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I am enjoying receiving The Milli Gazette in the post. Always a valuable read for me. In appreciation!

Robert Burrowes, Australia


Alhamdullah, I am very thankful to IDB for providing me MG for a year. Now, Alhamdullah, I am going to start it again. MG is an eye-opener whch provides news across the globe.

Shariq Maqbool Ganie, Mandujan, Shopian


Marriage versus live-in relationship

The institution of marriage needs to be upheld and protected. A newly born child needs a family to grow up. It is the family that provides both care, love and affection as vital for his or her growth. The live-in relationship experiment of the west has done immense harm to our society. We should resolutely refuse to follow the west and strictly adhere to our ideal sacred moral principles. It is most unfortunate that the Hon’ble Supreme Court of the country, there is nothing wrong in living-in relationship. This verdict is sure to play havoc with our highly precious social system and will destroy our time honoured moral values are the basis or our national culture and lead to sexual anarchy of the worst type. India will become another USA and the institution of marriage will disappear and there will be an army of children legitimacy and that would be the saddest day for the country.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Ex-MP, New Delhi - 91


Muslims suffer due to “Muslim leaders”

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar vowed to make “Sangh-Mukt Bharat”. He said Sangh (RSS) ideology is not good for the country. That is why he is opposing Sangh and BJP. Immediately from BJP, Shahnawaz Hussain and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi took lead to rebut Nitish. To know the moral and ego of Muslim name-wale leaders recall the BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj’s statement “Women in Islam are considered as footwear” but Hussain and Naqvi kept silent. Islam gave supreme importance to women saying “Paradise is under the mother’s feet” and Haj cannot be complete without following the footseps of Hajira (A.S.)  who traversed seven time between Safa and Marwah mountains in search of water to quench the thirst of her child Ismail (A.S.). Allah (SWT) rewarded her with the Zam Zam well. The BJP’s Muslim leaders cannot rebut. Don’t expect anything from such Muslim leaders.

S. Haque, Patna 


Victims of terror

Though I’m elated that nine innocent Muslim men have been freed, I’m sad that their precious time of life was wasted by ATS and the judiciary system. Ironically, the same corrupt system finally freed them. Will Purohit and Aseemanand be hanged now for their involvement in many a blast? Do you smell a rat of these innocent people’s release esp. when Vidhan Sabha elections in Maharashtra are on the cards? How’ll these Muslim people be re-accommodated in mainstream? Does the government have any plan? These are the questions, all sane people ask of this Hindu government.

Sumit Paul, Poona


The acquittal of nine Muslim men by the MCOCA court in the Malegaon bomb blast case of 2006 has raised many questions on the law and order machinery and also our justice delivery system. Shouldn’t the ATS personnel who falsely implicated the innocent men and ruined their lives be punished? Why the court has taken ten years to give its verdict? Shouldn’t the court have disposed off the matter expeditiously which might have lessened the trauma of the arrested men who spent a significant part of their lives behind bars? And who would recompense for the suffering they went through all these years and the social stigma they may still have to face even after their release?

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A. P)


BJP MPs’ task

The BJP’s Lok Sabha MPs are to be put through a “digital appraisal” which will count their followers on Facebook and Twitter, the number of “likes” they have received, and so on. This comparison with the champion, the prime minister, will presumably be followed by counting how many times they have been abroad, how many foreign leaders they have embraced, and how many selfies they take in a day. The traditional work of MPs, looking after their constituencies, is of no importance any more.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Ex-CAG points towards needless staffers

It refers to a column in a weekly magazine by former Comptroller & Auditor General (CAG) of India Vinod Rai (now Chairman of Banks Board Bureau) rightly drew attention towards unhealthy practice in India where staffers needlessly but traditionally accompany VVIPs including also ministers and others. The then British Prime Minister Tony Blair was seen standing unidentified like a common citizen with some typed pages in his hand in an event where he had to speak without any staffer with him! But India is a country where the then Chief Justice of India BN Kripal instead of taking his gown in his car, blamed security-agencies to stop a car carrying his gown when he himself was in another car to reach Rashtrapati Bhawan to give oath to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam! Prime Minister Narender Modi should set example by ordering his cabinet colleagues and advising all other VVIPs for doing with unhealthy and needless practice of taking staff with them while they are out of their offices. It will otherwise save a lot to public-exchequers because staffers even accompany travelling VVIPs in costly air-flights and luxurious rail-class. ‘India Shining’ and ‘Mera Bhaarat Mahan’!

Madhu Agrawal,

Dariba, Delhi 110006


Permanent Revolution

Now it accepted as normal equity feminism, recognizing women the same rights and duties as men. It is even increasing the number of men who help their wives in household chores. Homosexuals is also respected as people who are. with their rights and dignity.  But these reasonable proposals have been developed negatively to unacceptable extremes. Equality feminism has become radical feminism that considers man as oppressor of women and ends inducing women to imitate the male. Also respect homosexuality happened to gay lobby, with real power in many countries and is accused of homophobia to anyone who does not accept its proposals.  These pillars of current thinking are inherited from Marxism. For the Berlin Wall he fell and 1989, but its ideological continues to influence these movements. We could say that these changes are not a progressive improvement of society based on reality and adding aspects that perfect. They are a truly disruptive revolution in social and political institutions. It is to break above and impose a new thought. This revolution break has two characteristics: it is permanent and silent. It is permanent because it seeks to grow and achieve new levels of power in all areas of society and is quiet because it is not violent but gently percolates through culture, education and politics. Through culture and the media it seeks to dominate public opinion to be considered normal abortion, same-sex marriage, contraception, the morning-after pill, etc. In the educational world where sex education is taught to use safe sex and pregnancy desire and promotes sexual pleasure purely biological imposed. The policy forces governments, through the “experts” called, to adopt and legislate in favor of all the revolutionary aspects. There are already many social sectors that they consider these targets as too trite, repetitive, old and undesirable. There will come a time when men think with common sense and do everything possible to improve society.

Arturo Ramo, 44 002 DO-Teruel, Spain



Media, print as well as electronic, is ten to one paid. This must be made known to the public on the day on which the world celebrates the world press freedom.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Media working to build saffron image

Milli Gazette’s previous issues have enough material published on how media worked to build Modi image during the MP election. Now a certain TV channel day in day out works to prove Ishrat Jahan a terrorist and that encounter of Ishrat was genuine. Other English channels “proved” that Pragya, Purohit etc were falsly implicated, that Aseemanand was innocent and NIA implicated them to create a saffron terror porception. The TV channel in one day proved their innocence and NIA director Sharat Kumar on the channel said NIA did not have any proof against Col. Puroit. Earlier, court had dubbed CBI as a caged parot and now NIA becomes a mechanised puppet.

S. Haque, Patna


Enemies of The State as per Sangh Parivar

The BJP Government of India has recently come forward with a new Draconian law which labels lakhs of Muslim heirs of properties of their ancestors who chose to migrate to Pakistan leaving their descendants to claim the properties as legitimate heirs and successors as “enemies of the State” and thus swallow the assets of the members of the Muslim minority community worth crores of rupees. The Bill I am speaking of is the Enemy Property [ Amendment & Validation ] Bill 2016. This being the case, is it wrong to declare that: According to the sangh parivar, enemies of the state are those; 1. who say that there is ONE and ONLY ONE GOD ALMIGHTY whereas the majority of the citizens say that there exist numerous gods and goddesses- as per the Hindu Dharma: 2. bow in prayer to the WEST, whereas majority of Indians bow to the EAST: 3. refuse to sing the so-called National song “BHARAT MATA KI JAI’ on the ground that it is a sort of a worship to the land as a Mother Goddesses; 4. eat the flesh of an animal which is considered sacred by the majority community........... This list is merely suggestive and illustrative and by no means exhaustive.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Blood on your hand will betray you

Perhaps the souls of innocents are pursuing the killers! They will take full revenge from the killers in the Hereafter. In this world also, they do not spare the killers, be it the soul of Ishrat Jahan, Afzal Guru or Yaqub Memon. It is the well-known adage that only a ray of truth is enough to dispel darkness. The murderers fabricated hundreds of falsehoods in order to prove that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist, but they could not cover up the truth. What they tried to prove was that a fragile girl was coming to kill the chief minister of Gujarat, without any weapon and Modi’s investigation agencies were so thoughtless that instead of arresting her, they killed the girl to save the chief minister. The Gujarat high court had said that this was a fake encounter. The killers are still not prepared to admit this fact and try to prove her a terrorist, faking a statement attributed to the terrorist David Headley. But this was an innocent’s blood, which is crying and nobody can silence it. After former chief justice, A. P. Shah, another retired CJ Ashok Gangoli has raised questions about the modus operandi of the execution of Afzal Guru. He says that after rejection of his mercy petition, he should have been given the prescribed 14 days’ time for appealing for a review petition and saying something on his behalf and preparing a will for the family. But he was not allowed this and soon after the rejection of his mercy petition on 3 February, he was hanged on 9 February. Why so much haste? It seems inevitable that the government was under pressure from the BJP. Besides, the Supreme Court has also admitted that although there were no concrete proof against Afzal Guru, but to satisfy the “national conscience”, it was necessary to execute him. If instead of proofs, the courts start to pander to national conscience, what place justice would have in our democracy?

Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan,

Ali Ganj, Lucknow


Self-imposed false codes

The famous yoga guru Baba Ram Dev is an Ayrvedic physician apart from yoga. He is manufacturing a number of medicines, tonics, creams, toothpastes etc and wants to export them to Iran and other countries. It has been published that in all his products cow urine is mixed. Muslims of Iran and other countries consider urine as impure. Therefore  they will reject outright all products made by the Baba.

Abdul Hameed, Gulbarga


Death-sentence is a deterrent against crimes

It refers to a private resolution moved in Rajya Sabha on 06.05.2016 for abolition of death-penalty. Only some months ago Madras High Court had rightly observed barbaric models of punishment against barbaric crimes. It is very necessary to develop a fear-psychology amongst criminal-minded persons as a deterrent against wrong-doing. Unfortunately in our country even if death-penalty is there for some heinous crimes like for ‘rarest of rare’ kind of murders, murders have become a routine feature in society because of dilution of death-penalty through regular interventions including even rare late-night sitting of the Apex Court even after rejection of mercy-petitions. Once death-penalty is strictly enforced, much-much more lives will be saved than lost due to hangings because of creating a much needed fear psychology against crimes attracting death-penalty. Strict-most measures must be taken like to decide mercy-petitions in a time-bound period followed by time-bound execution with no provision to approach courts after rejection of mercy-petitions. Cases attracting death-penalty must be disposed of fast crossing all legal-channels till Supreme Court and mercy-petition, must be finally disposed of within say three years with execution if ordered done within one week of rejection of any mercy-petition.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi


The perverse “New Global Ethic”

The new global ethic hides an anti-Christian agenda rooted in Western apostasy. It also imposes the dictatorship of relativism which denies the truth, revelation, reality and morality. Relativism holds that there are many truths about things, at least as many people believe have knowledge of them. Therefore, the new global ethic has replaced the universal values on which the international order was founded in 1945. The new truths are erroneous have been established to replace the old and present themselves with the same forcefulness The new global ethic is corrupted by his radical position. The aspirations of humanity have been kidnapped positioned above all kinds of legitimate hierarchy. On behalf of a new global ethic, you have the right to take decisions intrinsically evil such as abortion, the “free love”, euthanasia, assisted suicide and the rejection of any form of legitimate authority. “Bentham, patented the attitude of good citizen to positive law” obey promptly and censor free “. Bobbio also rejected so forcefully described as “ideological positivism”: the strange idea that a law, by the mere fact of being legitimately set, generate a moral obligation of obedience. Political correctness, however, leads to the Wild West: banned ban, because here nothing can be considered truth or lie; but I would not, stranger... “(Andres Ollero) Benedict XVI’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Pope highlighted three properties of these rights: universality, indivisibility and interdependence, and warned against the danger of weakening with relativistic interpretation.

Clement Ferrer, 28002-Madrid, Spain


Mixing culture with education

A New Education Policy is going to be introduced in the country. We are in a transition age of educational scienario after waves of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation. The people of the world coming closer and get acquainted to the life style of international community through the Internet. As a result of globalisation many people are becoming interested in ranking systems which show how their own community or country compares with others on various type of measures. Some are facing threats to their tradition and cultural values, and are determined to dominate them without knowing or getting good and useful aspects of the cultural variety. As a result of the cultural domination a tug of war starts which leads to the clashes of cultures. For selfish purposes some notorious elements make it worse. The present generation is brought up in such a prejudiced environment. Disobedience, intolerance etc. are growing like mushrooms. All are worried about the generation especially in a country like India. Here are my views related to the theme how culture mingling with education makes it effective, hopeful and result-oriented in the present situation. Cultural education or education in culture is badly needed in a multi-cultural country like India. Our world is characterised by rapid change, increasing globalisation and increasingly complex economic, social and culture relations. Education must take into account social challenges. It we are to meet these tremendous challenges with foresight and a sense of proportion, we need suitable educational centres with multi-cultural environment that will set the necessary orientation, benchmarks in this rapidly changing society/country and enable us to lead with it in a constructive and critical way. In this, the qualifications and competences of our citizens are becoming our raw material and such crucial factors of international competition they are that they are the key to every country.

Malik M. Tareeq, Ganpat University, Kherva


Under BJP credibility of institution is down

Hyderabad Central University and JNU were attacked by the saffron group. AMU and Jamia are at the saffron radar. President of India was tangentially used by BJP but the Uttrakhand HC lifted President’s rule from Uttrakhand and the court corrected by installing an elected govt in Uttrakhand.

S. Haque, Patna