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The Milli Gazette

Despite my daily study schedule, I spare time as a regular reader of my favourite and most reputed Milli Gazette which is read all over the world. Being an ardent reader, I recognise and appreciate the yeoman service the Gazette is rendering towards the society. I request the readers to read MG regularly as one of the few journals maintaining and preserving principles and ethics of journalism. The efforts made out by the paper to bring right-thinking people close through writing, diversified  expressions, opinions and view points through the Gazette are appreciable. We are duty-bound to reach the paper within our range of audible readers and subscribers. I pray to Allah, the Almighty for permanent durability for my most beloved Magazine. (Ameen)

Fahimuddin, Nagpur


Eid Milans

Read the special report in The MG, 1-15 August 2016. First of all, I congratulate you for skipping the 2 functions of JUH. I fully agree with you that poor community ‘s leaders should not arrange such costly functions. Instead of waisting the money, the amount so saved should be spent for the welfare and betterment of Muslims. I strongly condemn the office bearers of JUH, AIMMM and JIH for a show of strength popularity and proximity to the powers that be. Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan Saheb, I salute your courage from the bottom of my heart for calling a spade a spade. May your tribe increase.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bavani, Rajkot-Gujarat


Discrimination in games

While in no way underestimating the importance of cricket and denying that it has millions of its fans among our countrymen, one wished that other games especially hockey in which India has much better record of achievement and performance in international tournaments than the cricket should be ignored and step-motherly treatment should not be meted out to it and other games. One most glaring example of worst kind of discrimination is that a paltry amount of Rs. 2.5 lakh has been given as a reward to the entire Indian hockey team which had won Asia Cup while every member of the Indian cricket team has been given Rs. 80 lakh from BCCI, 23.66 lakhs for 20-twenty prizes, a flast form Sahara parivar and free air travel from Air India and a largesse from state government and regional cricket associations. It is hoped that the minister of sports will do justice and will not allow any discrimination and see to it that no step-motherly treatment is meted out to hockey and other games and that the generosity in the form of handsome amounts should not exclusively reserved for cricketers.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,

New Delhi


Urdu & Punjabi teachers posts in Delhi

As part of an advertisement by AAP government of Delhi state in the Hindustan Times of 15 July it was stated under the heading: ‘All Delhi Schools get Punjabi and Urdu teachers’, among other thing, that ‘Arvind Kejriwal cabinet has approved the proposal for the creation of 610 posts of Urdu teachers and 769 posts of Punjabi language teachers. This will make every government school in Delhi to have at least one teacher for instructions of Urdu and Punjabi language’. It is also mentioned in it that ‘at present, out of a total of 1024 govt schools in Delhi, Punjabi is taught in about 24 percent schools and Urdu is taught in about 25 percent schools. In the academic year 2015-16, 28, 612 students opted for Punjabi language and 82, 612 students opted Urdu language at the time of admission’. In brief, according to this advertisement, 769 Punjabi teachers are for 28, 612 Punjabi (language) students i.e. one Punjabi teacher for about 37 Punjabi students and 610 Urdu teachers for 82, 612 Urdu students i.e. one Urdu teacher for about 135 Urdu students. Is it fair and just, Messrs Kejriwal and Sisodia?

N. A. Ansari, New Delhi


Muslim Political Party in India

Any move by Indian Muslims to form an independent political outfit will yield no positive and favourable results, as soon after it comes to existence, efforts to jeopardize it would be geared up by all means and tactics not only by the fascist organisations but also by the Congress and a group having a particular thinking amongst Muslim themselves. The fascist groups and a large number of negative thinking so-called Muslims remain in search of faults in every Muslim political action, hence the idea to form a separate Muslim political party will provide formidable opportunities to the anti Muslim elements to carry on their nefarious designs against Muslims. I think, instead of moving for a political movement, we must fully focus on our educational, economical, commercial, industrial and social development like other India communities Parsis, Jains, Christians and Bohras and KhoJas among Muslims. For this purpose we must organize ourselves at the national level by removing regional barriers and undertake all type of above stated activities throughout the country like Jamat-e-Islami-Hind, Jamiat Ulama-e-Hind, Charity Alliance, Al- Ameen Trust, however, we still need more such strong organisations comprising people of different walks of life, catagories and regions with selfless ambitions.

Fahimuddin, Nagpur - 13


Why Muslim leaders are show-boys?

In UP assembly, 116 Muslim legislators are enjoying perks when over 100 riots took place under SP government. The most egregious among the riots is the Muzaffranagar riot which claimed over 50 Muslims lives and 100,000 Muslims were rendered homeless. This grave injustice did not perturb 116 showboys enjoying perks. These legislators could have thrown Mulayam-Akhilesh government out but they instead dance at the tune of their masters.

S. Haque, Patna



In Islamic jurisprudence ijtihad (independent reasoning) is a vital aspect it is not reaffirmation but reinterpretation based on new ideas, discoveries, situations and circumstances.  One specific circumstance is, whether a Muslim individual lives in a Muslim majority country( example Turkey) or a Muslim minority country (example India) Some examples 1.           A decade or two ago Muslim scholars were against organ transplantation surgery but now they say it is not against Shariah law, 2. Restricted abortion under a certain conditions

3.         Artificial insemination ( making use of a woman’s husband’s semen but not any other relation or outsider) 4.            Muslim scholars did not allow Muslims to establish banks as banking business is based on Riba : that is interest based business in the 19th or 20th century. But based on new Shariah interpretations and new definitions of “interest”, there are hundreds of Islamic banking net works through out the Muslim world and even conventional non-Muslim owned banks have Shariah friendly banking and investment services 5.        Same thing about the business of both life insurance and general insurance 6.      These were forbidden according to Shari rules of yesteryear Muslim clerics. But now by new Shariah interpretations they have allowed what they call in Arabic Takaful (a type of insurance system devised to comply with the sharia laws, in which money is pooled and invested. ) 6.   Buying, for example, houses by mortgage was not allowed by the Indian Muslim clerics in 1950s or even 60s, but now by a new interpretation based on the fall in the purchasing power of money over time due to high rate of inflation, the scholars allow Muslims buying houses by a Islamic system of mortgage based on outright buying.  Under this system the price of the house is fixed at the time of signing the agreement and the monthly installment is paid towards the original cost of the building  (house/flat/apartment etc) No one has the last word on the interpretation of Shariah law it is a continually evolving concept as any Statute law or constitutional, criminal and civil laws.

Pamohamedameen  (via email)


The Kashmir character

When one discusses Kashmir politics with social activists, journalists, or dignitaries, one realises that “Kashmiris are a multifaced people who stand with everyone: they support Syed Ali Shah Geelani and, at the same time, they support the Muftis, Abdullahs and the other pro-India politicians”. One concludes that Kashmiris are not trust-worthiy because of their ambivalence. Kashmiris stand with NC, PDP, Hurriyat and others, depending on their personal benefit. As a young Kashmiri, it really hurts me when someone abuses my community. I do not say these allegations are baseless, but one should ask how these characteristics developed in us? Due to its beauty and abundance of resources the whole world has had its eyes on Kashmir from the beginning. Many ruled this region and all of those rulers were cruel to Kashmiris(except few).The cruelty unleashed upon the people of this region has few parallels anywhere on earth. These rulers changed within a span of 5,10,15 or 20 years, except Zainulaabidien, who ruled for almost 52 years. Everytime the ruler changed, the Kashmiris had to face atrocities, the loot and murder at the hands of the new contenders. The priority of the Kashmir was to save his or her life and avoid cruelities of the rulers. They were having no options but to tell every ruler that they were with him. They accepted and beared every humiliation for the sake of survival. Kindship ended here in the late 1940s, but The Kashmiri panchant for telling every ruler, “we are with you” still exists because of political uncertainty.

