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Ayush story

Thanks for the update. Sad how India has become.

Ebrahim Matvad, Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Can you please clarify your stand on the controversy, which is stated below? What is the truth - what Milli Gazette is publishing, or what this Indian government ministry has providing?

Razi Raziuddin, USA

MG: Please visit for our next posting on this subject. Our contributor Mr Pushp Sharma stands by his story and says that he received the said reply from Ayush Ministry in an envelope posted by it. We have scanned even the envelopes in which the replies came and posted same alongwith the replies in our second post. First, the Ayush Ministry in its facebook said we did not discriminate the invitees to the International Yoga conference held by the government in Delhi last year. We at once replied that this is irrelevant since we are not talking about foreign yoga experts who came from abroad but about the yoga teachers/trainers who were sent from India to other countries on the occasion of the Yoga Day and the government at that time had announced that it is sending yoga teachers to (I think) 47 countries and now the same ministry says we have sent no one abroad for this purpose. They may be technically correct that the ministry itself did not send anybody as some of its wings or departments may have sent or may be the same was outsourced to some saffron NGO. We are after this and will try to dig out the facts.

Revolution or Repression

Basically millions of Muslim people (and others) around the world want major changes in the repressive and corrupt political administration of Muslim nations. Massive changes in the regimes. No denying the desire  We want more of God-fearing Islamists to become political leaders of Muslim nations But trying to bring this about by violent peoples’ movement (or some sort of revolution as of Iran 1979) has proved to be a terribly wrong idea as we have seen in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan , Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and so on Look at those nations. More sufferings and the loss of lives of tens of thousands of people and millions becoming refugees, more inter-tribal and sectarian killings Does it mean that weaklings like me say that it is better allow the repressive regimes to continue? I would say YES and an emphatic YES once again, the option is choosing lesser of the evils I would say that we have to be patient, pray hard and should not try to create anarchy, confusion, violence, massive civilian deaths and sufferings in Muslim societies (or others) for the sake of political power. There are hard lessons for the Muslims from these tragedies. A sort of Unity ( as it was existing for example in Syria five years ago was (is) far better than the terrible losses and tragedies Let us wait until ALLAH (swt) Bring about a change in leadership believing the following verse of the Quran (3: 26): Say, “O God, Owner of Sovereignty, You give sovereignty to whom You will and You take sovereignty away from whom You will. You honor whom You will and You humble whom You will. In Your hand is [all] good. Indeed, You are over all things competent."

P. A. Mohamed Ameen, Chennai


BJP’s duplicity and artful demagogy

BJP the ruling party at the centre has earned notoriety for duplicity, artful demagogy for non-implementation of promises and tall talks. It has been implementing the RSS agenda of converting India from a secular democratic republic country and establishing into a Hindu state. It aims at destroying our precious national composite culture. Its ministers and leaders have launched a hate campaign against Muslims and deliver highly provocative speeches against them which are responsible for the outbreak of horrible communal anti Muslim riots. The glaring example of such riots is the great Dadri tragedy. What is most surprising an lamentable is that the prime minster does not prevent his ministers and leaders of its party from delivering anti Muslim speeches which lead to horrible anti Muslim riots.

Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, New Delhi-110091


Another Cat Has Come Out Of The Bag

In the last two years, only 2% of the Indian Muslim minority community in their own Motherland were able to obtain “PRIORITY SECTOR LOANS” from Private Sector Banks. Taking advantage of the absence of specific rules and regulations regarding the sanctioning of loans to Muslims, officials summarily reject loan applications of Muslim borrowers. It is high time Prime Minister Narendra modiji changes his pet slogan “Sabhka saath, sabhka vikaas” to “SIRF HINDUWOAN SAATH, SIRF HINDUWOAN KA VIKAAS”

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Bharat Mata…

How is the present injunction to say “Bharat mata ki jai” different from the time when the goons who called themselves Ram Sevaks and commandeered railway trains bullied people on station platforms to say “Jai Siya Ram"? “Bharat", “India” and “Hindustan” are the names given to a piece of territory to separate it from other territories. Fealty to one’s own territory is encouraged by describing it as a parent. Let us recall the “Fatherland” of the Third Reich. Those in favour of Bharat Mata are guilty of neglecting their other Mata, the Gau. Like Comrade Shrikrishna, India has two ammas.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


The recent controversy of Mr Asadduddin Owaisi has put the Muslims in one more unnecessary trouble for chanting Bharat mata ki jay or not at any cost. It gives useless coverage to media and gives chances to Govt. for diverting the minds of General public to important issues of Price rise ,weak economy ,drought like situation in the country I failed to understand why such slogans raised by him, every India love to their Mother land and in every religion respect to Mother is beyond the limit. In Islam also it is narrated that under the feet of Mother a paradise is there So why not respect the Mother land One should keep away with such statement in the interest of National integrity and peace

M Bashir, Rtd. Bank Mgr SBI BHARUCH (Guj)


                Whose Bharat Mata? 

