Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


BJP’s duplicity and artful demagoeuery

BJP the ruling party at the centre has earned notoriety for duplicity, artful demagogy for non-implementation of promises and tall talks. It has been implementing the RSS agenda of converting India from a secular democratic republic country and establishing into a Hindu state. It aims at destroying our precious national composite culture. Its ministers and leaders have launched a hate campaign against Muslims and deliver highly provocative speeches against them which are responsible for the outbreak of horrible communal anti Muslim riots. The glaring example of such riots is the great Dadri tragedy. What is most surprising and lamentable is that the Prime Minister does not prevent his ministers and leaders of its party from delivering anti Muslim speeches which lead to horrible anti-Muslim riots.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Delhi


Bail to Pushp Sharma

Alhamdulillah when truth comes, falsehood vanishes for the latter is after all a vanishing thing.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Role of Supreme court is uncalled for

Whatever the high court did in the case of Uttarakkhand was right. The Supreme court need not oblige the central government. Finally the justice was the same. The judges just wasted the time of judiciary and the central and state governments! Further involvement of Supreme Court was futile. The speaker of assembly could have done the job done by Supreme court. This episode has played a bad example for the future. Now the supreme court has one more obligation: to solve the problem of 9 MLAs who defected and joined BJP, They must take up re-elction and bear the expenses of voting. Congress should give tickets to new candidates and fresh elections may be conducted, The  other option is that each MLA should remit a fine of rupees one crore to the state treasury and their joining of BJP should be set aside. If the Supreme Court has involved herself, It should solve all the problems relating to the government of Uttarkhand.

Dr Maqdoomi Gulbarga


Do the waves have an interested message?

An ancient author claims that the possibility of a lie be believed is based on that truth is always told since a statement in the mouth of a liar will never be believed. Our philosopher couldn’t contemplate the phenomenon of mass media and its engagement with the advertising techniques. If messages are repeated with the enough intensity and with the right intensity of voice, it is likely that a large number of people be convinced by the message, at least it is expected by the broadcaster. If the scream technique is joined to it and if there is an enough number of media who repeat those messages in a docile manner, the chances are very high that such messages are admitted without any critical sense by people; and it is better if they have an aggressive tone against the opponents in the political dispute: ¡go to the stake with them!. Observation tells us that we rarely see reality in a direct way as we come across the reality through images, through printed letter from the communicators, from politicians, from opinion makers mixed with other sounds and people don’t interpret them few times. If it happens with real facts, we must imagine how we get political messages. It produces astonishment to hear the speeches of some participants in television or radio debates since without specialized training, they propose final solutions to the problems of the country that pontificate over the measures that will be taken to solve all the problems or criticizing the taken measures by the government without having more data than their passion against the government to whom is addressed their diatribes. Also it is proved that in many debates where participate alleged “first sword”, their versions of a same situation can be very different, and even conflicting. But what catches the attention particularly is that one of the communicators has a tendency, an option what we might call an ideological line, or we can see the events of only one way, surely legitimate but it must be valued objectively. It seems to be missing in our society and particularly in our politicians, the true instinct that guides all their actions. On the other hand, hypocrisy and lie acquire their relevance so that it makes man changes his mind. Surprising to see that in many cases don’t seem to exist any truth that can be share by all political parties. No wonder that in polls the level of credibility of politicians are in tatters. Our society rather citizens, we are losing the critical sense: it is discernment and judgment, to go beyond the obvious. The television, noise, rush have helped to decrease attention. And many times we do not realize that we are hearing agreed voices in a same message, made intentionally, which is transferred to the public stage creating headlines and they are repeated one after the other to try that the amount replaces the truth. Reality is always complex obviously which can be analyzed from different angles and giving nuances to its contrasts is not always easy but we must pay attention in order not to be confused, developing that critical sense.

Agustín Pérez Cerrada, 8 D. - Zaragoza, Spain


Check corruption, impose MRP-based excise

Presently manufacturers deliberately leave a big gap between printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list-price and actual ex-factory price of commodities mainly to be used as bribe for purchase-officers in offices including those in government and public-sector. Many a times, actual ex-factory price is just one fourth of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price. Examples are generic medicines meant for making available drugs at prices much cheaper to branded medicines, which are available in wholesale market at just one-fourth of printed MRP. To overcome such bribes for purchase-officers and extra heavy margin to retailers especially in remote areas, Union government should impose excise-duty on basis of printed Maximum Retail Price (MRP) or list price rather than ex-factory price. Even presently such a system is prevailing for some selected commodities only, which should be compulsorily extended for all commodities in general. Union government should also make appropriate changes in Packaged Commodities Act to check menace of gimmick packaging by manufacturers to cheat consumers. It should be made compulsory to pack all packaged commodities only in packs of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 gms/mltrs/kgs/ltrs only to avoid gimmick packaging to befool consumers by manufacturers. Goods packed by numbers should likewise be only in packs of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and similar multiples of 1000 abolishing packing by dozens etc. India should follow South Africa in extending ‘Right-To-Information’ Act in private sector with above a certain turn-over to effectively check malpractices against consumer- interest.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006


Supporting evil

“Change me”, a program by Tele5, supports incest: Burger King and El Pozo withdraw their advertising Tele5 is a chain known for offering transgressors formats, thatother chains would be unwilling to choose. One of them is the program issued before its news at 15:00 under the name “Cámbiame” (“Change me”). A space presented by Marta Torné in which Cristina Rodriguez, Pelayoand Natalia Ferviú choose a person to change his look. So far the program has been well received among the audience but one of the latest programs created discomfort among viewers. In this program, during the protected zone for children, the incestuous relationship between two brothers was promotedwith applauses and arguments in favor of love and freedom. This is the story of Ana and Dani. A loving couple whose relationship many did not understand nor shared. They are brothers (sons of the same father) and wanted a makeover to marry. The transformation was carried out by Pelayo and since then the program has received much criticism. Two advertisers of this channelof Mediaset Group, El Pozo and Burger King announced the withdrawal of its television advertising after this case of incest. In addition, a petition filed under the title-complaint “Telecinco applauds incest”, asks the Department of Telecommunications and Audiovisual to open a case against the chain for not respecting the children’s time. Telecinco thinks that the end justifies the means, but this will never be right. Telecinco instrumented the means to capture audiences contravening all ethical standards. Faced with this practice, the protest appears against products that advertise during the broadcast of “Cámbiame” as happened years ago with the program “La Noria”. Among the brands that could be affected are: Fairy, Amena, Moulinex, Fanta, DodotorDentix. The decision corresponds to advertisers because they can suppress the malicious program by canceling their advertising campaigns.

Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain


Education and Earning

I do not know about the prevailing situation in other states of the country but in Gujarat development model if you are not educated you have no right to earn and even though you have good skill of driving.if you want driving licence for Auto rickshaw or Truck you must passed out S. S. C or Std 10th then you will get your driving licence from RTO in Gujarat Is there any logic behind even though less educated people are better driving than educated ones Muslim youths are most affected under this RTO act in Gujarat as ratio of education is not satisfactory in Muslim youths and for them earning by driving vehicles is problem nowadays The other countries in the world where licensing procedure is much more tough and difficult but there is no education criteria fixed by them and are deprived of getting driving licence on the basis of your qualification The Gujarat Govt should review the driving licence issuing procedure and remove such RTO Act immediately

Mbashir Kapadia, Bharuch, Guj.


Modi’s first two years

Sixteen May, 2016 marks Narendra Modi’s completion of two years when he was elected with a resounding majority to the Lok Sabha. Two years later, has Modi managed to deliver on the promises that made people vote him to power, is a big question to ask. Most Indian prime ministers have wanted to project themselves as fair, compassionate, statesman-like and hoped that they would be loved and admired by the people. However, in the case of Narendra Modi, the last two years of his rule suggest that he wants to be feared, more than anything. His administration has instilled fear in the minds of minorities like Muslims, Dalits and Christians in Indian society along with intellectual, writers, artists, liberals and the media to even university students. In the past two years, if we sum up the things he did for the country, we find like a divisive figure. While claiming to unite India with his policy like Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas, Modi and the ideology he represents have created rifts in India. On the other side, in the name of development game, he has been only the friend of the rich and the affluent. Crores and crores of loans to the capitalist people have drawn him closer to the wealthy and powerful people taking him away from the poor and needy. The country, which was known for the slogan of Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan has witnessed an agricultural growth falling below 2 percent; no one wonders whether the agrarian crisis really matters to him at all.