Shabeer Rather



Jammu and Kashmir has been a very separate independent piece of land. Which has witnessed lots of foreign invasions & forced governance. The Afghans, Shikhs, Dogra’s governed Jammu and Kashmir in past history. Before independence of India from British, people of Jammu and Kashmir had started a movement against the government of Hindu Maharaja because of his discriminations against his own people and increase in cruelty against Muslim community. After facing lots of hardships & sacrifice, the day of freedom from Maharaja rule happened in history of Jammu and kashmir. Soon after that Half of the Kashmir was taken under control by Pakistan & the remaining part of Kashmir (with Ladakh & Jammu) we’re also subjected to be part of Pakistan, as at the moment of time Pakistan Army with tribal army were spreading around in J&K, but at that moment of time the people wanted to decide their future by their own. The biggest problem was lack of defence and poor economy. Jammu and Kashmir was bound to take help from Pakistan or India in order to stand up and decide it’s future. Some leaders at that time reached the consensus that they will accept Indian army assistance /help in order to protect the right to self determination of people by protecting borders. There was hardly any intention among people to be part of India or Pakistan.It was clear that the people of Jammu and Kashmir were going to govern themselves of their own. It was all of sudden a time of betrayal and horrific surprise for people of Jammu and Kashmir when it came to notice that half of Kashmir that pakistan has occupied will be governed by Pakistan and the remaining part of Jammu and Kashmir will be governed by India. This created a point of chaos and confusion. In all this the common people of Jammu and Kashmir suffered alot. The economy and development deteriorated due to the conflict.

Mueen H Salati, Srinagar


Constitution was drafted by gentlemen

Frequent elections can and should be avoided by reducing or extending terms of state- assemblies by up-to say one year to hold any elections only once in a year in a month considered best suited by various aspects. Any by-election or even regular civic or panchayat election may also be held in this ‘election-month’. Since a person cannot represent two constituencies or become member of both Parliament and state-assembly, no person should be allowed to contest from more than one constituency or for both Parliament and state-assembly. A sitting MP/MLA should resign first from his earlier post before filing nomination for the other seat. Sanwarlal Jat continued to remain a minister in Rajasthan government for so many months despite his having been elected as member of Lok Sabha! It is significant that Sanwarlal Jat resigned from his seat in state-assembly from Nasirabad constituency to contest Lok Sabha polls from Ajmer. Even by-election to Nasirabad assembly-seat was later held with Congress having snatched the seat from ruling BJP. Any minister in a state should automatically lose his/her ministerial portfolio and membership of legislature on even filing nomination for any of the House of Parliament. Likewise a Parliamentarian being appointed a minister (or Chief Minister) should automatically lose his/her membership of Parliament on taking oath as a minister (or Chief Minister) in a state. A controversial vote of the then Orissa Chief Minister Girdhar Gomango pulled down Atal Bihari Vajpayee government by his single vote putting nation to costly mid-term elections. Irony is that same Girdhar Gomango responsible solely for defeat of BJP-led Atal Bihari Vajpayee government at the centre has now joined BJP. A former Speaker of Lok Sabha rightly observed that constitution-makers never imagined such a scenario of impropriety, and Constitution was drafted by gentlemen for gentlemen!

Madhu Agrawal, Dariba, Delhi 110006


Modi’s warning against Dalits, not Muslims

Being in RSS for many yeats he did not learn what is Manuwad He even did not understand what is his Raj Dharm Bring the Prime minister of total India he should talk about Dalits as well as Muslims if he wants to show sympaty to only Dalits but not Muslims is He is parshially corret IF manuwadis hinlk that Dalits have to be targetted Modi cannot safegaurd them And if tries to safe gaurd Dalits He will be shot dead like Gandhiji Modi by singled out Dalit has committed a blunder Those who are Manuwadi may think Any way it can be predicted that Modi is going to meet the same fate as he himself has proclaimed.

Dr Maqdoomi Gulbarga



Read an obituary of late Abdul Sattar Edhi Saheb. This letter writer has visited Edhi’s ancestral house in Bantva town where he was born. I regret to inform you that Indian media (except Urdu press) didn’t give due coverage to this Angel of Mercy, which he deserves. Indian media considers every Pakistani (except Pakistani Hindus) as enemy of India. I thank you for publishing an obituary article about this Angel of Mercy. I join with millions of Pakistanis and others in mourning his death. May Allah grant eternal peace to to the departed soul.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bavani, Rajkot-Gujarat


Affluent Muslims distance from milli issues

Former IPS Kishore Kunal heads the Bihar Mahavir Mandir trust which has established a cancer hospital at Phulwarisharif and is developing other charity centres and old age  homes etc. He wrote a book “Ayodhya revisited” in support of the Ram mandir issue. It would surprise us that Kishore Kunal was incharge Babri Masjid - Ramjanam bhoomi during Narsimha Rao tenure of Congress. He is going to reveal some thing to support Ram mandir constitution through his book. But the Muslim affluent class doesn’t care about Muslim issues.

S. Haque, Patna


In the name of cow protection

Recently attacks on Dalit youths carrying carcass of dead cows / bulls, Muslim women beaten in MP, Muslim youth beaten in Haryana are some heinous crimes occurred in the name of cow protection by the Gau Rakshaks of bajrang dal, VHP and other right wing outfits associated with the ruling party. In one of the incident policemen were mere spectators while these goons were assaulting the poor women. Are we living in a country which is the largest democracy of the world and whose democratic values are one of the strongest in the world or is this an anarchic state. Our “foreigner PM” does an ample of Mann ki Baat on radio but doesn’t listen mann ki baat of others specially of dalits and minorities.

Fahim Ahmad Momin, Bhiwandi 421302

Are they really fighting for freedom?

Being in a nation and not to be called a citizen of that nation has become a matter of shame. Nobody has given them the right to decide whether to stay in or to move out of this country. It is our nation and we had decided to stay here and not to go to the other side. This nation belongs to us as much as it belongs to anyone else and nobody can suggest us to cross the border as if they other side is going to welcome us. And we need not prove our love and loyalty to the country. Religion doesn’t decide to which country you belong to.

After Kashmir, now it has started in other parts of the country. Kashmir is treated as a part of the country, but its natives are not. If this continues to happen, then at a certain point, the whole nation will become like Kashmir. Callous behavior to that part is responsible for such a situation. Firstly, in budget, Kashmir doesn’t get benefits which lead to the backwardness of that state. A large share of the funds don’t cross the tunnel. Also, Kashmiri youth are not serious about their career. They just waste time in stone pelting and other useless activities. They are talented, but they prefer to stay in the valley. I want to ask Kashmiri youth apart from stone pelting what else they are doing? How long would rats fight a lion? Another question is that if they want azaadi then why do they come out with Pakistani flags. They have their own flag, but I have never seen a Kashmiri carrying that.

Armed forces atrocities lead to the birth of militancy in Kashmir. For us they are terrorists, but for Kashmiris they are freedom fighters trying to protect them from injustice. It depends on which side you are standing.The latest round of unrest claimed more than 50 lives and more than 2,000 people got injured. So many lost their eyes. Ultimately, it’s their loss without any charge on the ground. If they really want azaadi, they will have to make themselves capable of that. It’s not that easy. India was fully equipped with natural and human resources to gain freedom. But Kashmir doesn’t have such resources. They are dependent on India. They don’t have big industries and factories and no private sector. They are dependent for even a small packet of biscuit. Thus, before talking about azaadi you should talk about these things. Japan also lost everything, but instead of protesting, they focused on making themselves stronger. Now every country is dependent on Japan, and they are independent, too.   

Ibrahim Yousuf,  Centre of Advanced Studies, University of Delhi