The statement of RSS supremo, Mohan Bhagwat, that the new generation needs to be taught the lesson of raising slogans for eulogising Bharat Mata, is based on a blind dogma. Neither a country can be a mother, nor a cow or the Ganges can be mother. If we give anything a name other than its real one, it would be a misnomer. Mother is only the one who has given you birth. Whoever lives in this country, has a regard or love for it. He is always ready to sacrifice his life to defend it. If saying yes “mother” is the only way of displaying love and regard, then it is only a matter of showbiz. Bhagwatji should not expect such a blind faith from the new generation which wants a proof for each theory and believes in obeying on the law and constitution of the country and wants to hold the government answerable on this account. The RSS chief should think deeply on the statement of Kanhaiya Kumar after his release from jail and should give regard to the thinking and emotions of the new generation. Kanhaiya’s statement is an interpretation of the new generation. They are responsible for the reconstruction and development of the country and they should be given a free hand to do so. We support the courageous and righteous statement of Asaduddin Owaisi MP that “if you place a knife on my throat, I will not say Bharat Mata Ki Jai. It is useless for the RSS to think that all should speak its language. When we do not interfere with your religion, you should also not interfere with ours." If we stick to this principle, there could be no confrontation, and we do not want any as such.

Dr. Shafiqur-Rahman Khan, Lucknow


Slave children

There are 218 million children working as slaves worldwide. How long will it last In Mexico, Pope Francis said: “God will call to account the slavers of our day, and we must do everything possible so that these situations do not occur more". 18 million kids around the globe work as slaves. Half of them perform risky tasks and more than eight million work as prisoners. It is an outrage against human rights. Alejandro Sanz endorsed the sentence: “Together we can". With him have sympathized the soloist Bob Gedolf; the actor Imanol Arias; the Nobel Peace Prize Mohammad Yunusand the Economy Nobel Prize Joseph E. Stiglitz. A varied cast of famous actors and famous geniuses who express their repudiation of child labor in Latin America, defending the social action “Proniño” which aims to eliminate child slavery and support the social integration of children. Imanol Arias also said: “Support a child costs 140 euros per year, 12 euros per month and  40 cents per day. Half the price of a coffee". “When a woman starts to make money," recounts Mohammad Yunus, “the first thing she does is bring back home her children, whom she had lent to work in exchange for food." Bob Gedolf also stated that: “The problem is not child labor, but excess of poverty". Moreover, to relieve the victims of slavery, an event was held that featured African and Caribbean stars. Tyranny remains a universal affliction. According to the reports of the International Labor Organization, 12.3 million people tolerate any form of slavery. More worrying is the situation of the children. Save the Children says that 218 million kids from 5 to 17 years work in the world, of which 126 million in “very dangerous” and  8.5 million in “demeaning” circumstances described as “slavery” tasks. Kids traffic is due to many reasons: carnal exploitation, ie, prostitution, lewdness or compulsory marriage, illegal adoption, use of children for begging, for scams, to perform forced labor and for organ removal. Trafficking of children has turned into the world’s third criminal business after speculation with drugs and arms trafficking.

Clemente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain


Rot runs deep in Indian democracy

India Today (Hindi) published a cover story about the condition of Indian Muslims with the caption “Desh mein kum, jail mein zyada” (Less in the country, more in jails) in its December 2012 issue. The Press Council of India awarded India Today for this cover story on National Press Day in Nov. 2013. The story proved that the Indian secularism has become deeply rotten. Indian establishment and particularly flag-bearers of secularism should have felt ashamed for the blatant injustices meeted out to Muslims. But politicians’ skins are so thick that they feel nothing until power slips from their hands. Muslims must know the hard fact that with only “Taleem, Tanzeen and Tejarat” agenda, Muslims cannot get justice.

S. Haque¸Patna


“Modi Gift of God”

Venkaiya Naidu’s remark that Modi is Gift of God was not digested and assimilated even by RSS. The  comment would have been accepted by RSS if Modi had been a Brahmin. Venkaiya is a south Indian, hence he is not a pucca Hindu. The ground realities are also against the perception of Naidu. On the very first day when Modi took the oath of prime ministership, there occurred a horrible railway accident in which 40 persons died. It was the beginning of bad news of accidents - road, railway, air crashes, helicopters, buses, tractors, cars etc crushing and crashing. Then unseasonal rains, damaging crops, water scarcity in cities and villages, intrusion by China and Pakistan, increase in farmers’ suicides, deaths of Army jawans due to avalanches, deaths of colonels, captons and jawans in Kashmir, boarder intrusions of China in Ladakh, mayhem caused by Patels, Jats and damage to government and private properties worth of billions of rupees, student unrest moving towards sedition, unemployment, dangerous diseases like Zika, encephalitis, fire accidents in different places. Allah is supporting Muslims. If venkaiya says it is the gift of God it may be for himself not for the entire Indian nation.

Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Sufi Conference

It is said that the archenemy of human beings - shaythaan- does quote scriptures when it suits its nefarious activities. This aptly applies to our Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modiji who, refused to wear a skull cap presented by a Muslim and who was unperturbed when the genocide took place in Gujrath when he was the Chief Minister of that State, is reported to have praised the Glorious Names and Attributes of Allah Subhanathathallah. Is this not sheer hypocrisy to win Muslim votes in places where elections will be held and to divide a deeper wedge between the two factions amongst the Muslim minority community - the Sufis and the Salafis.

