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Eight days in Turkey

Your account of Turkey's visit is informative and I admired the way Erbakan struggled to bring Turkey back to its original form. Allama Shibli Nomani was a great admirer of Turkey and the way Erdogan is leading, in the footsteps of Erbakan, would have pleased Allama Shibli. Hope our leaders will learn from the indefatigable spirit of Erbakan.

Salman Sultan


Prachi and Muslims

Sadhavi Prachi is mentally deranged in the same way Sakshi and Sadhavi Pragya are. They are destroying their lives in stress and tension. They want to fight with nature. They cannot do anything good to the party or nation. They develop some devilsh character and kill hundreds of innocent people in order to satisfy their satanic ill-will. She says that Muslims should be expelled from India. It is due to suppressing her natural desires. Until and unless she gets satisfaction, she will defame her party.

Abdul Hameed


Returning to the period of Ignorance!

The accident occurring in the AMU on 23 April was highly regrettable and shameful. The feeling of "better than others" which was found in Arabs during the period of Ignorance has, perhaps, returned to us, which forces us to even take the valuable life of our brother. This affliction is found in this great educational institute since long. It has been taking the life of its brother, and many valuable lives have been lost in petty quarrels, which is a matter of shame for this great educational institute. The terror of gang wars in the name of Azamgarh, Sambhal, Moradabad, Jaunpur, Balia and Bihar, which has become a tradition of Aligarh, should now end and students should invest their capabilities in educational and constructive fields.

Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan, Aliganj, Lucknow


Pakistan and Kashmiris are happy after Modi made Kashmir an international issue

Pity on the incompetent strategy and security advisers of PM Modi that he has done a great job by bringing the issue of terrorism emanating from the neighbour (Pakistan) in his address to both the houses of the US Congress. Without solving Kashmir problem terrorism emanating from Pakistan can never be eliminated, hence who will tell these novices that in reality Modi has made Kashmir an international issue and Pakistan and Kashmiris must be happy that now USA cannot be blamed if we do not take initiative to solve the chronic and gory Kashmir problem, preferably by referendum/plebiscite which has become common in the present age. India knows that referendum in some parts of Kashmir will go against India. Though India is never tired of claiming that overwhelming majority of Kashmiris is with India because, as per India, it is evident from huge voter turn-out during elections in J&K. But the world-community is more intelligent and knows that if majority of Kashmiri Muslims are satisfied with India then why hundreds of thousands of Indian soldiers are in Kashmir with AFSPA etc. where the the Indian military is showing its bravery by training guns on Indian citizens with the result that there have been horrible & gross violations of human rights of the people of J&K.

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


The real face of police

A lady police inspector explained how she was blackmailed by a DSP to write a complaint  against the SP.  She said "I was forced by DSP to write a letter against Kutch SP G.V. Barot". In her complaint she said she was subjected to  sexual harassment by the SP. During investigation, she said "The DSP had blackmailed me because of a mistake committed by me during the investigation of domestic violence after which DSP had threatened to suspend me. DSP asked me to do so to put mental pressure on SP who is monitoring a cheating complaint against the DSP’s son" (PTI / 14 May). There was huge protest in Handwara (Kashmir) last April against the sexual harassment of a school girl by an army jawan. Then police aired a video in which the girl was exonerating the army. After that political parties and NGOs said that the video was filmed in custody, hence unreliable. After many weeks she was presented by an NGO to the media where she said police pressurised her to make a statement before a magistrate. She narrated the full story of how police forced her to sign a paper and how the army jawan tried to assault her sexually. She demanded severe punishment to the army jawan and erring cops. Justice Anand Narayan Mulla had rightly called police as the "most dreaded criminals in uniform".

S. Haque, Patna


Mirwaiz can transform the political scenario

Mirwaiz has misunderstood the statement of Secretary Kerry. Moulvi Mirwaiz, the only hope for Kashmiris, will become irrelevant in public life of J&K if he (i) does not become faithful to Islam (the most modern religion when updated by Ijtihad) and (ii) does not have allegiance to Kashmiris (including those of POK).

Hem Raj Jain, Bangaluru


Your shaheed and my shaheed

Hemant Karkare, the great son of India, sacrificed his life confronting terrorists. In his  unblemished career he did many splendid jobs including exposing the Bhagwa Terror (Malegaon Blasts etc). Pragya, Purohit and Pandey etc were involved in terror. Modi's government very smoothly gave a clean chit to Sadhvi Pragya Thakur and courts very gladly accepted it. Sadhvi Pragya Thakur taking dip in Shipra thanked patriot Modi. Delhi police inspector MC Sharma died in hospital after he climbed down from the 4th floor of Batla House on his own legs. Justice-loving people demanded judicial enquiry, narco test of policeman who were present but this was not accepted. NHRC / Court / the then HM Chidambaram denied justice to move. Why?

S. Haque, Patna


Desh bhakt banao scheme

Fifteen lakh rupees was to be be given to every Indians by bringing back black money. This is what the PM candidate Modi announced during the parliamentary elections. Baba Ramdev was shouting from the roof-tops explaining the huge quantum of black money stashed away by Hindustani deshbhakts. Media had written innumerable articles and reports about black money hid in India and abroad. Now Narendra Modi government has begun a scheme called "black money disclosure window" which opened on June 1. According to this scheme "Indigenous black money would be purified by paying 45 pc tax and penalty and no scrutiny or enquiry will be done.

S. Haque, Patna


Attacks on Africans

The harassing, beating up and killing of people from Africa is hardly surprising, given that India's "untouchables" have been treated thus for millennia. Such behaviour is integral to the idea of "Hindu India".

 Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Are we real Muslims?

With in a weeks time holy Ramadan will start and every one will be busy with Roza, Namaz, and reading of holy Quran so as to get maximum credit of good Aamal and Neki in our account But when I passed from the market for day to day grocery for Roza Iftar the prices of Chicken,eggs,mutton and fruits are much more than the regular price in every year. Is it the month of loot for Rozadar who manage to balance their both ends in such price rise situation Why we try to get more n more benefits from the troubled waters and our own poor bothers In other way the giant mall of Reliance and Big Bazar put lot of offers in the month of Ramadan at discounted rates and understand the importance of Holy month The same situation happen at the time of Qurbani where price of goat, sheep, and other animal soar in the sky If we are true Muslim we should keep our self away from such practices. The holy month is for Prayers,Namaz, Roza and full of joy with family and also share joy with poor brothers of community Insha Allah Ramadan may bring peace n joy for every muslim

M. Bashir Kapadia, Bharuch, Guj.


Respect for religious sentiments not synonymous with appeasement

When Darul Uloom Deoband, the largest Muslim religious seminary in Asia protested over the proposed visit of Salman Rushdie the author of 'Satanic Verses' in which he has used highly offensive and objectionable language against the Holy Prophet (pbuh) of Islam on which account this book had been proscribed by the government of India, to attend the literary festival at Jaipur, Muslims all over the country including Muslim organisations supported the verdict of Darul Uloom Deoband and the chief minister of Rajasthan also supported Muslim stand, the media and a number of columnists condemned the acceptance of Muslim demand as an appeasement of Muslims and violation of the right of freedom of expression completely ignoring the fact that no right is absolute and is subject to reasonable restrictions and that no one has the right to hurt the religious sentiments of an community. By no logic respect for religious sentiments can neither be anti-secular or synonymous with appeasement of any particular community.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Delhi-110091


Special train for BJP Parliamentarian?

It refers to shocking news-report that a special train halting many other trains including like Rajdhani and Shatabdi was run from Bina to Sukhi Sewania (Bhopal) on 31.05.2016 for prominent BJP Parliamentarian Poonam Mahajan to enable her to catch a flight to Mumbai. Even clarification given by railway-officers that she was accommodated in the return- journey of a special train which according to 'rule-book' which was sent to from Bhopal to Sagar district for Union Minister of State for Railways Manoj Sinha as per the protocol where both Manoj Sinha and Poonam Mahajan were to attend inaugural-function of a Railway over-bridge, requires change in age-old rules giving ministers in Railway Department a monarchy-like princely privilege. Another question rises that why only Poonam Mahajan was allowed to board the 'empty' train? Such a facility should have been provided even to normal passengers on payment of cost. Enquiry should also be made if Poonam Mahajan paid for the privileged and exclusive rail-travel. All privileged facilities till now available to ministers in Railway Department and members of Railway Board including of railway-saloons and special trains should be at least now abolished after seven decades of India getting freedom from monarchy-rule of British. Union Railway Ministry and Union Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs should formulate some system whereby cost of non-travel by Parliamentarians on their reserved accommodation may be charged from personal pockets of erring Parliamentarians. Presently it is quite often that Parliamentarians do not care to cancel reservation in case of non-travel because they have not to personally suffer any cost for non-travel resulting in usual 'No vacancy' chart especially in first-class air-conditioned rail-travel. Parliamentarians should be allowed free rail-facility only in second-class air-conditioned rail-travel with priority in reservation. Travel in higher class may only be on payment of cost-difference from personal pockets of Parliamentarians.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006


Crying Need of The Day

This is refers to the news item "After 23 years in jail, I am free but what you see now is a living corpse" (IE, May 30, 2016). All the sensitive, sincere and secular-minded people of the country should appeal and urge the Competent Authority establish fast-track courts to expedite the cases of Muslim under trial prisoners. To save the secular social fabric of the secular India, punishment of the erring police personal in must.

Dr. Shaista Bano



A Thumbnail Post Mortem On The Assembly Elections In Tamilnadu

Political parties, which go to a deep sleep, wake up and become active only when the Election Commission announces the Election schedule, those linked with Elections - I mean the leaders of the outfits and their chamchas - show their faces in their respective constituencies and commence asking the janatha what they want them to do. Like paper kites in summer or frogs in the rainy season, several political parties suddenly make their presence known through handbills and posters. One such outfit is the MIM. Like foolish students who appear for an examination without touching a single prescribed book, the MIM all of a sudden entered the arena. It rose like a bubble and burst like one. It is never too late to mend. Adversity is a very good teacher. One should not be ashamed or unwilling to learn from failure why he or she failed and at the same time seek to rectify his or defect or defects. It is high time all Muslim organisations become members of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat. Whenever and wherever Muslims were united they were at the top of the ladder of success and whenever and wherever they were divided they became slaves of their slaves! I close this brief write-up reminding what Allama Iqbal lamented: "kabhee aye naujawan Muslim tadabbur bhee kiya thu nay; who kaya gadroon tha jis kaa hai tu ek toota huwa tara". He advised us Muslims "sabaq parh tu sadaqat kaa, adaalat kaa, shujaat kaa; leeya jayaygaa kaam tujh say dunya kee imamat ka."

SM Pasha, chennai


Justice delayed

It is rather a disgrace on the part of the judiciary that in the case of the mass murder of Gulbarg Society where 69 persons were killed, the trial court has taken 14 years to pass the judgement. This clearly indicates that the ruling party wanted to dilute the severity of the case and pass an incomplete judgement after 14 years.  This is wanton delay made at the behest of the Gujarat Modi sarkar which was the mastermind of this massacre. Now the accused will take shelter in the high court for ten years and the supreme court will acquit them all after another 5 years. Due to this gross injustice, Allah has fixed the day of judgement when no culprit will be spared. Mrs Jaffery need not be worried and need not pursue the case and waste her wealth, time and energy. Allah will do the utmost and final justice she will see with her own eyes.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Sex Change

Gender ideology is characterized to threaten against the human nature. Indeed, through the misuse of freedom it is claimed that the human being can change his sexual identity as he pleases, regardless of the sex he had when he was born. Under the tenets of this ideology is claimed that the sex can be changed voluntarily which is false completely, as a friend of mine told "rotten lie". It is false since by many medical and surgical treatments received it isn't achieved, only the appearance of the opposite sex because we can't stop being a man anatomical and physiologically speaking. If you were born with a male sex, the only thing you can get is your genitals amputees and you won't be able to become a father. The same happens with the woman, who were born with the natural attributes of a woman with a small quantity of males genitals organs and she won't be able to become a mother and she turns into a man apparently. In both cases if they carry out their purposes they will become hybrid people who are not really neither one thing nor the other, something like when a horse pairs with a donkey or vice versa, a mule is given birth without the ability to father. It is a pity that some people decide to take that pernicious way of trying to change sex because the result will be, in addition to the inability to beget a son, a personal suffering that entails a new situation and the physiological problems that will suffer while he/she is alive because of the medical treatments that must be underwent voluntarily. This article has the intention of defending the human nature, it is not malleable voluntarily and trying to prevent those people from changing their sex, deceiving themselves or being deceived by others who with their ideology intend to extend that attitude contrary to the human nature received or given by God to every human when we are born.

Roberto Grao, 50004-Zaragoza, Spain


Collector transferred for mentioning Nehru

Ajay Gangwar, the District Collector of Barwani in Madhya Pradesh was transferred to the post of deputy secretary in the state secretariat. His crime? Through his postings in Facebook, he took a dig at Nehru's detractors while praising the former PM's contributions. "Let me know the mistakes that Nehru should not have committed. He asked, "Is it his mistake that he prevented all of us from becoming Hindu Talibani Rashtra in 1947? Is it his mistake to open IIT, ISRO, BARC, IISB, IIM, BHEL steel plant, dams and thermal power? Is it his mistake that he honoured Sarabhai, Homi Jehangir in place of intellectuals like Aasaram and Ramdev? Praising Nehru further, Gangwar added, "He (Nehru) preferred university over bovine house and he showed us a scientific approach than turning to superstitions." Never in the history, we had such a intolerant, bigoted and vengeful government. On the other side, all the electronic media houses have telecasted incessantly the celebrations of Modi government's two-year in office and worked as publicity agents to gloat his 'achievements'! What an outright sellout of the ethics and morals by the media? We never witnessed such an extreme partisan behavior by the so- called fourth-pillar of democracy…shamelessly kowtowing to the diktats by the government.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)