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BJP & Congress are birds of same flock

Mr. Gopaldas Agrawal, senior Congress MLA of Gondia (Maharashtra ) while addressing the Press Conference on 9 April was assaulted by one Shiv Sharma and his accomplice without any provocation in the presence of mediapersons. Due to the assault, the MLA’s nose got fractured and h’s cloths alongwith his another go torn. The incident cannot be taken as minor or negligible as sooner or later it is expected to spread across the country paving the way for such attacks frequently. Undeniably double-crossing remained the main theme of Congress since the day of it advent on the Indian political horizon long before the Independence. The Party had a majority of anti-Muslim communal leaders harbouring  in secret Hindutva ideology. They played great role in the creation of the RSS and Hindutva outfits including VHP and BJP to turn the country into a Hindu rashtra on one hand and creating Pakistan on the other to push the Indian Muslim population to that land. The post-Independence period witnessed many Brhamincal stalwarts of Indian National Congress exhibit their communal inclination openly which continues till this day. After Independence, INC all the way continued protecting, feeding, supporting and sponsoring RSS, BJP and allied outfits in materialising their nefarious aims against Muslims at regular intervals throughout the country. Right from the day of Independence all the policies of INC with regard to the Indian Muslims remained hypocritical whereas all violence-related programmes formulated by the Congress were implemented comfortably. Now the same murderous outfits have become so powerful and  in a position to award INC in the same way and coin. One remebers that Maharashtra is the hub of all Hindutva fascit movements.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur 


Koh-i Noor

The fuss over the Koh i Noor, a bauble of royalty, tell us that the government of India sees itself as the successor to the British throne and not as representing the people of India, who were exploited for so long by foreigners who took away a damn sight more than large gem stones.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


Kashmir is India’s Vietnam

The US forces fought against Vietnam for five years and sacrificed 58,000 army personnel and  finally it had to withdraw its forces from that country. The same mistake is being repeated in Kashmir. Now seven lakh armymen have been deployed in Kashmir. Soldiers are being killed by Kashmiri militants. The Government of India is reluctant to disclose the total number of army jawans and officers who have been killed by Kashmiri militants. I perceive that the figure is more than 50,000, i.e., close to  the american casualties in Vetnam. The Indian rulers should have clear vision about the future course of action. It is morally wrong to sacrifice our jawans making their wives widows and their children orphans. It is against the Raj Dharma also. The rulers must know what is Raj Dharma lest they should lose the Raj itself.       Maqdoomi Gulbarga


Parents should educate their children about freedom

The child, from the moment of conception, enjoys all the dignity of the human person as he is a unique and unrepeatable human being. He has the right to life and to education. To guide and develop the intellect are the basis of the educational task of parents. Parents are the primary educators of their children, as there is a continuity between the transmission of human life and education. The family has, therefore, the duty to educate the children, since the family is essential, original and primary school, compared to other educational agents, and it is irreplaceable and inalienable, its role can not be usurped or delegate. The purpose of the educational mission of the parents can not be other than teach love to their children. Love is the soul of education. The goal and the internal engine of education is the love of parents towards their children. The education of children is a projection and continuation of conjugal love. One should not forget that all educator agents are always partners of the parents. Parents should educate their children in and for freedom. The educational mission of parents, rather than transmit, is spreading the love of the truth, which is the key to freedom. Therefore the successful education is training for the correct use of freedom. Parents must give a testimony of the value of life, embodied in a concrete existence. When the children are older, there is nothing more they thank their parents, that a free and responsible education. The education of children is the best deal that can carry out the parents, it is the business of their own happiness. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.” Parents and not the state are the holders of the right to education of their children.”

Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain


Kollam tragedy: why not ban crackers altogether?

It refers to unfortunate fire-accident at Puttingal Devi Temple at Kollam (Kerala) caused due to crackers in early morning hours of 10.04.2016 (Sunday) killing more than hundred people and seriously injuring about 400 others making top politicians of various political parties rushing at the accident-site during the on-going poll-season for state assembly. Fire due to crackers is a common feature also during the festive-season. Pollution-level due to crackers increases alarmingly high during festive season specially like on Diwali. Crackers in olden days were devised for entertainment when there were not too many other ways to entertain. But in modern era, much has changed. Even though no such misuse of crackers for terrorist-activities is till now reported, yet possibilities of such misuse of crackers in public places should not be ruled out. It is time to consider for imposing a total ban on crackers. Central government should take initiative by calling meeting of concerned ones including also religious leaders for endorsing some suggestion to altogether ban crackers.

Madhu Agrawal, Delhi 110006


The Renaming business

The idiot who thought of re-naming Gurgaon clearly does not know that the first syllable in the name represents the form of sugar called GUR. It has nothing to do with the word “guru”. This is trampling over both the language and history itself. In Punjabi, “guru” has been shortened to “gur” to give words like Gurmukhi and gurdwara -- but Punjabi is not the language of the Gurgaon region.

 Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091


NARCO test of police essential

CBI court has directed CBI to conduct polygraphy tests upon two persons including SHO of town police station for their suspected involvement in the disappearance of Navruna Chkarvarty in Muzaffarpur. In Batla House fake encounter, police role has been very dubious and the post-mortem report was a chilling example of gruesome murder of two innocent college students by police. Justice-loving citizens were demanding a probe and narco-test of policemen involved in the encounter. If for Navruna justice is essential, Atif and Sajid too should get justice.

S. Haque, Patna


US court verdict on homosexuality

The June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States made a judgement that the conjugal union between people of the same sex could not be prevented because it was unfair discrimination that goes against the US Constitution; the decision was taken by 5 votes in favor and 4 against, and the consequences are that all States of the Union must accept in their legal systems the fact of marriage between homosexuals, as an accepted fact and protected by the law. It is somewhat surprising that people who are supposed well educated, above average, and great legal training, decide that this union should call marriage, with the contradiction that it has. A real contradiction from the beginning of human existence, it has always been understood that marriage is the conjugal union between a man and a woman. However, the life of ordinary people goes to the opposite side and the vast majority of them have the tendency to look for the love of a person of the opposite sex as an expression of that search for own happiness of the human condition, who feel and live reasonably out of the unusual judgement. But the unholy is that this layout could be extended increasingly around the world and encourage the development of new laws, in addition to equate heterosexual marriage to this new form of unnatural conjugal union, feed confusion in children who were instill that false equality and the disastrous consequences involved in the formation of his conscience. The statement of the conjugal union between homosexuals, like marriage, reminds me of the attitude of the whimsical and mischievous children, by an unbearable insistence, by hook or by crook, her parents manage the granting fad seeking and do not stop of claim until it is granted. So these judges have acted, fed up with the insistence of those children who do not shut up and comply until they get what they want and leave us alone to parents. Because, let’s see, how can declare marriage as two people of the same sex who are unable to have any natural children? It may be argued that the commission can adopt or gestation to a third person with the fertilization of the ovum and the sperm it one of the homosexuals, but in these cases, would not be accepted, especially in the second, which is forming a substitute family resemblance to the original, but not the same as are all substitutes? The original is in the conjugal union between a man and a woman who, because of their different sex are trained and oriented to have natural children with his own blood which is a very important bond of union between people and states with variations, roots and the origin of the being of each. And, as some politicians, everyone prefers the original to copy or substitute something.

Roberto Grao Gracia, 50004-Zaragoza, Spain


Muslim leaders business Urdu, mushaira, computarisation of madrasas

A Muslim leader has been every close bonding with Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav and on his address former PM Inder Kumar Gujral nominated RAjya Sabha member then became PM. During  15 years of RJD rule he didn’t push for Mazharul Haque University and appointment of Urdu teachers (27000 No) what Laloo Yadav had promised for AMU campus at Kishan Ganj he could not asked to allot fund for construction. Now he said very soon Jashn-e-Urdu programme would be announced (Urdu daily / 23.03.16) Muslim leadership are nothing but sycophants of party leaders. Let Ummah boot them out.

S. Haque, Patna


Nexus with judges

Debate under caption “River Pollution and business” on Sri Sri Shankar’s Art of living programme at the bank of Jamuna which is restricted area (News world India / News channel / 13/03/16 / 10-30 PM) acharya Pramod Krishana said “The swamis of above 10 crores has nexus with politicians and judges, now they are emboldened because Saniya Bhaye Katwal, if the protests were raised 6 months before even then programme could not be stopped” NGT fined 5 crores of rupees. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar openly refused then NGT has to amend its ruling.

 S. Haque, Patna


Bharat mata ki jai?

RSs chief Mr. Mohan Bhagwat asked youth to chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai. SC dismissed plea seeking changing name from India to Bharat (The fist mail. in / 11 March) every programme of Sahara Shree Subrata Rai started by garlanding of Bharat Mata Devi. Now he is languishing in jail for many months for huge public money defalcation. Lacs of crore stashed in foreign banks by those who chants Bharat Mata Ki Jai and vande matram.

S. Haque, Patna


Advertisement in MG

I would like to draw your attention that I am a reader of Milli Gazette for the last four years and I love this magazine. But unfortunately I came across an advertisement on the last page about a new book named “DOOMSDAY”. I was impressed by the way they advertised the book. I immediately ordered it but I was deeply shocked to receive it and felt cheated. Nobody can say this is a book. It’s mere collection of some proverbs. I request you to please don’t publish such type of fraudulent advertisements to waste precious time and wealth of people. Again I m reminding you it is not a book as i s being claimed in the advert. It is only a collection of some silly proverbs. Please don’t make such type of earning which will destroy the true image of your magazine.

Muhammad Khalil ullah

MG: We have noted your anguish. The advertisement is of a book, not of some haram product. Moreover, we have not published this book, nor are we distributing it. MG’s share of advertisements is meagre and if we start scrutinising every advertisement, we will not get even what we are getting now. We have a general policy of rejecting un-Islamic advertisements. If you have a complaint, please write to the book’s publisher.

Farm land being sold to Builderd /Developers

It is being noticed, in entire India that Farm plots are being sold to Builders/ Developers since whether Agriculture,Horticulture etc are not profitable Business. Govt is failed to provide due infrastructure facilities, even 24 hour water & power supply is not available. What is requested,if such trend continues, there shall be acute short supply of Agriculture crops, vegetable, Fruits etc.This shall escalate price hike, inflation.  Govt claims,India is fast growing economy,but forgets Indian economy depends on Agriculture by more then 51%,mere expansion of commercial activities is not an development, growth,  There are laid down norms for converting Agriculture land in to commercial plot, but such conversions remain unabated. Agriculture laborers are becoming migrant laborers Govt is requested to visualise this serious trend,otherwise consequences shall be worst.

Jagdip H Vaishnav, Mumbai


Is Congress Muslim-friendly?

After continued betrayal by Congress of Muslims in several ways for the past 65 years, the party now is forced to bite dust by losing Muslim votes throughout the country. The 27 seats won in Bihar may console the party but it is simply an incident as Muslim voters there were left with no other choice. The survival of the party is impossible in the absence of a countrywide Muslim favour.  This should be noted by Mr. Meem Afzal, Ghulam Nabi Azad and all Muslim sycophants of Congress. Presently, Congress in secular cloack is trying to  to appease Muslim voters forgetting that throughout pre- and post-Independence days the party committed all wrongs and heinous crimes, attempted to destroy the Muslim identity in a number of ways like changing of the Muslim character of Aligarh Muslim University, interfering with the Muslim Personal Law, engineering communal riots like Bhagalpur, Bombay, Jabalpur, Maliana and many other places by giving long leash to Hindutva organisations. It is to be noted that in almost all the one-sided communal hooliganism, Congress police, para-military forces and PAC not only supported the vendals but joined hands with them to finish off Muslims, destroy their properties and everything else in front of the open eyes of Congress governments. In return those “law-enforcing” persons were showered with appreciation awards, promotions and all facilities. The RSS which has now various wings of terrorism, was craddled, fed, promoted and guided by Congress. RSS was established to chalk out and implement its anti-Muslim programmes freely at all times by the Brahminacal lobby of the Congress harbouring a dream of converting India into a Hindu Rasgtra. This finally led the RSS to to finish off Congress itself. Now it is necessary for the members and organisations of Muslims in India to approach the UNO and other countries to apprise them with the anti-Muslim continued wave. This is necessary to save our coming generations.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur


What are Muslims, and their problems?

Despite all my incessant efforts, still I could not find even a single sect, which, according to the unanimous opinion of all, may be called a ‘Muslim’. Every Muslim sect is ‘non Muslim’ for the other sects.. I have heard and seen such ugly, filthy and derogatory words being used against each other, which I have never seen being used even by the hardcore non-Muslims for Muslims. Every sect calls the other as the result of external conspiracies, especially hatched by Jews and Christians.In such a phenomenon, sometimes, I am bewildered to know as what we mean by Muslim problems at the national and international levels. Don’t you think, it looks ludicrous to talk of the ‘ common Muslim problems’ when it is impossible to identify who in fact are Muslims. I think they are the greatest problem in themselves.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani

Lucknow, U. P.


Remark of Swami Dayanad Saraswati

Swami Serdayanand Saraswati Maharaj has remarked after deep examination of the RSS activities saying that the RSS is not beneficial to Hindus. Swamiji has come to this conclusion after a long observation. The RSS is mainly meant for the interests of Brahmins. If it finds that the construction of Ram mandir is counterproductive for its interests  it will disown it in no time. Their interest in the Hindu dharma is only because they have been born in a “superior caste” while all other castes are lower than theirs. They know perfectly well that the other teachings of Hinduism have lost credibility. All sadhus and Shankracharys are self-made seeking material benfits from naive Hindus. Islam has finished all middlemen who do nothing but fool common people.

Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


How Iran saved India in 1994

India should not backstabb his old friend and enter with US-Israel alliance becasue these two corupt countries will destroy you if you dont walk and do according to them. India should support Iran as Iran has laways supported India. But in BJP goverment all minister is grudge and corrupt people.        Rafik


Mob and my secret guilt

This has to be one of the better, more sophesticated, deeply intellectual, and well written articles that I have read on this website. I appreciate the reader's choice of words, which gives the incident a sardonic yet witty hue. I look forward to reading more of him, over the coming months.

 Rajendra Prasad