Rejoinders / Letters to the Editor


Sufi Conference

I read The Milli Gazette 1-15 April, 2016. where you criticised the ‘Sufi Conference’ as “Delhi’s controversial Sufi Conference”. You tried to say that it encourages the inter-sectarian fight among Muslims with the help of BJP/RSS. But I have also read various Milli Gazette issues where you wrote about Shia-Sunni issues and highlighted Shia’s torture of Sunnis in Iraq and Syria. I would like to tell you that I am 100% Ahle-Sunnat Muslim, but I believe that I am only Muslim. I don’t believe in sect. In Islam, there is no Shia-Sunni/Deobandi-Barelvi etc. So, I request you to please don’t encourage the sect and encourage only Muslim.

Mahmood Khan, Allahabad


Read an article on Sufi Islam and Wahabi Islam by Maulana Yaseen A. Misbahi in your issue of  16-31 March, 2016. It has become tendency of Muslims to blame others for their failures. Muslims are blaming Jews, RSS and Brahmin for their backwardness. This is partly true and not the whole truth. Muslims should introspect: what are their faults, where they have gone wrong. Blaming others for our faults will not yield any results. No doubt, Jews are an international enemy of Muslims. Brahmins and RSS are in league with Jews now. First of all, Muslims should look within and stop blaming others as Jewish conspiracy, Brahmin conspiracy or RSS conspiracy.

Farooq Abdulgafar Bawani, Rajkot, Gujarat


It is good that the Barelwi leaders understand the danger of such so-called conferences in the name of their sect. I have first time seen that the Barelwis have taken a wise step by boycotting this stooge conference. All Muslims irrespective of their sects and maslaks must unite on one platform against the danger of RSS ideology. Beware from the dangers of sectarianism and come under the flag of unity.



The PhD Octopus

Mass introduction of doctors of Philosophy or the indiscriminate collation of PhD degree has taken away the respect which one belonged to it. This is very unfortunate. Eminent academicians are of the view that a person can neither explore nor explain a subject if he cannot use words with precision and sensitiveness and that just hooding down a few hundred pages in a “scissors and paste” manner does not go to make one a doctor of philosophy. Then again it is a matter of general observation that quite a good number of PhDs have little knowledge about the fundamentals of their discipline of study. How can then such a PHD teach undergraduate or post-graduate students when very often the topic of research has no relevance to the syllabi. Another grave problem is about the good and worthwhile topics of research. In a number of universities topics with a little twist are given with the result that there is no originality in them and it times these overlap with the topics of research of other India universities. Then there is the problem of really suitable and competent supervisors or guides. Often incompetent and indifferent teachers are appointed as supervisors - some of whom unfortunately treat research scholars under them as their domestic servants and poor research scholars have to do menial household errand for months together. The poor fellows have to wait for guidance of these supervisors. Often over- busy professors and heads of departments find it difficult to give any time to their research scholars. The tragedy is that often not at all brilliant persons who get PhD are given preference in appointment over really capable persons. This mess has been created to a large extent by the UGC which in its craze for reform has made the PhD degree as a precondition for appointment of a lecturer in a University or in a Degree College although this condition has been now somewhat relaxed. It is high time that the whole issue is re-examine are thrashed out by eminent and outstanding academician and a national policy laid down so that worth while research is carried on in the Indian universities., then alone the past prestige and value which went with PhD could be restored.

M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi


Jai Bharat Mata…

“Now people who were raising slogans against the country have started saying they will chant ‘Jai Hind’, if not ‘Bharat Mata ki jai’,” Mr. Jaitley has said (Hindu, 26 March 2016). Will the good minister reveal the names of these people and thereby help police investigations? Will India come to be known as Chantistan?

Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091,


The recent uproar over the fatwa issued by the Deoband seminary which forbids Muslims to recite “Bharat Mata ki jay” drew unwarranted reaction from the Hindutva forces which are holding the nation hostage. It has vindicated the stand of those who have been pessimistic about the future of minorities in India. It has proved those pseudo-intellectuals wrong who lose no opportunity to extol India as the world’s largest democracy. A sane person will obviously rethink the definition of “democracy” and “secularism” when it comes to India where minorities are ill- treated. Be it the demolition of the Babri Masjid or the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Gujarat, India has failed to integrate its vast Muslim population. The recent controversy over chanting Bharat mata ki jay only points towards the designs of the chauvinistic communalists who want to see India as “Akhand Bharat”. If singing of this ‘national hymn’ is compulsory for Muslims, it is bound to stir their religious sentiments. If same was the case with Hindus living in Pakistan, how would the Saffron Brigade react? The tragic side of the story is that some self-styled intellectuals have come forward to urge Muslims to chant this slogan to keep their Hindu masters in good humour. It is shocking that such secular-minded people dare to dabble into the religious affairs of Muslims.

Abdul Hafiz Lakhani, Ahmedabad


It seems the so-called “Baba” has lost his mental balance. He wants to cut the heads of Muslims who decline to chant Bharat Mata ki Jai. As a matter of fact he is leading a life of Brahmachari whereas he needs to get married. He has become a Brahmachari which is a totally unnatural mode of life. Such persons become angry over petty matters. He should read Indian history. Muslims have ruled this country for 800 years. Aurangzeb rules for 49 years but never asked any Hindu to recite La Ilaha Illalla Mohamadur Rasoolullah. If he done so, all Hindus would have accepted Islam. He was so strong that no power could stop him to take such a strong decision. Baba is earning crores of rupees, preparing medicines and selling them. He is not a sadhu but a millionaire. He might have hidden black money also. Therefore, he has forgotten his earlier the demand to the government to bring back black money. Now he is cheating the naive people of India and earning crores of rupees. He has no wife and children. Before he cuts the heads of Muslims, some unknown killer may finish him like Tanzeel Ahmad. He should be alert all the time.    

Dr. Maqdoomi Gulbarga


Are we independent?

The sentence “we are independent” is made up of three words in which the first one means the whole nation, the second reflects our present state while the third is an adjective which means the complete freedom of control or influence from anything else, be it an individual, a group or an organization. Being a citizen of India and a Muslim, it always hurts me when someone talks about independence and uses the word “we” (“we are independent”). I too am a citizen of this nation and I don’t think myself as “independent” because in India if I am anti-BJP or anti-RSS or if I am a Muslim, then I am not allowed to speak against the government and its ideology; I am not allowed to raise my voice in farmer’s support; I am not allowed to condemn anti-human activities; I am not allowed to oppose communal steps. This clearly shows that if I am against the government and its ideology or particularly if I have a Muslim identity then there is no freedom of speech for me. If I still speak and condemn all their vicious and communal steps which are putting a question mark before our democracy, then I will be declared as anti-national. The present situation of our nation is more dangerous than ever. There is an undeclared emergency in our country. Students are being targeted, farmers are being forced to commit suicide, minorities are under attack, others faiths are being questioned. In short, intolerance is rising. It’s high time we unite ourselves. We must stand together against the nefarious designs of the present government in order to establish peace and tranquility in our nation and to punish all those communal forces which are hell-bent to tarnish the image of secular India. Our country is in jeopardy and it is a matter of great concern. We need independence in India; we need freedom according to our constitution. Our nation is independent but unfortunately we are not.            

Inaam Ahmed Azmi, Pokhraira (Bihar)


Panama leaks

It refers to usual announcement presently by Prime Minister of India on carrying out multi-agency investigation into much talked-about Panama leaks where some top celebrities, business-persons and other Indians also figure. India is rather notorious for long time-consuming probes continuing till decades in various scams and scandals. Since Panama leaks are not limited to India alone, India should follow healthy practice of any nation which provides a mechanism for supersonic mechanism in probe of Panama leaks. In present otherwise super-fast era, system of probes especially affecting rich and powerful still goes with slow motion of previous era. At least central government can ask Indians listed in Panama leaks to file affidavits about being involved or not maximum within one week with some designated investigating agency.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


925 million people hungry worldwide: FAO

Action Against Hunger has launched a call for solidarity through an advertising campaign under the slogans: “Emergency: famine in Somalia”, “The worst drought in recent years is affecting Somalia”. Moreover AMREF (African Medical and Research Foundation), the largest international health organization completely of African origin and management, has launched another campaign against infectious diseases. The AMREF team consists of 850 professionals (97% of them in Africa), working in the offices of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and South Africa. The Foundation directs, analyzes and executes projects that focus on AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and sexually transmitted diseases. Hunger also is producing real havoc among the population. The most affected area is sub-Saharan Africa. A staggering figure of 925 million undernourished people, according to a report by the FAO, the specialized United Nations agency aimed at eradicating hunger, are suffering the consequences of the delay in achieving the first of the Millennium Development Goals: to halve 1990 poverty and hunger rates by the end of 2015. Has been this goal achieved? A recent UN report states that east and central Africa suffers from a chronic crisis that requires efforts beyond emergency aid. Long-term structural reforms are needed. In Mauritania “only children eat breakfast, the older people have gone from three to two meals a day or a meal”. “But our biggest problem is water”, carried by pack animals, which must travel five kilometers to the Gorgol River. The Government has launched an urgent plan that will seek to secure food and drinking water. “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom”, assertedMartin Luther King Jr.

Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain


Insult to the President

The President Pranab Mukherji has proved that he is just a rubber-stamp. Being a senior politician, he should have anticipated that his order be snubbed by High Court judges. He was fully aware that the CM was going to show his majority on 28 of March but he did not give him a chance. The cabinet asked the President to impose President’s rule in Uttakhand and he obeyed. If he had rejected the suggestion and gave the CM an opportunity to prove his majority in the Assembly, the prestige and authority of the President would have been boosted and the spirit of democracy would be intact. It seems the BJP wanted to misuse the President’s powers although he is a man with Congress background. Now the prime minister should offer his apology to the President for his wrong suggestion and stop demoralisation of Congress MLAs with a veiw to topple the state government. This is nothing but hunger for power taking undue advantage of constitutional flaws.

Dr Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Pathankot probe

I find no rational basis or justification for the criticism of Modi government in allowing the Pakistan probe team to visit India. This concrete and constructive step of the government towards confidence building measures is praiseworthy. It can not be considered as a sign of cowardice but reflects the government’s determination for good neighborly relations, and moreover, the realization of realities beyond the usual pre-election rhetoric.

Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow


Feminist paradigm

Currently the vast majority of people accept the feminist ideas, such as the woman has the same dignity as men, with the same social rights and a equal pay for similar work although in this last point remains much to be done to achieve a real equality between both sexs. All about this is accepted but it is called into question the tenets of radical feminism. Sometimes we even hear in the media ideas about subordination and inferiority in which women are ubicated in relation to men. It is told that historically the man has marginalised women in all civilizations and all times. Therefore, history has to be understood in an oppression and exploitation aspect. These concepts have the origin in Marxist praxis stood up for Sartre and Marx. Following theses reasons it concludes that feminism should be abolished and that woman must become independent and be free from her own nature and from her tasks of motherhood and housework. Respecting to theses heard and repeated statements there is the impression that they are old and outdated. But the reality is different: The union of a man and a woman is two of the major human realities: the mission of transmitting life and human love called to complement each other not only physically but spiritual. The woman has the dignity to bring new beings into the world and simultaneously satisfies her inner desire of maternity. When in a marriage there is sterility, the medicine tries to solve the problem investigating effectively and successfully to get the fertility of the couple. Regarding the housework we see the man helps to the woman more and more often with the housework and with the education of their children. Likewise, the politicians promote a legislation which combine work and family life. It will ease both parents in the near future in order to have a satisfactory professional life and a equal share of housework and in the education of children. We hope that humanity makes progress into a true feminism of equality and takes shape a civilization of love and peace.

Arturo Ramo García, DO-Teruel (Spain)


Ayush story:

discrimination against Muslims

The Minister [Ayush] openly said we don’t have such policy and we have hired Musilms in past. Then where is the list? Please come clean on this. Someone is wrong. If you say the reporter is wrong, then at the same time you are not a holy man. Mr Minister please show documents having any Muslim name selected for Yog.


(This is only one of dozens of mails received on this subject)

The Syrian Crisis

Opinions about the Syrian crisis differ even among the most honest Muslim scholars, historians, analysts and researchers.

The number of journalists who have been to Syria and reported from there is mind-boggling but in spite of their presence on the spot, some support Assad and some support his opponents.

Same story among the members of Ummah, based basically on their pro-Saudi and pro-Iran or anti-West and anti-Saudi stands. People should make up their own minds about the Syrian crisis, no one is hundred percent right or hundred percent wrong. This applies to Assad as well as to his opponents who work towards a democratic regime-change not creating fitnah (confusion, mischief, oppression and killings).

No one denies the fact that all sides, Assad and his opponents, have been responsible for the misery of the people of Syria. One fact on which many neutral journalists insist is that none of the death and destruction would have happened without a foreign plan to destabilize Syria and promote regime change.

International law views it to be the DUTY of a state to protect its citizens during conflict, and you cannot deny that this is what Syria was doing first and foremost.

The fact that more than half of the dead in this conflict are govt forces and pro-govt civilians suggests plainly that the Syrian govt did not respond "disproportionately" and without "necessity" - two vital matrices in international humanitarian law.

Assad could have surrendered and resigned saying that kill me if you want or let me leave Syria but do not do harm Syria and its people.
But do honest people declare that that would have stopped the bloodshed and misery and the infighting between the majority and minority factions in Syria? It might have been another Libya then and would ISIS have brought peace to Syria? So I doubt if Assad or any leader would have surrendered in this manner.

The Syrian uprising was not a popular uprising similar to 1979 Iran or the Egyptian one under MB. This was a foreign-backed regime-change operation to oust Assad and put in his place a soft, Western-centric, weak leader. Assad did not want to sell out Syria to these foreigners.

Did 250,000 Syrians die before 2011? No. Did 250,000 Syrians die when Saudi-Turkey-Qatar-US-UK-France decided to use the narratives of the "Arab Spring" to get rid of a key Arab member of the Resistance Axis? Probably yes but I am not sure. My opinions are divided as of many of yours. The above are my neutral observations from the reports of journalists visiting Syria. I am a lay reader, not a highly knowledgeable political analyst. Let us work and pray for peace, unity and reconciliation in Muslim lands. "With Allah in the end are the consequences of all our affairs," said the Quran