Mohd Zeyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013


Sadhvi Pragya

The psychology of Pragya Thakur is complicated. She should be dealt with very critically. She is a head-strong girl. She has adopted an abnormal mode of life which is also unnatural. She  cannot marry but she needs the help of a strong man to lead a normal life. Better if she can marry such a person and beget childern, then she will become a normal lady. Deprivation of normal marital life made her a merciless women and she killed many Muslims. She thought it obligatory to kill innocent people to establish Ram Raj in India. It was her own mathodology. She however was jailed for 5 years. Now she should be given full liberty to do anything she likes to do. Any opposition or criticism will make her furious again. Probably she went to Kumbh for the same purpose. The police and the officials should be alert round the clock.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Urdu media has lost sheen

Political statements, rallies, sham-e-ghazal, afsana, game, stories, anniversaries etc are now widely covered by Urdu media along with news extolling the ruling class. Urdu media doesn’t dare to criticise the policies and working of governments. Real issues of Ummah are not touched. A Hindi daily published a report of the minority hostel at Saharsa lacking clean drinking water, toilets, cleanliness and lighting facilities. CS rushed to the hostel. (05/05/16). There is a  19-year-old programme to build a minority hostel in every district. Urdu media skips the fundamental duty to publish a series about minority hostels. As per information, only in few district minority hostels are complete and in the remaining districts minority hostels are lying in shambles.

S. Haque, Patna


Indian map law

It is difficult to understand what is the wisdom in formulation of a new law about India’s map.Who ever shows any discrepancy in India’s borders will be fined one crore rupees! I do not understand how any individual can commit such a grave mistake and pay such a huge fine. China and Pakistan have their own maps which are highly objectionable. China had distributed the map in the presence of our Vice President Mr Hamid Ansari in which Arunachal Pradesh was shown as a territory of China. But we did not dare object and ask her to pay a fine. Even the UNO did not object for this mischief. I do not understand why our government wants to become a paper tiger and wants to enjoy false happiness?   Abdul Hameed


The poor performance of the Left and the grand-old Congress Party in the recent assembly elections is really worrisome. This comes at a time when the BJP with its divisive agenda is making inroads in states like West Bengal and Kerala and has captured political power in the North-Eastern state of Assam. The Congress and the Left should do serious introspection and reinvent themselves to remain in the political spectrum at the national level. Experiments in the name of “third front” with the confluence of regional parties have come a cropper in the past. There is a need for a viable electoral arithmetic which can challenge the divisive agenda of the saffron brigade.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


CBSE’s unconstitutional instruction to schools

The CBSE instruction to teach yoga in all schools with religious chants is glaringly unconstitutional. The Constitution proscribes any religious practice in govt funded schools/universities. Article 28.1 “No religious instruction shall be provided in any educational institution wholly maintained out of State funds’’. Hope the judiciary, the sentinels of the Constitution, will suo moto take the issue up. If not, it is the duty of those who believe in the Constitution to take this up with the court.

Faizi S


Open Letter To The Deaf, Dumb & Blind

When Rome burnt, Nero, it is said, sat coolly fiddling. This inhuman act was, is and will ever stand condemned. Likewise, your failure to protest against the non-inclusion of a single Muslim in her new Cabinet by Jayalaltha ‘Amma’ is deplorable, to put it extremely mild terms. This is the reason why I am constrained to classify you in the category of the deaf, dumb and the blind. This is not a clarion call to agitate but an appeal to request you to see that the Chief Minister renders unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar - nothing more or nothing less. If, despite your representation, your appeal proves to be just a cry in wilderness, then sit together and chalk out an Action Plan. I have done what my conscience dictated me to do. I hope Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aalaa will bestow you with courage to make a representation strong enough to make the Chief Minister to rectify her atrocious error.

SM Pasha, Chennai


Use pen with open mind, Mr. Maghnad Desai

Meghnad Desai is a known face in our media. His short-sightedness and contracted knowledge seems to be his quality. In a national English daily he wrote “Out of my mind: old and new terrorism” (8 May 2016). To explain old terrorism as revolutionary terrorism he mentioned Lal Dhingra’s name who assassinated Curzon. It would have passed unanimously had Savarkar not intervened and defended Dhingra’s act of revolutionary terrorism. Mohandas Gandhi, not yet the mahatma. denounced Dhingra’s action. He profusely mentioned innocent’s killing as Jihad. In Indian freedom struggle, Muslims’ blood can be seen in every part of the country. Old history knows all this but new history obscures these facts. Mr. Desai collect the knowledge of full freedom struggle history and Islamic history before you write something. Helen James, of the Australian National University (email: wrote that Lord Mayo, the viceroy of India, was assassinated at Hopetown, Port Blair, Andaman Island, by a Muslim freedom fighter, Sher Ali.

S. Haque, Patna



Zionists are an exception. They are not atheists but a religio-racial group. They are collectively doomed to burn in hell fire unlike any other collection.

             M Naqqaad