S. M. Pasha, Chennai


Read this excellent article by Dr Zafarul Islam Khan.

Zia Ahmad, Bonnyrigg, NSW 2177, Australia




344 popularly and advertised allopathic medicines have been banned with 500 more in queue. But what about unbranded unani, ayurvedic and homeopathic mixed with harmful steroids? The Central government should initiate some effective measures to effectively check misuse of harmful steroids by their mixing with some practitioners of unani, ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment to mislead their client-patients about their’expertise’ through instant and quick relief. It is a known fact that use of steroids without proper allopathic medical advice is extremely harmful to the body which will not accept any medicine in later life. I am myself experienced when my mother who was an asthmatic patient died at an early age of 58 years because she regularly consumed an ayurvedic powder which was later confessed by the practitioner having been mixed with steroids. Even that powder was marketed in a big way throughout the country like a branded medicine in dose-wise packs.  Best remedy is that Central government may establish its own production units for all types of medicines including allopathic, unani, homeopathic and ayurvedic like once it had Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited (IDPL) to provide cheaper branded medicines in all fields of medicines so that it may be feasible to impose a total ban on unbranded and unregistered branded medicines. Special care should be towards commonly used products like honey because sugar-mixed honey is very harmful for diabetic patients who are in a very large proportion in the country. Severe punishment including long imprisonment should be there for marketing adulterated products under popular brand-names.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006


Untaxed money

Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev & Co. should launch agitation across India to recover Rs. ~  1,000 trillion tax money --- Based on RTI information and a writ petition in Patna High Court as per media reports (which created huge noise in Parliament too) nearly 0.65 million farmers earned Rupees ~ two thousand trillion in year 2011 which mostly of course is black money shown as agriculture income (on which there is no income tax) to evade tax and in last mainly 8 years such ~ 1 million tax evaders have shown ~ 2,200 Trillion as agricultural income (where as in 2006 only 85 persons declared Rs 16 million as agricultural income). This happened because government of India (GOI) after 2007 - 08 started saying that it will take stern measures about black money in foreign countries and in India too, hence people started illegally converting their black money into white through agriculture - income route.  As per government’s new scheme if 45 % of black money is given as tax then remaining 55 % can be retained by the person. Hence if 45 % of Rs ~ 2,200 Trillion is taken by government as tax on this black money then Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion ($ ~ 15 Trillion) will come to government as tax. The GOI is legally expected to immediately raise the demand of this Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion tax money from these ~ one million tax evaders (GOI can consider declared income minus maximum income from land holding as non-agricultural income hence black money because on this tax has not been paid). As per this year’s budget the tax / revenue income of government of India (GOI) is Rs. ~ 16 Trillion hence Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion is equal to ~ 60 years of tax / revenue of GOI. If with $ ~ 4 Trillion reserve China can be so powerful then it does not require a genius of political economy to understand that what India will be with these extra $ ~15 Trillion But out of these ~ 1 million tax evaders many are politicians (including MP, MLA and Ministers) hence they are seeing to it that nothing happens in this matter. In the just concluded session both the Houses of Parliament also paid only lip service to this extremely important matter. Since he came to power in 2014 PM Modi has been going around the world to get money (without much success) to boost the economy but does not care to recover Rs ~ 1,000 Trillion ($ ~ 15 Trillion) out of black money (one of the major issue on which Modi came to power) from tax evaders in India. In entire democratic world PM Modi is the first’Chief Executive of State’ who in office has never faced the questions of media, but in addition to this intellectual bankruptcy it now seems there is more to it regarding his lack of political integrity too.  Therefore Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev & Co. who launched mass movement against corruption & black money during Congress regime, their silence on this matter of recovering Rs. ~ 1,000 Trillion tax money is deafening and is increasingly raising unfortunate suspicion that they were merely agents of BJP and were interested in agitating against Congress regime only. Hence in the interest of protecting their credibility they should immediately launch agitation across India to recover Rs. ~ 1,000 Trillion tax out of black money from tax evaders who are misusing & maligning the profession of agriculture to evade tax (with the complicity of government and other public servants) in a country where thousands of real / genuine farmers are committing suicide every year.

Hem Raj Jain, Bengaluru


Tacit tuning between BJP and Congress

Congress promises but keep the matter pending and finally BJP (saffron group) demolishes. Congress (secular parties / leaders) deliberately accepts defeat in every Muslim issues Congress kept Babri Masji hanging silently helping Hindutva group. Saffron group and BJP finally struck it out b demolishing it, though all secular parties opposed demolition. Congress kept AMU minority character pending now as BJP got power suddenly took u-turn denying minority character. Congress in Maharashtra in 15 years rule kept Muslim reservation pending and BJP led party got success in Maharashtra erased Muslim 5% reservation despite HC nod to Muslim reservation. Muslim must open their eyes and empower themselves with “Taleem, Tanzeen and Tejarat”

S. Haque, Patna