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MG Great works always are prone to threats and risks. But, the harbinger of justice and torchbearers of peace and truth never lose spirit. What the MG is doing is not only commendable but is also a small drop of truth in the ocean of lies and plunder. Indian media is one of the worst tools of injustice and lie. This sold-out bunch, which is run only for money and power, definitely cannot face truth and spirit of justice, especially when the issue is related to the Muslim community. Since independence, we began our career from zero, faced severe challenges, all kind of oppression and explicit injustice in government and private sectors, government-sponsored terror unleashed by RSS, attacks on our religion and identity, but, by the grace of God, despite all commotions, injustice and oppression we have been standing firmly in this country with our impressive existence, and no power now can challenge our existence in this country. From zero to the present stage we reached through only our own hard work, efforts and community work, and the small publications like MG have done a work of an ocean. MG and all important other mouthpieces of Muslim community have done great work for improving the conditions of the Muslims and they remain always under threat. We cannot give up our right and cannot run away. We have already faced severe challenges and those have made us firm and solid in our determination. We believe that MG will continue as a voice against injustice and oppression. Suhail Siddiqui   Turkey visit I loved your piece on your recent visit to Turkey. It revived a lot of happy memories of that great cojntry. Since reading your piece I’m anxious to revisit Istanbul for the sake of a visit to the 1453 museum, which is a recent addition and wasn’t there in my time. Fascinating piece. Congratulations. Karamatullah ghori   Muslim politics The need of the hour is not to build a political party but to unite the community, bring it up on economical and educational fronts, provide it assisstance in achieving big dreams. The community is divided for the sake of money and on matters of belief. It is crucial time to address this; otherwise our differences will be used by political parties. Kauser II Electoral politics will give us nothing. Rather it will harm us. Declare that we are not interested in who gives vote to whom. Declare that we are only interested in educational, economic and social development of the community.  Mohammad Zubair Khan III Avoid political groups and build a Muslim group to do work unitedly with good education, scientific research and big business. Rafat Merchant  IV I suppose no party will take side with us as suggested for fear of backlash. I have seen in the 1960s the candidates who who sided with us and lost because they did not get Hindu votes. I suppose one solution is just to ignore the voting process (not amounting to boycott). Remember Dr Faridi's Muslim Majlis. Mohammad Zubair Khan   Protest on International Al-Quds Day We need to clear our mindset.. Instead of trying to fight for our qaum, we should stand for our country first. Dr Changez Khan   Crimes in the name of cow protection Crime is regularized in India and this is the reason India is lagging in all human indices despite being a regular country for many thousands of years. May be faith too has something to do with it. M Naqqaad   Colour-coded Tajweed rules There are fancy and expensive copies of the Holy Qur’an in the market now with colour-codes to facilitate Tajweed. What is your opinion about this new innovation? Md. Abdullah, New Delhi MG: I have seen a copy of the Noble Qur’an with “Colour-coded Tajweed rules”. These are self-styled rules which will confuse people who use such copies of the Noble Qur’an. The Arabic diacritical marks (i’rab), which have been perfected over a millennium, are totally enough to read the holy book. Such half-baked effort of some unknown persons is totally unnecessary and will mislead the readers. I advise people not to use such innovations and stick to the copies of the Qur’an with traditional i’rab. Moreover, sounds of certain Arabic letters cannot be perfected by reading a book but by seeking the help of a good reciter (qari) of the holy book. (Zafarul-Islam Khan, alumnus Al-Azhar and Cairo universities, PhD (Islamic Studies), Manchester Uni.)   Raids on entry operators reveal tax evaders There are [1] Entry operators who prepare fake sale/purchase registers, Invoices, accept unaccounted money and against it issue  cheques after collecting their due commission; [2] Large amount of cash transactions within the country take place through “Angadia” service, on day to day basis. Govt and banks lose huge amounts of commission; [3] Many unaccounted money holders use their servants, drivers’ bank accounts; [4] Govt needs to issue various licenses like sales tax, export, import but govt needs to verify activities after, say, a 6 month period. Many fake companies operate accounts after obtaining licenses, change their office locations/addresses. Traders do not pay due VAT, go on changing office address. Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai   Eid day controversy There was no controversy on Eid day until 1950s. In each country or area Eid used to be observed on the day when Shawal moon or Zilhajj moon used to be sighted. Naturally Eid used to be observed on different dates in different countries. However with the advancement of astronomy and communication, Muslim scientists can exactly know now when the new moon has been born and this can be immediately communicated throughout the world. Now the opinion has come strongly that Eid should be observed in one day throughout the world ( that is when morning comes after the astronomical sighting in the case of Eidul Fitr). As far as I know OIC Fiqh Academy and Dr Qaradawi has upheld this opinion. Most of the world is following this. However some countries follow earlier position of local sighting. I prefer the new opinion. However I can not say earlier opinion or position