notoriety for adopting the immensely inhuman torturous 3degree methods leading to custodial death, resorting to fake encounters, production of fabricated evidence in the courts, arresting innocent Indian citizens especially Indian Muslim youths and keeping them for months as under-trials. It is full of anti Muslim bias and consider all Muslims terrorists. Over and above all this, it has failed to perform its primary duty of registering FIRs and allowing notorious criminals and history-sheeters to commit all sorts of crimes in return for receiving regularity money from them. Police stations have virtually become dens of worst kind of crimes. Its failure to control public demonstrations and use force is the glaring examples of its thorough incompetence. The need of the hour is this that the whole police system should be overhauled and revamped and a new comprehensive law is passed by the Parliament removing all defects and converting the police department into a real public service department.

Dr. M. Hashim Qidwai,ex-MP, Delhi - 110091


Charges against former army chief

Serious charges against former Army Chief (present Union Minister) have been levelled by the present Army Chief. Propriety demands Union Minister to resign for time being. It refers to serious charges levelled by present Army Chief against the former Army Chief (now a Union Minister) in affidavit filed in the Supreme Court, perhaps for the first time in the Army. The said Union Minister had earlier also been in several controversies during his tenure as Army Chief like including on aspect of birth-of-date, attending a rally with flags of a political party, and others. Even though the Union Minister has acted remarkably at times as a Union Minister, yet propriety and high political morals demand that he may resign from his post till final settlement of the issue raised by present Army Chief in Supreme Court. He can serve the country and its people also in his capacity of being a good Parliamentarian. It is not proper that Union ministry may have a person as its member, with whom Army Chief is not comfortable.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal,Delhi 110006


BJP, Congress united to crush human rights

When thousands of political leaders and activists, like Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan, Morarji Desai, Chaudhary Charan Singh, L. K. Advani, Atal Bjhari Vajpayee, George Fernandes, Surender Mohan etc. etc. were imprisoned during the Emergency (1975-1977), many were tortured and also killed in fake encounters, it was the Amnesty International which had run a very powerful campaign against atrocities of those times. Amnesty has been continuously exposing the State repression in India, especially North East, Punjab, Kashmir. It appears both BJP and Congress have joined hand to crush human rights movement in India and the present sedition case in Bangalore is part of that nefarious strategy. Here is an excerpt from one of its report: “Amnesty International adopted 236 of these as prisoners of conscience and made frequent appeals for their release, in addition to other activities which have been described in Amnesty International’s annual reports for 1975, 1976 and 1977. Government statistics subsequently published confirm that, during the period of Emergency, 36,039 political prisoners were held in preventive detention under the provisions of the Maintenance of Internal Security Act alone…..” https://www. amnesty. org. in/show/entry/amnesty-internationals-concern-for-prisoners-of- conscience-detained-during https://www. amnesty. org. in/show/entry/amnesty-internationals-concern-for-prisoners-of-conscience-detained-during

ND Pancholi, New Delhi


Indian Bureaucracy

Today it is bureaucracy which is ruling over the country. It reminds us of an anecdote of Stuart England when an English satirist asked, “who rules England” ana he got the reply from a political scientist” The Kingn. Who rules the King was the next question and came the reply “The Duke”, and who rules the Duke the reply was the “The Devil”. In the present Indian context if the question is asked who rules the India, the reply will be “Parliament” as under our democratic constitution Indian Parliament is supreme and the reply to the next question, who rules the Parliament, the reply, “the Bureaucracy” will reveal the reality. Indian bureaucracy has become the greatest stumbling block and greatest hurdle in the smooth working of Indian democracy. In fact it is quite in,compatible with democratic setup. The two cannot go together. In a democratic setup the government is for the people must serve them and do things for their welfare. Bureaucracy on the other hand is blind, deaf and dumb to the aspirations, feelings and sentiments of the people. It has become a far more potent and vital part in our administrative system. It has indeed become the most powerful and the most effective part of our system and has been lampooned for this obsession with-flies and out of date rules which are not in tune with times. Very many sufferings of the common man are due to cumbersome and time consuming procedures followed by bureaucracy. There is rightly a hue and cry on the corruption of ministers and politicians but how strange it is that there is little hue and cry on the corruption of bureaucracy although reports raids at the houses of bureaucracy are published daily in papers about their fabulous wealth and jewelry. Time has come when the bureaucratic setup is done away and is replaced by a civil service whose members considered themselves as servants of the people are in view of the spirit of public service. Decidedly this will be a great step towards strengthening democracy and confer immense benefits on the Indian masses and India will become a welfare state.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,



Open letter to To Sri Nitish Kumar Ji The Chief Minister Of Bihar Patna

With due respect I would like to draw your attention, through The Milli Gazette, towards the following issues for necessary action:

(1) The Bihar State Madrasa Education Board, Patna after discontinuing Wastania Examination (equivalent to class 8th) has reintroduced this examination. The board is going to conduct the examination on 20th August. Many a times the Board has failed to conduct its examination in time. The board fails to understand the significance of conducting its examination punctually and maintaining academic calendar. The board fails to conduct its other examinations, Fauqania and Maulvi, in time too. (2) The Government of Bihar has recently announced setting up of two universities one of which one will be set up in Patna. Patna already has a number of universities. Thus new university should be opened in unrepresented district of the state. (3) Bihar needs, as women empowerment initiative, a women’s university especially for Hindi and Urdu medium students aspiring for higher education. The university should have the norms and rules that the university students write their examinations (excluding language and technical terms) in Hindi or Urdu. And English be taught as compulsory component at all level at least till undergraduate and diploma courses.  (4) Some years back a piece of news published in the Hindi daily Hindustan that the villagers of Neem Chak Bathani (District Gaya) donated a piece of land to the Bihar government for the establishment of a school especially for the girls. The Muslim minority of Neem Chak Bathani undertook this initiative. But till now not a single step has been taken to establish the school by the concerned government office. (5) Nalanda Open University (NOU) conducts Intermediate level examinations but NOU is still not a member of COBSE. Any institution / board that conducts Secondary  (Matriculation or 10th) and Senior Secondary (Intermediate/ 12th) must be enlisted in the member list of COBSE. (6) At school level around 25,000 to 30,000 Urdu teachers are required in Bihar and posts for the same have been lying vacant since decade. From election rallies to various public meetings it was assured by Mahagathbandhan that these vacancies would be filled soon but till date not a single ray of hope is seen that the government is willing to fulfill its assurance and promise. Same situation has been faced by prospective Bangla teachers. This is creating an air of disappointment and unrest among prospective teachers of Urdu & Bangla, and adversely affecting the students. It is hoped that Bihar Government will see to all these concerns at the earliest and do the needful. Government’s timely and prompt initiative and intervention will be helpful in equitable development and facilitating progress in the filed of education in Bihar.  With regards. Sincerely Yours

Syed Mohammad Shahid Iqbal, Bhadauni Sharif, Nawada - 805110


Descendants of Tipu Sultan

The descendants of the Sher-e-Mysore are living on footpaths and we are doing nothing to help them. Shame on us. The bond which unites one Muslim with another Muslim was once strong as steel but today it is like a bubble in a bucket of water. Read the article in The “Arab News” of 9 January 2014 under the caption: “For Tippu Sultan’s kith life is a battle”. We must do something concrete.

SM Pasha


Cow is now communal

Of late, the animal cow has taken the communal colours. Under the current government backing the Hindutva Politics, beef is no more one of the items on the dining table. It is part of religious mobilization of Hindutva politics. The ‘holiness’ of the cow has been stained by Human blood. The lynching of a Muslim man by a frenzied mob at a village in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh in the name of ‘holy cow’ is a symptom of the revival of Hindu orthodoxy and return to medieval Brahminical values. However, the real teaching of Hindu Mythology has been different just to quote Swami Vivekananda, the man regarded as a mentor and philosopher of Hindutva even by the RSS, would certainly clear the cobwebs surrounding the whole issue. Talking to a large gathering in the United States, he had said: “You will be astonished if I tell you that, according to old ceremonials, he is not a good Hindu who does not eat beef. On certain occasions he must sacrifice a bull and eat it.” So as we see the cow making a comeback in the religious and political discourse of the country, we are likely to lose the secular fabric of our country.

Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur


Dr Zakir Naik

Indian Muslims, by the Infinite Mercy of Allah, are not scared but pained they are, that the Government is planning to ban the Islamic Research Foundation -an esteemed religious institution - and thus raping and assassinating it, through gross and naked misuse the penal laws of the land. What if the I. R. F. of Dr. Zakir Naik is banned, its demise will give birth to a thousand I. R. Fs just like Raktabija, in Hindu mythology, whose single drop of blood which falls on the ground, creates a new Raktabija and thus making him invincible. To the members of the aggrieved Muslim minority community, the Forum advises not to get emotional but plan and execute a peaceful, democratic, strong and united “andolan” in league with justice-loving non-Muslim co-citizens, especially Dalit brothers and sisters.

S. M. Pasha, UAE


Deaths of 500 matas

It is rather disgraceful on the part of Rajasthan Government that 500 cows, say Matas, have died due to careless management. Only after these deaths, the minister became alert and fed the male and female calves. Why he did not take the trouble of caring for the cows after the managers did not purchase the monthly quota of fodder which led to the death of 500 cows. How can they give a round figure of 500. It must be less or more than 500. The minister entered the gaoshala after the death of so many cows. In Persian there is proverb: baad az kharabi-e bisyaar, khawja bedaar shud - the guy became alert only after a lot of loss. The CM should also resign as it is the death of 500 animals which are revered as Mata. Young Muslim boys were killed while carrying animals. Now the cows died due carelessness of the protectors of cows. The concerned staff who are corrupt should be hanged on the same gowshala. If the cows have died due to some disease, they should have been protected by vaccination and proper treatment.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga