Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor



We are glad and thankful to find that Milli Gazette provided correct information and details of current news about Kairana issue.

Rashid Khan, Raipur, Chhattisgarh


Turkey visit

The report on Turkey was very good. It places the last few centuries into context. The last few lines of the report are very important: the Turks should learn foreign languages in order to open up to the Muslim world.

Syed Abbas Rizvi, Lucknow


Report on Kairana

Please accept my heartiest congratulations for doing very important and noble work, this is the call of the time, may Allah give you more strength. Ameen!

Mohammed Omer Khan, Kolkata




Thanks for undertaking this fact finding mission.

Shamsul Islam


Hate-free India!

Instead of wasting her time and talent in delivering provocative speeches against the biggest minority of the country, Sadhvi Prachi must do some constructive work for welfare of poor and oppressed people. Presently what is she doing is not good for her religion, party or nation. During the last 25 months in Parliament, she must have observed that to make India-Muslim Mukt is not possible. Though the Muslim community has to face new challenges every day, but we love India, we are born here and will die here “Inshallah”. Taj Mahal of Agra, Red Fort of Delhi and many other beautiful buildings of Mughal period are the indicators of our glorious past in the country. The sacrifices of Ulama of Deoband during the freedom struggle, the famous UGC and IIT institutions established by first Education Minister, Abul Kalam Azad, to name few, will always remind the existence of Muslim community in the country. So forget about “Mukti” from this great patriotic community. What is the opinion about the couplet: mala pherat jug gaya, gayan aman ka pher; karka manka dal de, manka man ka pher (kar means hand, man is heart and manka is mala) It she starts some good work for the uplift of poor, needy and oppressed class of the nation, Muslim community will cooperate and support her in this endeavor. This will make Bharat a lovely living place for all. Hate free Bharat.

Dr. Shaista Bano, Aligarh


Taming China

Our government is incapable to contain China which has become a stumbling block in our way. There are hundred of ways to make China a docile bullock. We are facing trouble due to increased number of stray dogs in our streets.The dogs are biting our children in villages, towns and cities. Earlier the Bangaluru municipality has paid Rs 40 to catch a dog and kill it. Why not our external affairs ministry can contact Chinese to catch these stray dogs and send them to China The flesh will be consumed by them and the hides will be tanned and sold  back to India. In the same way monkeys, which are damaging our crops, can be sent to China to make it friendly. The Neelgays can be sold in India itself. Most of Dalits, Christians etc will purchase its flesh at Rs 300 per kg. Wrong beliefs and dogmas are hurdle in our way forward.

Dr Maqdoomi Gulbarga


Rise and Fall of countries

The rise and fall of a country depends on the character of its ruler and the ruled, and not on its material progress. When a nation, obeying the orders of God Almighty, treads the path of honesty, virtue and justice, it rises and receives God’s support and assistance in abundance. This helps in escalating the rate of progress and the results of progress reach all people, making them prosperous. On the other hand, when the rulers disregard God’s instructions, make rules according to their whims and desires and make the people subservient to their wishes and unleash cruelties over the people, the country slides towards decay and becomes a slave of other countries. For the progress and prosperity of a country, peace is the basic condition and it can be achieved when the ruler and the ruled are honest, duty-conscious and God- fearing, and they have a strong feeling of accountability towards God. Vote-bank politics forces people to do many bad things. Rulers become habituated to falsehood, deceit and breach of promises. In this system of governance, they soon forget all promises. The very purpose of their life becomes how to stash more money, fame and comfort. In order to get these comforts, people are subjected to cruelties and inequalities and they become rebellious towards the government. They protest for their rights, bring out processions, raise slogans and damage property. Police on its part shoots, killing numerous innocents. This increases infighting in the country. A living example is the suicide of a Dalit student in Hyderabad sometime back, in which we can see the future state of affairs of our country. The class struggle, which lay dormant, has come out in the open, which would have far-reaching consequences. Sangh Parivar wants its superiority everywhere, be it educational institutions, Parliament or assemblies. It wants its superiority at any price. That’s why we see this confrontation. When they are unable to achieve their aims in a democratic way, they adopt the ways of the bullies.

Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow


Freedom Of Sexual Orientation

Another principle to defend the gender ideology is that the human being can choose his sexual orientation as he wishes with complete freedom to feel himself physical, emotional and sexually attracted by people of the same sex or the opposite sex, which is a fallacy as the top of a pine. There is true from any point of view to prosecute this circumstance, the truth is that the human being always borns with a particular sex to which must identifies and respect if he wants to live antropho-logically wisely without committing the folly of rejecting it or guiding other people of his same sex. The human beings aren’t animals, beasts or angels, we are rational people endowed with intelligence, will and a particular sex to guide our emotions and our desire for having children and making it we behave as we really are and according to what the nature has given us. When the legislations of the european countries supported in its legal system the freedom of sexual orientation, they are contributing to the destruction of man without knowing it at best or even worst, they intend to give him a freedom that is not real and it will damage, will hurt or will confuse his personality until the person realizes the absurdity that it is and reacts strongly against it. G. K. Chesterton, the great English writer said that “it begins rejecting God and ends up destroying the man”. It doesn’t mean that it is destroyed totally and inmediately but we destroy his hope and his illusion of living gradually. Using this statement, it can be said that when we reject the sex we are given by God through the human nature that we receive or we focus the attraction unduly, the rationality of man is destroyed and it is easier to make any kind of immorality with himself or with other people, it makes to see him like an irrational beast.

Roberto Grao Gracia, Zaragoza, Spain



Chief Justice of India should clarify on Supreme Court judges and others being served food in silver utensils with costly gifts It refers to media-reports about an RTI response highlighting shocking revelation on Supreme Court judges and other VVIP guests having been served in silver utensils and also given costly gifts at ‘Retreat of Judges’ programme between 14th to 17th April 2016 held at Bhopal (MP). Even a caterer from far-away city Indore is said to have been specially arranged for the luxurious feast hosted by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister while Bhopal being the state-capital itself has many good hotels, caterers and even a government- institute for training in hotel-management. In a country like India where farmers are committing suicide and commoners are living a hard life because of rising prices with limited income, it is shameful if true that Supreme Court judges and others may enjoy monarchy-like feast hosted by a state Chief Minister getting costly gifts also. Propriety demanded that all such super-privileged VVIP guests must have declined such princely treatment and gifts. Chief Justice of India should clarify the exact and detailed position in this regard to maintain dignity of judiciary mentioning also if spouses of judges also attended the event. Complete details of expenses including place of stay arranged by any of the public-authority including state-government, National Judicial Academy (NJA) and others should be made public. It is indeed ridiculous if NJA instead of responding to RTI petition is asking about definition of words like ‘hospitality’ and ‘guests’. Directions must be given for simplicity to be maintained at any such event attended by not only judges of higher courts but also by others at public-expense.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Hindi Swaraj

On behalf of the Swaraj Peeth, I congratulate journalist Rameez Makhdoomi for this most appropriate pointer to the media on the ground of irrefutable Hind Swaraj of Gandhiji. We feel very proud of Rameez who writes so well, to the point and goes to the very heart of the matter; and, whose comprehension of Hind Swaraj is so profound. I also congratulate Milli Gazette for publishing this article. We celebrate the publication of this and pray Almighty that such understanding of Hind Swaraj spreads so that knowledge relate with the service of mankind. Kashmir group deserves applaud who have taken to Hind Swaraj seriously.

Rajiv Vora, Chairman Swarajpeeth


Freedom of expression and secularism

Indian constitution has conferred number of fundamental rights to all Indian citizens irrespective of their religion, race, region or caste and also has declared India as secular estate which gives equal respect to all religions. So at the same time no right is absolute and is subject to reasonable restriction. How strange and shocking is that whenever any author or writer or film producer through his books, writing or films attacks any religion and hurts the feeling of any community or section of Indian people Muslims and Dalits, media and intellectual most of whom are atheists and have scanty knowledge about Islam support these writers and film producers in the name of freedom of expression and secularism as is evident from their staunch support to Nandi, Rushdi and Taslima Nasreen. They completely ignore the religious feelings of Muslims and completely target that Indian secularism is quite different form European secularism which is the enemy of religion.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP,

New Delhi 110091


An important duty for the CBI

Central Bureau of Investigation’s acting on the orders of the central government is not. It would be good if it does some important task for the common masses as it is paid from the public exchequer. An important task for it to take up is the screening of all the sitting MPs of all the parties and allot them certificates ABC. They can take following parameters in consideration 1) what is there present financial condition 2) what is their total service in the parliament 3) total number of votes garneref in the last election 4) There services rendered to the common people 5) Religion and caste 6) married, bachelor or widow. Taking into cthese onsiderations, the CBI should allot certificates which would guide the voters in the coming general elections. The supreme court can ask the CBI to go ahead and complete the Herculian task in one year

Dr Maqdoomi Gulbarga


Sanatan Sanstha

According to a report in the “Hindu” newspaper of 12 June 2016, Sanatan Sanstha spokesperson Abhay Vartak said that he is “sad to see that Hindu organisations [are] being targeted in spite of a Hindu government being in power”. He should be told that the law has no religion and that the law is above the government in power. A man who kills another human being is a murderer, plain and simple, and he is liable to the same punishment regardless of his religion. It is of course characteristic that Hindutva people should expect to be above the law when their people run the government.

Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091


Misplaced priorities must be rearranged

Ummah must diagnose the disease, then only cure would be possible. Why Muslims are lagging behind and why our condition scaled to the bottom? Five Muslim children out of 500 were selected for admission in Jawahar Navodya School, Hardoi (MG / 27 May 2016) of total candidates. Fifty percent candidates belong to RSS-affiliated coaching institutes. Muslims competing UPSC do not cross 3% mark. In IIT, IIM, NDA, IISC, AIIMS etc Muslim representation is not more than 3 percent. But records reveal that Muslim jail inmates are approximately double their population. Why? Ummah must beware of this carcinogenic symptom as we have deviated from “Ta’leem, Tanzeem and Tijaarat”.

S. Haque, Patna


Obnoxious face of Media

The disciples of Baba Gurudev have formed Jai Hind Sena in the name of Subhas Chanra Bose and captured 280-acre park and stashed huge arms caches which they used when police came to clear the government property. SP and SHO along with 22 people were killed. The leaders of the encroacher Ram Vriksh Yadav fled from scene or died. But think of the Hindi national daily’s caption “Mathura mein thay dahsadgard” (04/06/16). Why the word “ugrwadi” or “terrorist” was not used? Maharashtra BJP revenue minister Khadse had phone talks with Dawood Ibrahim. The news died down the next day. Place Qadir in place of Khadse and imagine media’s shrieking noise for weeks. Former STI head Vikas Narain Singh has alleged that English news channels blocked his interview after he blamed Hindu elements of hatching the Samjhauta Blast conspiracy. Mr. Singh investigated the blast and ruled out Pakistani or Simi role. Instead, he mentioned Sunil Joshi. News X blocked his interview. Few days earlier Arnab Goswami of “Times Now”  called a Muslim journalist as ISIS sympathiser (Media working to build saffron image / 16-31 May 2016 / MG).

S. Haque, Patna


Is Judiciary of India soft on VIPs

When all are equal before law, why there is discrimination. Does the law of land work differently for VIPs. Recently in film star Salman Khan’s hit & run case, bail was secured within hours of sentencing the guilty though the verdict took 13 long years to come. Similarly decisions in case of Ms Jaylalita, Lalu Prasad, A. Raja etc verify that justice system works differently for wealthy & influential people. Another case is that of Sanjay Dutta’s realese from Yarwada jail. His release was reflective of the equality in treatment of prisoners. There are 27740 other prisoners who deserve to be realesed on the same ground as Sanjay Dutta. How could justice be delivered when a celebrity like Sanjay Dutt spends half of his sentence on parole.

Nazeer Ahmed Kazi, Bijapur, Karnataka


Deeni dukandaar

Islam is a revolutionary religion. It spread across the whole world within a very short period. But in the name of Islam some people started Deeni dukandaari who denigrade the name of Islam. Muslims must boot out the babas. MG (4 Sept) exclusively published how dhongi peers and faqirs dupe innocent people. Another group in the name of “pure Islam” issues Fatwa saying “Don’t allow Wahabi and Deobandi in their (Brelvi) Masjids” (Agencies, 30 March 2016). This is to earn their livelihood and enjoy a lavish life-style. Such Deeni dukandaars spoiled the sprit of Islam. After some time such Dukandaari ulama would establish Brelvi Qabristans as we see separate dalit ghats for burning the dead body of Dalits.

S. Haque, Patna


Parties like Muslim maslaks

For non-Muslim politicians the political barriers are as much artificial as the sectarian differences/hatred among Muslims. In the Muslim marriages or other functions, you will find the same non-vegetarian dishes, and the gathering, cutting across all ‘maslaki ikhtalaafaat’ (sectarian differences) relishing the delicious food. Murga, biryaani, qorma, kabab, sheermaal, fish etc. These have the potential to unify them all, at least on these specific occasions. Exactly the same phenomenon is prevailing among our politicians. Before elections, every aspirant starts taking rounds of all political parties to seek ticket. Rejected or expelled by one party, he is accepted by the other. If one gets the BJP ticket, he/she is considered an enemy by Muslims, and if accommodated by another party, then his/her secular credentials become well established. For non-Muslims, the struggle for power has the unifying effect, no matter from where it comes, but for Muslims, every ‘chor’, ‘uchakka’, ‘ loafer’, ‘lafanga’, ‘dacoit’, ‘murderer’, ‘corrupt’ ‘life-long ally of BJP having the most communal history’ and what not, becomes ‘secular’ and their friend if in a position to defeat BJP. This height of foolishness is given the nomenclature of ‘tactical voting’. And then ‘ronaa’, peetnaa’, cheekhnaa’, ‘chillaanaa’ that no party is giving dure share to Muslims.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow



I request to all justice-loving people to celebrate Eid and other festivals with marked simplicity to show solidarity with Zakia Jafri, widow of Ahsan Jafri and their son Tanveer Jafri. May the Almighty God grant them endurance and strength to continue their struggle.

Dr. Shaista Bano, Aligarh