is baseless. Any extremism in this regard is harmful. I advise my students to follow the majority position in the country where he/she lives. Shah Abdul Hannan   Battle of caste in Delhi People of India in general and residents of Delhii in particular are vexed with the caste battle between AAP & BJP. If Arvind Kejriwal had been a Brahmin, all his sins and shortfalls would have been forgiven. But unfortunately he is a Banya. He is not only shrewd, intelligent but more able than all the stalwarts of BJP. The Delhites had given him unprecidented support in the last assembly elections. The narrow-minded BJP did not give him chance to rule fairly. The residents of Delhi and all common people are supporting him. In future the BJP will understand the talents of Mr Kejriwal. Now being in power, the caste Hindus are jealous. The BJP is more worried about its superiority than the well-being of the nation. Modi is nothing but a puppet in the hands of caste Hindus. He is in a fix. If he shows any favour, he will lose his present assignment Dr Maqdoomi Gulbarga   Zakir Naik I do not appreciate #ZakirNaik nor do I agree with everythign that he preaches. I spoke against him, the way he preaches and his contents, both in private and in public. I even wrote disputing his style and arguments and I will continue to do so. But what presently some media houses and NIA in India are doing against him in connection with Dhaka attack and Hyderabad arrests is the heights of hypocrisy and Islamophobic! Some people from the ruling party are open and loud in hate-speeches, they say, they are gonna ‘make a Muslim free India’ (sick) --- yet no action! Tomorrow a terrorist will follow your speeches, Twitter and FB pages and would accept or found that he has been following you --- so what? This way whole world is responsible for terror acts --- for, these terror monsters were and are breathing in the same air you breathe. They were and are walking on the same planet you do. They look, dress, eat and speak the same way you do. They also read and watch the same newspapers and TV channels --- we all do! So let’s start arresting each other for collaborating terror! Name it arrest - arrest (pakram pakri) game!! Insanity at its peak, the least, I can say! MB Qasmi, Mumbai   Two Nations With Same Problems As per reports being highlighted at regular interval by our media, Bangladesh authorities have detained about 11,648 people in s nationwide crackdown to halt deadly attacks on individuals belonging to minorities and secular writers. A considerable number of arrested are suspected militants. Even a minor illegal and unlawful activity by any Muslim or a group of Muslims is not allowed by Islam. Such people must be dealt with stringently without showing any mercy and favour. Here in India, we see that since Independence all sorts of inhumanity,  atrocities, crimes, barberism, planned riots, butcherings, hooliganism, injustce, all evils, favouratism, killings of innocents, rapes, putting innocents behind bars before the blind eyes of Law continue openly at the behest of governments, politicians under the full protection of law enforcing machinery. Hindutva forces openly function but our media hardly find time to condemn or draw the attention of right-thinking people to their activities carried openly in the name of Hindu Bharat and Bharat Mata. They commit all kinds of crimes against minorities especially Muslims for which they are rewarded, honoured and treated VVIPs whereas the few arrested for bomb planting, blasts and open murders of Muslims, destroying their properties are let off for insufficient or no evidence. Faheemuddin Nagpur, Maharashtra   ISIS registers its presence in SAARC ---If Hindu majority India does not give-up its habit of waking-up after damage is done (as happened in 1947 when mother-land was trifurcated) it will be too late, as explained at:- articleid=2737 In India gullible people think that PM Sheikh Hasina is a true secularist and is not under the pressure of militant Islam rather is doing everything to prevent Jihadi terrorism (ISIS etc) taking roots in Bangladesh hence India need not bother about threat of ISIS etc from its Eastern borders. But they are wrong as is evident from following interview by Bangladesh journalist Nazrul Kabir given to Rediff. com :- Question:- In an interview, Professor Ajoy Roy, father of slain Bangladeshi-American blogger Avijit Roy, told me, that many NGOs fund militant outfits in Bangladesh. Is it true? Answer:- Of course! Sources told me that huge amounts of money were distributed in the villages through two NGOs. While working as a reporter in 2004-2005, I found out that four mosques were built in a remote Chittagong village with that money. At that time, the infamous terrorist, Siddique ul-Islam, also known as Bangla Bhai, was hiding there. Villagers told me that Bangla Bhai indoctrinated 10 suicide squad members in those mosques. I had interviewed the father of one of the members of that suicide squad in early 2000. The man told me, ‘My son got derailed while studying at a madrassa.’ Many NGOs in Bangladesh fund terrorist outfits. There is no doubt about it.  Question:- Why does the government not take action against these NGOs? Answer:- Secularists have a lot of grievances against the present Awami League government on this. Because of some mysterious reasons, no action is taken against these suspicious organizations. Professor Abul Barkat, a senior professor at Dhaka University, researched the funding methods of Bangladeshi terrorist groups. Professor Barkat stated that Islamic political parties have so far invested in 13 different economic sectors, including finance, insurance, retail, education, real estate, communication, media, health care and pharmaceuticals. But the present government just chooses to turn a blind eye. Hem Raj Jain MG: Bangladesh Interior Minister says ISIS is not responsible but you are adamant. It is aa bael mujhe maar syndrome. Despite 54 arrests, there no concrete proof yet to show that ISIS really exists in our country or the neighbourhood. The best antidote to ISIS, Maoism and all similar movements feeding on disaffection is to ensure justice, equality and decent life for all citizens. Let no one feel that he/she is persecuted befause of his/her caste, creed or colour. (Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan, Editor, MG)   Survival of the Fittest In the early morning A hungry tiger runs faster than fast After a healthy deer so as to catch him. The tiger knows, if he fails to catch the game, He shall die of starvation. The deer also runs faster than fast So as to avoid himself from the capture of the tiger. One who wins the race is the survival of the fittest (Jo jeeta wohi Sikandar). M. Abdus Samad, Gauripur, Dhubri. (Assam)   Muslim entrepreneurs Now-a-days a kind of frustration is felt among Muslim youths for earning and finding suitable jobs in the country as the unemployment ratio is increasing day by day and almost in other community also it is a burning problem. After completing study youths are trying either Govt. or private jobs in Bank, insurance, marketing, teaching, or someone starts own small business. Doing Govt. or private job is somewhat easy as our own investment is zero as well as the risk factor, but doing own business without proper skill, training, and study with own money invested therein is really risky. More over our country business system is so typical that you have to bring goods on cash term and sell on credit which is very risky when your debtors are unable to return your money and one becomes indebted. In the present trend the best sector to start any business is service sector where your own investment is nominal and you have to earn on your service quality.Few example IT sector, logistic, finance, and other services like home delivery etc Generally we have preferred very few lines of business and common one in retail trading we never think of Distributorship,or wholesalers and any export -Import of goods which has lots of prospects But before the starting of all such sector business one should go for proper training and  relevant study or qualification so the goal can be achieved and second important aspect to have infrastructure and Internet connection,correct software programs,computers, laptop etc are must If we will not be on line we will be out of line in business. The maximum use of Google Guru is necessary from where you can find out market rate,business policy, raw material availability,and quality product etc. Our youths spent lots of money in shop and office decoration but in the area of necessary infrastructure it is Zero. No use of internet,computer operator, own Web Site etc My only intension to convey that if we do not adopt Technology and to swim with main stream  of the present time we could not do or develop the business. Mbashir Kapadia, Bharuch, Gujarat   24-hour shopping is world’s most lunatic What else could our Society Expect from A Parliament of Most such Lunatic Owls Warming the seats of Governance ? Driven by a Pol Party with No Same reasoning No any all acceptable ideology No any Vision of Development or No any sane Reasoning or a least clear objective where it wants Nation to Reach ! What Summit it wants to scale or What Objective it wants to Attain and with No any open and clear Road map? Ashok Sharma, New Delhi   Modi’s Failure To Keep Up His Promises Shri J. R. Shah, Office Secretary of the State Congress Party in Gujrath has penned a book in Gujrathi entitled “Fekuji Have Dilli Ma” [“Fekuji is now in Delhi”]. In 25 chapters, he describes how our Prime Minister made TWENTY FIVE PROMISES in the 2014 Parliamentary Elections of which not a single one he has fulfilled. A gentleman named Narasimbha Solanki filed a case against the author in a Civil Court seeking a ban on the book but fortunately the Judge Shri. A. M. Dave refused to ban it on the ground that the writer has rightly exercised his Constitutional Right to Freedom of Expression. The author’s book richly deserves to be translated in TAMIL. Let the Congress Party in Tamilnadu get it done. S. M. Pasha, Chennai   Misleading Ad Radio and other advertising for “Fortune VIVO”, touted as “India’s first diabetes care oil”, seeks to establish a connection between diabetes and foods fried in other oils. The words “clinically proven” are used but no supporting evidence is provided. Action must be taken against Adani Wilmar for misleading and potentially dangerous advertising. Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091   No argument but terror! The fascist government which has been imposed upon us is but a punishment for our misdeeds. As the deeds are committed on earth, the decisions in heaven are made in conformity with them, particularly the deeds of Muslims. The Muslim ummah is the “chosen one” of Allah Almighty, which has been raised for the guidance and well-being of the world. But, when this ummah neglected its very purpose of life and forgot its duty, cruel rulers like Modi were imposed upon it, who unleashed so much cruelties upon them in Gujarat that the spirits of Chenghiz and Halaku were ashamed. The BJP and Modi are only names, the real government is that of RSS which is fascism personified, based on lie, hatred and cruelty. It doesn’t lisen to any argument. Its formula is “Crush opponents, terrorise them so much that they have no courage to oppose you.” The incidents of Dadri, Jharkhand and Kushinagar are living examples of their strategy. Such incidents are likely to continue, as long as this government is in office. They are incapable of achieving a “Muslim-mukt Bharat”, but these hateful slogans help us in understanding their plans and the hidden schemes. Are we not going to get up from our sleep of oblivion? Our slumber is so deep that even the sound of cannon is not enough to raise us from slumber. Question arises, how can we face this fascism? The answer is: we can face it by reforming ourselves and identifying our duties. God Almighty says, “If you fear God, the forces of falsehood will not be able to harm you a bit.” Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow